Last updateThu, 18 Mar 2021 9pm

U.S. Gun Control Debate, Canada and Human Rights Treaties - (blog)

In Canada citizens have to address any violations of their charter of rights in court, if they do not it is their fault. Non-criminal responsibility 672.12 (1)(3) before trial can circumvent the right to a trial, a basic human right, which violates the international treaties that Canada has signed so I believe Canada has a problem. ..

In court, non-criminal responsibility 672.12 (1)(3) before trial can make false allegations valid, circumvent charter violations presented at trial, the right to a trial, make unlawful seizures legal, and remains in the criminal code because "organized crime" prevents citizens from addressing this constitutional violation in court. The British "its organized crime and not tyranny". I think we all have a problem since the human rights commission in Canada dismissed the complaint, Amnesty international dismissed the complaint, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights dismissed the complaint.