Journal Entry March 4, 2013 British Regime Oppression and Revenge

"What I have experienced over the years, criminal harassment network and police setup, .. , homicide attempt through influence of the mind, high levels of sleep deprivation followed by false allegations combined with powerful and ongoing radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancer, .. , are said to the be mob's revenge for the death of Celine Hardy, .. , now they claim that the damages inflicted on me or death will be revenged too.

And as already mentioned, I now believe that the mob used focused ultrasound, like in the movie Dune (1984), to cause her death to target me indirectly. My Godmothers nephew also died suddenly of a brain lesian, rupture, when a child. My God father was a high ranking SQ officer, targeting me directly instead indirectly may have been more visible. I believe my cousin Martin may have targeted too, she died of brain tumor, was around my age, and the radar assaults aimed at the head and brain aim to inflict brain tumors. The mob used the death of Celine Hardy to put me on defensive years later when an adult, helped bring me down with constant hate from criminal harassment participants, .. mentioned in an other article, and push me to suicide through influence of the mind."