Journal Entry March 3, 2013 Radar Assaults and Brain Tumors - Blogs

"Following yesterday's journal entry that involves radar and brain tumors, during the night I was the victim of an intense assault to the top of the head linked to attempts to inflict these brain tumors or brain cancer. ..

Today I'll be taking more measures to attenuate these, faraday cage upgrade .. , thick metal, thick copper wires, that are grounded.

The British regimes are using these technologies, focused ultrasound and powerful radar for repression and oppression of targeted citizens. The assaults are from neighboring homes, public places, at the court house, the weaponization of space, which I believe uses medical radioactive isotopes as a target system. Medical radioactive isotopes can be seen in the brain when a person is six feet underground, deceased, from space satellites. Several months later it is from a place or location that most people would not expect, below ground, under your home, faraday cage, .. , emitters that are slipped under different locations. I believe this is some form of drilling industry technology that has been turned into a domestic assault weapon, powerful radar assaults, that can also come from neighboring homes like ground penetrating radar. The resulting homicides through serious illness and cancer are hidden through the medical system.

This technology was combined with police false allegations, the use of non-criminal responsibility before trial 672.12 (3), which according to higher court ruling should only be used at the end of trial, Crown prosecutors who claim that there is no difference between being completely innocent and innocent due to mental health of having committed a crime, and organized crime that prevents addressing this basic human rights violation in the Canadian Criminal Code that finds people guilty without a trial, circumvents charter violations, and makes unlawful seizures of private computers legal."