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What is the twitter wall?
The twitter wall includes our own tweets and that of many others related to psychological harassment, psychological manipulation, mobbing, occupational health and safety. It helps give a quick view of what other organizations like the workplace occupational health, mental health, UN are up to.

@DHUNTtweets is still suspended. Tweets visible are a radiological weapon attack (terrorism) at Concordia University DEC 10 2019, which was followed by a physical attack at Dorval Station DEC 20 2019 similar to OCT 17 2019. In this DEC 20 2019 psychical attack they basically tried to permanently blind one eye, which is linked to secret police participant threats in STM public transportation, subway, university libraries, shopping centers, radiological and sonic weapon types, (Gov) City Police and RCMP (terrorism jurisdiction) ongoing corruption issue combined with fabricated allegations, fines, -$, bankruptcy attempts.