Mon, Oct

Censorship, Isolation, Organized Crime, and Facebook, In Reponse to British Levenson Report, the Hunt Report - (news flash)

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"Our Facebook page was deleted twice with all their fans, the creator and founder of the website has been locked out of his personal account since the criminal allegations of Feb 21, 2011 "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article, now acquitted, . . , today we discover that this account is also censored, none of the posts regarding Rage Shooting Factors on the NYC Facebook pages are visible to anyone else." ..


<<In Response to the British Levenson Report, the Hunt Report

I believe a freedom of expression board, the "free press", should be created but not to control the "free press" or add regulations but to serve as a complaint dept. where people who are censored, Facebook, CNN comments, News article section comments, etc, can file a complaint to make sure that people always have a voice and not isolated through Mobbing in Modern Society participants or organized crime, authority false pretenses, etc.>>