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Hugo Chavez's death, British Regimes are Tyrannical Regimes of Hypocrisy - Blogs

"the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights." - Stephen Harper "As the creator and founder of the only English website on workplace psychological harassment, mobbing, discrimination, sexual harassment, rage shooting factors, .. , that has experienced false allegations by the Canadian Police, charter of rights violations, freedom of expression, .. , dismissed in court, censorship, basic human rights violations in the Canadian Criminal Code, and ongoing radar assaults linked to a long term homicide attempts in Canada, to see the hypocrisy of the Canadian Prime Minister and British regimes makes me angry, my apologies for the negativity." - Danny Hunt ..

"British regimes are tyrannical regimes of hypocrisy that aim to control everything, hidden dictatorships and subjugation through organized crime, while trying to create the illusion of freedom and democracy for the general population."

"British regimes function through organized crime and corruption, to claim that it is not tyranny."

"I'm a strong advocate of Capitalism and Freedom, it seems that during these ongoing radar assaults the perpetrators believe that if they can push me towards socialism, unions, .. , politics, this could be used to hide their attempts at subjugation or murder me, to erase knowledge, workplace psychological harassment, mobbing, criminal harassment networks in British regimes and their use of homelessness to circumvent the rights their citizens are said to have, causing and hiding the cause of rage shootings to advocate a defenseless population that is more vulnerable to abuse and tyranny, subjugation through organized crime and the illusion of freedom, .. , and obvious human rights violation." - Danny Hunt

"Canada may be on its way to a third fixed election, too"

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

"Canada looks forward to working with (Chavez's) successor and other leaders in the region to build a hemisphere that is more prosperous, secure and democratic.

"At this key juncture, I hope the people of Venezuela can now build for themselves a better, brighter future based on the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights."


Hugo Chavez's death draws sympathy, anger