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Reducing Health Care Costs, Obesity Epidemic, Stress and Stress Management, and the use of Cancer - Blogs

A large part of reducing health care costs is improving the populations health. The obesity epidemic is a main contributor to rising health care costs and fructose, super sugar, may be a major culprit in this epidemic. Cancer is another high cost contributor. Stress is said to be linked 80% of all illness. (Growth)

The health care industry is huge and so is the insurance industry, the U.S. is increasing the size of these, which creates jobs and growth.

Obesity and Cancer are involved in organized crime homicides in British regimes. Focused ultrasound to inflict heart attacks and strokes hidden by the obesity epidemic and energy assault weapons, powerful radar, to inflict deadly cancers on a long term.

Supper sugars, fructose, is probably a major contributor along with high sugar drinks, the sodas. Reducing population obesity, the epidemic, and improving the population's health, health care costs will be reduced. Obesity is linked to both heart disease and cancer.