Last updateThu, 18 Mar 2021 9pm

Degradation, a Mobbing Strategy, an Emotional Abuse Strategy, to Destroy the Economic Potential in Others, for Fear, .. , Other Motive or Psychological Need?

The mob or "secret police" in some regimes are using degradation as a part of their psychological abuse and manipulation strategy. Is it simply to 1) "lower" others, mobbing and degradation, 2) a part of Marie-France Hirigoyen's description of an emotional abuse strategy to push targeted victims to rage so that they seem aggressive and deranged when they lashout in anger, 3) a part of inflicting a damage to use in provocation, to "burn them", anger and bitterness, 4) repetitive humiliation, psychological harassment, .. ,

5) a psychological need linked to insecurity,

6) a psychological need linked to fear,

7) a mobbing strategy to induce fear in others that they target,

8) to destroy an economic, social, political potential in others,

9) social need linked to strategy or smear campaigns,

10) police and smear campaign strategy to lower others examples, popular singers, actors, human right defenders, .. , before trying prosecution similar to the mob's routine of eliminating a targeted person's means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations, vulnerable to participating defense lawyers, make convictions easier,

11) a rage shooting factor,

12) appearances and justification, the mob using using strategy, false allegations and criminal records to justify other actions,

13) for psychiatric intervention, my experience has been the use of a) powerful radar to reduce functionality and discourage bathing, personal hygiene begins to suffer, a justification for psychiatric intervention, b) the use of degrading subsistence in food, to reduce normal eating patterns, a justification for psychiatric intervention. ..

14) the "secret police" or mob in Canada is using types of radar to castrate "bulls", targeted citizens, human right defenders, civil rights activists, "destroy blood lines, families, or family trees" linked to terror and to inflict deadly cancers on a long term, oppression and repression through organized crime .. "its not tyranny, its organized crime, and you can't prove it". The regime uses censorship to prevent the exposure of obvious human rights violations, collusion with other British regimes ,, UK, AU, South Africa, .. to maintain their reputation, and attempts to assign blame to other citizens "organized crime" instead of the regime over long delays and time., ... , cancer to prevent exposure through coercion and death, castration to prevent exposure through humiliation,

15) inflicting damages like cancer, degrading a person's health, to prevent exposure or through provocation to make them appear deranged and unstable,

16) to enforce leadership boundaries, by degrading others, oppressing and repression them, controlling those chosen and in leadership position, the illusion of freedom and hidden dictatorships through organized crime and corruption, .. , peasants must stay peasants .. can't have a peasant suddenly in the lead or in leadership positions of different fields, .. , the control of social hierarchy.

17) ..