Journal Entry March 2, 2013 Targeting Children - Blogs

"I've come to the conclusion that Celine Hardy may have been killed through focused ultrasound technology, similar to the one in the movie Dune (1984), at around this period of time 1984-1985, to target me indirectly when we were both minors. I'm the nephew of a high ranking SQ officer, my god father, and another child Jr. mentioned previously, the nephew of my god mother who died suddenly of a stroke. ..

I believe another cousin of around my age may have been targeted through the radar assaults, focused beams aimed at different areas like the shin bone and head, in attempts to inflict leukemia through bone marrow damage and brain tumors. She recently died of a brain tumor.

I know that they are using both of these technologies in Canada, I have experienced them both, focused ultrasound and radar assaults."