Journal Entry Feb 22, 2013 Organized Crime Targeting Children, Subjugation - Blogs

A blog about organized crime targeting children for intimidation, fear, and subjugation.

Targeting Children, Intimidation and Subjugation

1. massacres
2. technology
3. birth defects


The mob, organized crime, is behind oppressive strategies that deal with cornering targeted citizens by eliminating their means of subsistence, depleting them, and push them to homelessness, repression and oppression, control, and subjugation. Another strategy is linked to using serious illness, cancer, to corner targeted citizens, coercion similar to the use of homelessness, and hidden homicides. These strategies and oppression are linked to gun violence and causes are hidden.

The mob and organized crime, regimes, political ambitions of hidden forms of dictatorships through gradual steps towards subjugation include strategies to advocate a defenseless population that is vulnerable to organized crime and tyrannical regimes, causing massacres through abuse and influence of the mind. In Canada gun control was passed after Marc Lepine's terrible crime, which seems to be linked to mobbing and homelessness, and involved several women victims. In the U.S. a terrible crime that involves Adam Lanza seems to be linked to influence of the mind too, several children victims and new gun control laws.


The mob is using technology to commit homicides, denied by regimes and the authorities. The technologies involve focused ultrasound linked to strokes and heart attacks, a strange fact is that the obesity epidemic may help hide these homicides "cause of death, heart attack, obesity". The focused ultrasound technology is also used to inflict high levels of sleep deprivation, which is linked to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease on a longer term. The other weapon currently being used to commit homicides on a long term are powerful radar assaults or streams aimed at different areas of the body to inflict cell damage, inflammation, and on the long term deadly cancers.

I believe the mob has used these technologies on children for intimidation and subjugation.


The mob and organized crime aim the powerful radar assaults at several areas of the body in attempts to inflict deadly cancers on the long term, the shin bone linked to bone marrow damage and leukemia, the lungs linked to lung cancer, .. , and the testicles, a favorite area for men and intimidation, linked to masculinity, longevity, fertility, castration, .. , sperm mutations, possible rise in autism, and birth defects.

Play of Words

A strange play of words, "they want your balls" which is linked to cornering targeted citizens through bankruptcy, homelessness, serious illness, and assaulting men's testicles with radar.

Criminal Harassment Networks and Technology

These criminal harassment networks are doing two things through psychological harassment and technology. The strategy involves inflicting a damage and using it in provocation, which can be linked to violence or rampages that are used to repress and incarcerate the targeted citizen and rage shootings that are linked to terrible crimes and massacres, which are used to advocate gun control.

Damages linked to emasculation and provocation to repetitively humiliate or "burn them".

1. criminal harassment network attempt to induce fear that they then use to emasculate men, the ego, fear and honor, by repeating that they are scared or "got scared"

2. they use energy assault weapons, powerful radar from neighboring homes, public places, and the court house aimed at the testicles linked to sterility, infertility, testosterone production, birth defects, and castration.

.. in progress

Journal Entry ... Danny Hunt

"This is a summary of what happened to me and links to organized crime, "the secret police" or mob, targeting children through technology for intimidation and subjugation in Canada, a British regime.

I was led to believe that I had caused when a minor the of death of Celine Hardy, another child and a swimming teammate, later in life as an adult by criminal harassment participants, a network, the mob. They used a trapped or cornered ideation "who told you" linked to the denial that this criminal harassment network exists and insinuations that I would be accused of murder, that I had to run away. I could not prove that they had told me or existed and had led me to believe this. I didn't run away, I reported it to the Surete du Quebec in 2003-2004. Celine Hardy was found alive but her twin brother Stephan Hardy ceased to exist. I was charged with criminal mischief and now had to prove that I had caused her death to be found innocent, it was like a criminal harassment organized crime and police setup that I could not escape, which would result in a criminal record. I was found non-criminal responsible thanks to my lawyer and my doctor.

Having been faced with this denial by the police that this criminal harassment network didn't existed, I started to document them, which can be found on the Psychological Harassment & Psychological Manipulation page.

In the winter of 2007 I began to experience high levels of sleep deprivation through sound technology, the focused ultrasound HSS technology, that was combined with the criminal harassment participants, and my doctor died suddenly a few months later, which I believe was another organized crime murder.

In 2010 I began to be assaulted with radar, followed by police allegations of uttering threats in 2011 in a published Mobbing Research article. I have experienced ongoing powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, the court house, the weaponization of space, and underground or floor emitters that shoot up towards the shin bone, colon, prostate, and testicle area in public places. At my home these underground emitters came several months after the others and as a surprise, I didn't expect assaults coming from below my home floor.

I have now experienced both energy assaults weapons, different types of powerful radar, and focused ultrasound that can be used to create sound at great distances at specific locations or can be used to inflict lesion or brain lesions, brain damage, and heart attacks.

Targeting children, my godfather was a high ranking Surete du Quebec officer, I believe that Celine Hardy may have been targeted to attack me indirectly. Years later when I was targeted by this criminal harassment network they used psychology, psychological manipulation, influence of the mind, steps, this sound technology, put me on the defensive when I believed I had caused the death of someone, and attempted to murder me through a suicide, see the article on influence of the mind and suicides. I now believe that this sound technology was used to kill Celine Hardy at around the same time a Movie on sound technology came out, the movie Dune, that this same mob has "mentioned". Dune (1984), Celine Hardy died in 1984-1985. At around this time I gave several toys to my Godmothers nephew Jr. Racine, he died suddenly of a brain lesion. I believe that my doctor Dr Rene Acade in 2007 died of the same sound technology, focused ultrasound that is used to inflict brain lesions or heart attacks.

A cousin of mine, Martin Villeyard, many years ago who is about the same age as me was involved in a relationship with a man who was shot by another, she recently died of a brain tumor. I suspect this death too because the radar assaults focus on the head and brain, to damage the brain, and inflict brain tumors. It is used for coercion by the mob, energy assaults linked to cancer combined with "you have to turn" "the police are trapped" "run away" etc aka be subjugated by them, which I experienced during the long and delayed criminal proceedings of 2011 and she may have been victim to this linked to that event, a shooting death, even if it was never mentioned by her."

"I forgot to mention Dr Rene Acade's assistant was terrified and an observer was emotionless when I was told of his sudden death in 2007. Her behavior leads me to believe that she may have suspected wrong doing and she was also reassigned soon after. In the suicide through influence of the mind article "call Denis" is my Godfather, the former SQ officer."

Journal Entry March 4, 2013 Sleep Deprivation

"With sleep deprivation your cortisol levels goes up, the acidity level of your blood goes up, your body is not repairing its self properly, which results in premature aging, the risk of cancer is drastically increased, .. , and you start to believe that if you don't get to sleep at one point that you will die. ..

This is what the mob in Laval Quebec Canada has been doing to me since 2007, high levels of sleep deprivation through the use of HSS, Hypersonic Sound or focused ultrasound, which was linked to high cortisol levels, increased acidic blood, combined with criminal harassment participants that used threats in public places to induce cortisol, adding to the acidic blood, adrenaline, which depletes potassium, calcium, a macromineral depletion strategy, increased risk of cancer, a lack of repair and healing, and premature aging.

This was followed by the false allegations of 2011 combined with powerful radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, the shin bone linked to bone marrow damage, leukemia, the lungs linked to lung cancer, the testicles linked to castration, degrading themes, damaging the testicles, testosterone, longevity, growth hormone, sex, .. , fertility, children, and birth defects. Several attempts at police psychiatric intervention during long and delayed criminal proceedings that would lead to incarceration, participating defense lawyers, and an unlawful assessment order that if successful would find me guilty without a trial, circumvent several charter violations, and make the unlawful seizure of personal computers legal.

I forgot to mention another area of focus, the head and brain, linked to attempts to inflict brain tumors.

Censorship in Canada, the news and media never reported an obvious violation of the freedom of expression, this world leading website, and this page has been deleted twice by facebook and currently censored too.

The way the authorities deal with claims of radar assaults is police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

They do not provide any information regarding how to protect yourself from these, a faraday cage, or equipment to detect any assaults from neighboring homes or weaponization of space, which British regimes are currently using on targeted citizens."

Giffords visits rampage site, urges gun control (News), Danny Hunt (Blog)

"I would like to add two things that I have experienced in Canada. 1) I was arrested after publishing a Mobbing Research article on CNN ireport, I was told that those who write about this issue and their cause tend to do the same, which I believe is intimidation to prevent research or exposure. 2) ..

Giffords visits rampage site, urges gun control

"A gun control group started by Giffords and Kelly began airing a new television ad in Arizona and Iowa Tuesday urging Congress to take action. Giffords and Kelly support extending background checks to gun shows and Internet purchases. The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to take up tougher firearm regulations Thursday. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who sits on the committee, has criticized universal background checks.

"This discussion is not really about the Second Amendment," Kelly said. "It's about public safety and keeping guns out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill."

Jared Lee Loughner, 24, was sentenced in November to seven consecutive life sentences, plus 140 years, in the Tucson shooting. The rampage happened at a meet-and-greet event organized by Giffords outside the grocery store on Jan. 8, 2011."

Danny Hunt

"I would like to add two things that I have experienced in Canada. 1) I was arrested after publishing a Mobbing Research article on CNN ireport, I was told that those who write about this issue and their cause tend to do the same, which I believe is intimidation to prevent research or exposure. 2) The allegations involved several charter of rights issues, the freedom of expression, entering a home without a warrant, seizing personal computers without a warrant, and an unlawful assessment order before trial for non-criminal responsibility before trial, which if successful would find me guilty without a trial, and circumvent the charter violations and a trial. It is discrimination and linked to the use of mental illness, stereotypes, for abuse such as circumventing a person's trial to escape false allegations and charter violations, any resulting civil lawsuit, .. , and used to hide the cause of terrible crimes.

Abuse and the use of homelessness as a weapon for subjugation and coercion, which are linked to oppression and tyranny, are the cause of many of these rampages. Unintentionally and intentionally to advocate gun control, which makes the population more vulnerable to subjugation through organized crime and corruption, censorship, and the illusion of freedom.

The Rage Shooting Factors page focuses on two cases where the media contradicted the experts and resulted in gun control laws. 1) Adam Lanza, the experts claim mental health was not the cause. 2) Mark Lepine, states in a suicide letter that it is not because he is on the edge of homelessness, the experts focused on homelessness while the Canadian media focused on an Arab father.

During the criminal proceedings that I mentioned, the false allegations that involved a published Mobbing Research article about this issue and Rage Shooting Factors, I have been assaulted with energy assault weapons, powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers. The origins of these assaults are mostly from neighboring homes, public places, and at the court house too. Another one is the weaponization of space. What organized crime, "secret police" or mob, is doing is using these assaults to justify police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration, participating defense lawyers, and the unlawful assessment order before trial that I have mentioned.

They use the assaults for threats of death through cancer and subjugation attempts, you have to "turn", "turn over", .. , I see strange symbolic links with the Federal Judge Rolls aka "roll over" and Mark Kelly, a former NASA employee linked to the weaponization of space.

I strongly believe the British regimes, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, .. , are the ones behind the weaponize of space assaults when most victims of these would be led to believe it is the 1980's "Ronald Reagan Star Wars" program.

British Regimes and "Secret Police"

The more I look into these issues and my own past the more I see links with the Canadian British regime and their links to the use of technology to commit homicides, focused ultrasound linked to heart attacks and brain lesions, and energy assaults, powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers for control, subjugation, and oppression." - Danny Hunt


Journal Entry Mar 8, 2013 Radar Assaults to Brain and Testicle, Damaged Blood Vessels

"My experience in Canada is that both the head and testicles are targeted through repetitive energy assault weapons, types of radar, from neighboring homes, public places, .. , the weaponization of space, the targeted system believed to be medical radioactive isotopes that can be seen in the brain six feet underground from space, to damage cells that can lead to cancer and blood vessels. The damaged blood vessels leads to a damaged brain .. and infertility or castration." - Danny Hunt

Journal Entry March 10, 2013 Court and Demand for Incarceration - (Blogs)

Journal Entry blogs about the abuse of mental illness, discrimination, the Canadian Criminal Code law 672.12 that the Police, Crown Prosecutors, Judicial Court System, "secret police" or mob are currently using to circumvent the right to a trial in Canada and ongoing harassment of a human rights defender.

"Journal Entry March 10, 2013 Court and Demand for Incarceration

In the last false allegations of uttering threats towards women in a Mobbing Research article the Police went to court demanding that I remain incarcerated for a psychological evaluation based on:

1. no criminal record (no history of violence)
2. disabled, mental illness
3. non-criminal responsible of criminal mischief in 2003

When asked why they made this demand of incarceration they said it was number 3, and then all of the points 1 to 3.

Demands of incarceration are usually for people who are violent, aggressive, and this is the vulnerability or threat that I see, attempts to build up a false file after failing one smear campaign, and demands of incarceration.

Journal Entry March 10, 2013 911

The most recent incident to make me appear deranged or violent ... was my father claiming he had called the Police to kick me out etc. He then said he hadn't called when I had called 911 to say that he was just trying to use a vulnerability as a threat, police psychiatric intervention, .. , so I end up being the one that called 911, they were still coming, and might do a police psychiatric intervention, which would counter my claims of abuse and harassment, threats of psychiatric intervention .. when the police arrived they stated that I was the one that called.

Now I'm having a problem obtaining the 911 call information and any police report, it has been more than a month.

Journal Entry March 10, 2013 Organized Crime

From what I have experienced the Police attack through false allegations in team work with organized crime, "secret police", or mob.

In court they used my father to escape a serious charter violation, the unlawful seizure of personal computers when it contradicts the police report, and seem to want to use my parents or threats of using them to circumvent other rights or actions."

Journal Entry March 11, 2013 Castration and Exposure - (Blog)

During the police false allegations and long and delayed criminal proceedings many areas of the body were the focus of radar assaults in attempts to inflict deadly cancers, including the testicles.

The assault to the testicles are to destroy fertility, testosterone, .. , and about degradation, which is supposed to prevent exposure or degrade me if I discuss this use of technology, the radar assaults, on men.

As I documented this criminal harassment network in Laval Quebec for several years, this combination attack with police false allegations and the radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, court house, .. , seem to have had this purpose in mind along with inflicting a long term deadly cancer.