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Workplace Psychological Harassment Costs

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Workplace Psychological Harassment Costs

- Office productivity, sabotage and resistance;

- Employee turnover and training costs;

- Sexual harassment, lawsuits, and reputation;

- Workplace violence, rage shootings, suicides, and homelessness.

- Loss of valued employees;

- Macromineral depletion strategy linked to mental health, heart disease, and cancer.

- Serious disease and cancer linked to loss of valued employees and the cost of employee turnover;

Health Care Related Costs

- Mental health and depression.

- Discrimination and health related issues;

- Substance abuse and alcohol;

- Sleep deprivation and insomnia linked to heart disease and premature aging;

- Burnouts and heart disease;

- High blood pressure, the silent killer, and heart disease;

- Acid-base imbalance, heart disease, stroke, and cancer;

- Oxidative stress, serious illness, and cancer;

- Stress linked to 80% of serious illness and cancer;

- Health care and group insurance costs;



5 Ways Positive Psychology Can Improve the Workplace - PsychCentral (article link)

"Research supports that certain positive psychological outcomes relate to greater organizational outcomes. Positive emotions and related processes can lead to greater motivation, fulfillment with work, and the ability to cope with stress and uncertainty."