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No Explanation for Circumventing Right to Trial in Canada - (Blogs)

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"I have no explanation for why the right to a trial is still circumvented through Canada's Criminal Code, non-criminal responsibility before trial (discriminatory), or why the UN or UK Amnesty International have not noticed this fact" "with the exception of one explanation that I experience, I was prevented from addressing this issue in the Canadian Courts through organized crime, powerful radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancers." ..

"Journal Entry 13, 2012 Radar Assaults, Faraday Cage Electrical Ground

The ground has frozen in Canada, which reduces one source of my current faraday cage electrical grounds that I am using to protect myself from radar assaults from neighboring homes, confusing?

I learned today that a households plumbing is grounded, like some electrical outlets, and can be used as a ground, connecting to the copper pipes.

Journal Entry Dec 13, 2012 The Canadian Criminal Code and Right to Trial

There are several Federal Court, Appeals, Superior, etc, Judgements about the use of non-criminal responsibility before trial, non-criminal responsibility has to be at the end of trial, but the Canadian Criminal Code still contains this human right violation (Discriminatory and Right to Trial)

Journal Entry Dec 13, 2012 Planned Smear Campaign and Circumventing Right to trial?

The -- Police entered my home without a warrant, seized my private computers without a warrant, and the criminal allegations violated the freedom of expression and didn't even match the criminal definition of uttering threats of serious bodily harm and death. My only explanation for these is that they planned to escape these obvious charter of rights violations and false allegations through their demand for a psychological evaluation and non-criminal responsibility before trial.

This belief is made even worse when I consider the fact that I was told by a defense lawyer presented to me that I didn't have any choice but to remain incarcerated for this evaluation demand by the -- Police, whose services I dismissed to represent myself, that the Crown prosecutor was given the Mobbing Research article in question and persisted in his demand for non-criminal responsibility before trial, criminal proceedings that lasted 16 months, the "victim" was never presented or testified at trial, while assaulted with powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers."