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A True Free Press Sends Shock Waves of Fear into British Conservatives "act quickly" - (news flash)

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"The Canadian "free press" has never reported the obvious freedom of expression violation already mentioned in other articles, and the British conservatives want to "act quickly" to add more restrictions, control on the "free press", and censorship." - Danny Hunt

"services like iReport that give commoners the ability to publish articles, the uncensored and free press. As mentioned in another article the new Canadian Cyberbullying law actually makes human rights defenders who document cyberbullying, suicides through influence of the mind, and criminal harassment networks vulnerable to criminal harassment threats of civil lawsuits for defamation when writing about these. The freedom of expression violation mentioned is linked to the Police and Crown Prosecutors, the Canadian Criminal Judicial system, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Freedom of Expression is about "oppression and oppressive laws". The new British regulations seem to want to weaken the freedom of expression similar to Canada[*], provide legislation linked to control, censorship, and prevent the exposure of corruption and organized crime similar to the way the new cyberbullying law in Canada is used by criminal harassment participants in threats of civil lawsuits to prevent exposure." - Danny Hunt

"My experience in Canada, someone that documents cyberbullying, suicide factors, and suicides through influence of the mind has been a combination of Police false allegations, Crown Prosecutor malicious prosecution, and a Criminal Judicial System that completely dismisses the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms with a criminal harassment network and their use of technology, powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, and the court house too that focuses on and aims to inflict deadly cancers during these long, delayed, and costly criminal proceedings. The point, while a human rights defender that actually documents cyberbullying is battling false allegations for publishing a Mobbing Research article, which I believe is linked to this criminal harassment network and attempts to repress knowledge, repression and oppression, the Canadian Supreme Court of Canada passes a new law that criminal harassment participants now use in attempts to prevent exposure, what I have just written, through threats of civil lawsuits and false pretenses, corruption."

BBC Article Clips

Leveson report: Cameron tells editors to sort out regulator

Press 'need to act' after Leveson

"The chairman of the existing Press Complaints Commission, Lord Hunt, who also attended the Number 10 talks, has been leading the industry's attempts to draw up a replacement for his own body. -- He claims 120 publishers, representing 2,000 editors, are supporting his plan and believes legally-enforceable membership contracts could be used to avoid the need for statutory backing."

"Mr Embley said there was "a firm belief that papers can deliver Leveson principles far more quickly without legislation. Better for public and free speech"."

""They want to see real legislation which can ensure that we have independent self-regulation guaranteed in law, so that other people don't find they are victims of abuse by the press.""


An Example of Repression "Oppression" and Censorship in a British Regime, Canada [*]

"There is no special privileged when it comes to the freedom of expression and the press in Canada, everyone has the same rights.

Recent events mentioned on the site: It can be a bit startling for journalist to see someone incarcerated after publishing a Mobbing Research article, allegations of uttering threats of serious bodily harm and death towards women in sarcasm when the words themselves do not fit the criminal code description "rampage", and the freedom of expression charter protection is dismissed "a trial will have to decide" etc. .. the defendant claims to be assaulted with powerful radar focused on inflict deadly cancer during the long and delayed proceedings etc."

"After the article is published on CNN iReport and shared in a CSPAN facebook discussion area the Police arrest the writer, enter his home without a warrant, search his home without a warrant, seize private computers and hard drives without a warrant, -- the defendant is told by a defense lawyer that following a demand that he remain incarcerated by the Police for a psychological evaluation he will have to remain incarcerated, the defendant dismisses the defense lawyers services, the defense lawyer returns and claims that he will be released, the defendant is released with an assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial that he did not want given his claims of innocence, -- the defendant gives the published article to the Crown, his computers will not need to be searched for evidence and will be returned "seizure without a warrant not justified, a charter violation", the Crown does not drop the charges and maintains the demand for the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, -- the defendant is assaulted with powerful radar from neighboring homes, criminal harassment participants state that he "has to run away or die of cancer", the Police come to his home 3 or more times and discuss intervention (psychiatric intervention) that leads to incarceration for the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial and during the criminal proceedings for the attempts to protect himself from the powerful radar assaults, shielding materials, metal, faraday cage, etc -- the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility expires, it cannot be renewed given the fact that the first assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial was "unlawful", the defendant does not want it given his claims of innocence, there are no more Police "calls of suspicious vehicles and discussions of psychiatric intervention" -- all charter violation presented at trial, entering and searching a home without a warrant, the seizure of private computers without a warrant, not justifying the seizure without a warrant, the freedom of expression, prejudice from the "unlawful" assessment order before trial, .. , etc, all dismissed, the Crown does not present the said victim, she does not testify and leaves immediately, the Crown no longer wants to present their evidence piece "a printout of the facebook CSPAN discussion where the article was shared, .. , etc, , the defendant is acquitted."

""during the criminal proceedings the Crown was replaced by another, the Police members also seemed to be different people during their testimonies and proceedings" the vulnerability of mental illness made the self representing defendant hesitate in pointing this fact out during the long proceedings, already having battled against one assessment order before trial."