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U.S. Gun Debate, Freedom of Expression - (blog)

Several years ago when the gun debate happened in Canada, the Marc Lepine rage shooting, people saying the right to bear arms deters tyranny, the experts focusing on homelessness, the Canadian media focusing on an Arab father, a stereotype to hide the cause, a suicide letter that was presented 2 or more days after, etc, people (the media and subjugated secret police participants) also said that we didn't need the right to bar arms to protect us from tyranny, "we have the freedom of expression to protect us". ..

The media in Canada is censored like in any other dictatorship but through the "secret police", control or money, and organized crime, the same way the British subjugate the population.

"I was charged with "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article about rage shootings being linked to or caused by retaliation or "hitting back" from abuse or tyranny, the mob using homelessness to trap or corner targeted citizens. The police used the word carnage, which was not in the article but used to mean the same thing as rampage. The word carnage matched the criminal code definition better than rampage. They entered my home without a warrant, seized my computers without a warrant, and tried to escape the false allegations and charter violations through an unlawful assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial. This didn't work, I was fighting and Appealing this assessment order and it expired, the Crown could not renew it even if he stated that he would.

Charter of rights violation, the judge ruled that the freedom of expression was not infringed even if the allegations were fabricated from a published Mobbing Research article and used the wrong word, carnage, to mean the same as rampage. A trial would determine if the allegations were valid, etc, no charter of rights violation. The Crown did not drop the allegations either. During these 16 months the police tried several police psychiatric interventions that would lead to incarceration and costly participating defense lawyers because I was trying to protect myself from the energy assault weapons, different types of powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancer during this period of time. My finances were overwhelmed by both the criminal judicial proceedings that lasted 16 months and went to trial and the need to purchase think metal plates and copper wires, shielding materials, a faraday cage, to protect myself during this time. What I believe is a second assassination attempt through serious illness, cancer, in this British regime.

I could not address constitutional violations in the criminal code and recover the financial loss in a civil lawsuit because of organized crime, the ongoing radar assaults. From Feb 21, 2011 to present day April 26,2013 is also the time I needed to invest in stocks as the market recovered."


The Canadian "free press" never reported this obvious violation of freedom of expression and in the UK the conservative government wants to add over-site to the media "to do nothing", to ban ridicule and sarcasm, what peasants use to ridicule false pretenses and hypocrisy, after a nurse and mother of two hanged herself linked to ridiculing the queen and Kate, and the pictures of Kate's breast taken from a road near the queens cousin's home.