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Journal Entry March 4, 2013 Sleep Deprivation

"With sleep deprivation your cortisol levels goes up, the acidity level of your blood goes up, your body is not repairing its self properly, which results in premature aging, the risk of cancer is drastically increased, .. , and you start to believe that if you don't get to sleep at one point that you will die. ..

This is what the mob in Laval Quebec Canada has been doing to me since 2007, high levels of sleep deprivation through the use of HSS, Hypersonic Sound or focused ultrasound, which was linked to high cortisol levels, increased acidic blood, combined with criminal harassment participants that used threats in public places to induce cortisol, adding to the acidic blood, adrenaline, which depletes potassium, calcium, a macromineral depletion strategy, increased risk of cancer, a lack of repair and healing, and premature aging.

This was followed by the false allegations of 2011 combined with powerful radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, the shin bone linked to bone marrow damage, leukemia, the lungs linked to lung cancer, the testicles linked to castration, degrading themes, damaging the testicles, testosterone, longevity, growth hormone, sex, .. , fertility, children, and birth defects. Several attempts at police psychiatric intervention during long and delayed criminal proceedings that would lead to incarceration, participating defense lawyers, and an unlawful assessment order that if successful would find me guilty without a trial, circumvent several charter violations, and make the unlawful seizure of personal computers legal.

I forgot to mention another area of focus, the head and brain, linked to attempts to inflict brain tumors.

Censorship in Canada, the news and media never reported an obvious violation of the freedom of expression, this world leading website, and this page has been deleted twice by facebook and currently censored too.

The way the authorities deal with claims of radar assaults is police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

They do not provide any information regarding how to protect yourself from these, a faraday cage, or equipment to detect any assaults from neighboring homes or weaponization of space, which British regimes are currently using on targeted citizens."