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The Angiogenesis Foundation: Eat to Defeat Cancer

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Anti-angiogenesis involves blood vessels and starving cancer or tumors, the foods involved in anti-angiogenesis or inhibiting angiogenesis, and anti-angiogenesis research.

Foods That Fight Cancer by Inhibiting Angiogenesis - Dr Oz Show

Angiogenesis Makes Cancer Dangerous

- "Anti-angiogenesis, the starving of cancers by cutting off its blood supply, now a proven cancer-fighting strategy in cancer clinics supported by a growing body of scientific research,"

- "Many healthy foods contain bioactive compounds – specific substances that affect the body in certain ways, such as lowering blood pressure or cholesterol, or mopping up cancer-promoting free oxygen radicals, or inhibiting angiogenesis."

- "At the Angiogenesis Foundation, we are launching an ambitious new initiative, called Eat to Defeat Cancer, to help people take advantage of foods that fight cancer."

Anti-angiogenesis foods include: Green tea, Strawberries, Soybeans, Chocolate, Cinnamon. Artichokes, Bok Choy, Tomatoes (cooked), Omega 3

Dr Oz Show

The Angiogenesis Foundation: Eat to Defeat Cancer

The Angiogenesis Foundation

Dr. Oz Anti Cancer Foods Anti-Angiogenesis

Dr. William Li's 2010 TED Talk

Anti-Angiogenic Cancer Research

ASTRAGALUS is a potent cancer fighter studies as well as a potent, cancer patient who received astragalus twice the survival rate.

IMMUNE BOOSTERS, cayenne pepper, ginger, rosemary, sage, thyme and turmeric have anti-cancer properties.

CURCUMIN, an extract from the spice turmeric has ability to guard against many carcinogenic substances, may inhibit the rapid cell division of cancer cells.

GREEN TEA, epigullocut echin-3- gallate (or EGCg), found to cut off blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors.

KRODIFIED CITRUS PECTIN has been shown to substantially inhibit the growth of cancer cells and is especially effective in combating skin and prostate cancer.

NONI a fruit may be effective in blocking tumor growth and inducing cancer cells return to normal stimulates the immune system.

ROSEMARY has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and carcinogen-blocking effects.

Green plants contain CHLOROPHYLL which has been studied as a cancer fighter.

BROCCOLI contain indole-3- canbinol (1-3-c) a compound known to eradicate many types of cancer cells on contact.

RAW ALMONDS contain laetrile which is supposed to have anticancer properties.

CRUSHED GARLIC and then leaving it to rest for ten minutes before use seems to raise the levels of its cancer-lighting component ally sulphide.

Lycopene in TOMATOES, protect cells from oxidants associated with cancer and reduces risk of cervical lung, stomach and prostate cancer, may prevent treats colorectal, oesophagus, mouth and pancreatic cancers.

TART CHERRIES contain anthocyanins, antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Fruit juice like apple juice in morning, vegetable juice like beet, carrot, cabbage, asparagus ect.. in the afternoon .

WHEATGRASS enemas contain many nutrients and enzymes and is used in alternative clinics for cancer treatment.

COFFEE enemas help the body to eliminate toxins and healing.

EXERCISE, cancer is less prevalent in physically active people pros tes
Oxygenation of the tissues.

Drink FILTERED WATER, spring water, on ste distilled water contaminants in public water have been associated to increased lung, bladder, and breasts cancer and leukemia.

Limit consumption of dairy products.

Do not consume any of the following junk food , processed, refined food, sugar, white flour, luncheon meat, hot dog, smoked or curried meat .

Farmed salmon usually contain more cancer causing PCB than wild salmon.

Iron supplements, excess iron may suppress the cancer-killing action of macrophages and interfere with the activity of lymphocytes.

Check for radon levels in your house linked to lung cancer.

Avoid x-rays.

Avoid stress

Avoid chemical, cleaning compounds, paints , pesticides, the promotions of free radicals.