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Journal Entry Feb 19, 2013 Suspected Deaths, Hidden Homicides in Canada (British Regimes) - Blogs

A blog about the suspected deaths of people through the use of technology weapons, focused ultrasound linked to heart attacks and strokes and energy assault weapons, powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers like leukemia, lung cancer, .. , in Canada.

An issue linked to tyranny, British regimes, and the gun control debate.

Advocating a defenseless population while subjugating the population through organized crime, tyranny, and hidden homicides through focused ultrasound, energy assault weapons, the medical system. The British regimes are suspect given that the authorities deny the use of these technologies.


"I've been assaulted with powerful radar aimed at inflicting different deadly cancers. The shin bone linked to bone marrow has been one of the main areas of focus, the testicles, prostate, colon area, the throat and lower ear area, and the top of the head.

Assaulting the top of the head is linked to brain cancer and brain tumors, inoperable brain tumors so I hope this technology is perfected for medical purposes and that citizens are made aware of its other uses linked to crime too.

My cousin died of a brain tumor, it was removed, returned, removed, etc. perhaps this technology once perfected could have saved her life.

I am also suspicious that members of my family like my cousin of about the same age are targeted through these technologies that aim to inflict different cancers, powerful radar streams linked to cell damage and inflammation, and heart attacks and stroke, these focused ultrasound technologies.

I am currently in faraday cage and a wall of water bottles to shield my self from both, a long story found on other posts."


"Suspected Deaths

After an event that involves a teammate dying during the night when a minor, Celine Hardy, I was led to believe that I had caused her death through criminal harassment participants when an adult .. long story. I still believe that I caused her death but now have also been led to believe that this technology, focused ultrasound aka gama knife and brain lesians, may have been involved.

At around the same period of time when I was a minor I brought some toys to Jr., my God mother's other nephew, he died suddenly of a stroke when a child.

The cousin that died of brain cancer was involved in a homicide event, two men fighting over her or a related argument, one shot the other at her families home, .. , her brain tumor was said to be related to this stress. I believe that it may be linked to the same technology that I have experienced more recently, powerful radar streams and assaults aimed at the head especially at night. .. homicide attempts and subjugation attempts.

My former Dr, already mentioned, he died suddenly after helping me and my lawyer escape a criminal harassment participant trap and criminal allegations by the SQ in 2004. I started experiencing high levels of sleep deprivation 2007, which I believe was inflicted by the HSS technology and a few months later he died suddenly. His assistant seemed terrified, I was very saddened, and an emotionless person was there observing us, I believe she was said to be .. ?

Now in 2011 it was false allegations again by the -- Police this time, which has been combined with these technologies, the energy assaults from neighboring homes, public places, court house, and focused ultrasound technologies too, HSS and LRAD type linked to threats and different voices, insinuations that if I was defending myself that I was working, linked to a threat to the means of subsistence, .. , provocation linked to their attempts to inflict damages and cancer, .. , threats of being murdered through organized crime, gun violence, .. , I have been documenting a criminal harassment network in Laval, the one that led me to believe I had caused Celine Hardy's death when a minor that resulted in criminal allegations of mischief for wasting their time .. the point is attempts at subjugation through this technology and these criminal harassment participants, this criminal harassment network, "you have to turn" aka "turn over" through the coercion of energy assaults linked to deadly cancers."


"Dr Rene Acade was a good doctor who helped defend me from the Surete du Quebec allegations of 2004, he died suddenly in 2007, after I began to experience high levels of sleep deprivation, I suspect the use of something like focused ultrasound.

It sounds paranoid but these technologies are real, it doesn't take long for organized crime to catch on that they can get away with murder with these new technologies, and I believe this is a serious public security concern.

If it is true, the least I could do was mention it here.

R.I.P. Dr Rene Acade"