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Journal Entry Jan 28, 2012 Father

"On Jan 28, 2012 my father created a false domestic disturbance report/event with the -- Police, which was reinterpreted as me making the call."

"My father started yelling at me, spit in my face etc, was using calls to the police to kick me out as a threat, which is not really a threat to me. The real threat has been psychiatric intervention starting on Feb 21, 2011 with the -- Police false allegations of uttering threats towards women fabricated from a mobbing research article. They were trying to do a psychiatric intervention because there was an unlawful assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, which if successful would help them escape false allegations and several charter violations. I was acquitted on Jun 4, 2012. My doctor is on medical leave recently and I had actually warned her that I felt vulnerable due to this and feared more psychiatric intervention attempts linked to harassment by the Police, turned out to be true with the help of my father on the 28th.


My father said he had called the police and were coming, someone called to confirm his address, which convinced me that he had called. I called the police that this call was simply abuse for a psychiatric intervention attempt. When the police came to the home, entered the home, they said that I was the one that had called. So they escaped claims of abuse, another psychiatric attempt, and harassment by saying that I was the one that had called instead of my father.

My father has been helping the mob and Police from the start of these events, on the 28th it was another psychiatric intervention attempt, he tried to point out a metal panel in my room linked to powerful radar assault attenuation, which would be justification for psychiatric intervention, and I believe the end result of that day was an attempt again to make me appear deranged and aggressive on Police records, a false domestic event created by my father.

-- Police false allegations of uttering threats towards women and now a false domestic event created by my father. I called the -- Police to obtain the Police report or any information linked to the call to see what it says.

Canada, the Police, and the mob, the criminal harassment network, are under pressure given the facts of past events linked to Feb 21, 2011, human rights violations, the website that I control and not the Canadian "secret police", which documents this criminal network, their homicide methods, influence of the mind and suicides, radar technology linked to cancer, a smear campaign routine with non-criminal responsibility before trial, etc, and my father is a participant like some of my neighbors."


"In court the Police contradicted their own Police report to escape a serious charter violation, the seizure of personal computers without a warrant. The judge dismissed the violation by saying that my father had claimed the computers were his computers, according to police testimony in court, which contradicts their report and the long proceedings in court too."

U.S. Gun Debate

Organized crime is exploiting mental health as a vulnerability. (mobbing)

The reported cause of rage shootings is often a "deranged person", which is not an explanation but only a way of hiding the cause. The cause is often linked to abuse, and this abuse is linked to mobbing, corruption, and organized crime.


"Dr --

I am sending this fax to advise of what happened to today that I see linked to strategy and deception.

I was doing laundry cleaning and I smell bad today, about to take a bath, my father who has been advised not to speak to me for months started screaming at me and spit in my face, I told him to stay away from me, he's trying to provoke me and it led to this.


My father was making threats that he would call the police, he received a call to confirm our address, this led me to believe that he had called the police so I called them to tell them not to come, it is abuse.

On arrival the Police told me that I was the one that had called and considered psychiatric intervention. So I see strategy with this deception, abuse, and the claim that I would be the one that had called, which would led to psychiatric intervention, the abuse that I speak of.

After the police departed I called them again to advise them of this deception, the threat of psychiatric intervention, abuse, and the strategy that I see if they would have intervened claiming that I was the one who called to escape the claims of abuse.


Given that I am in the process of doing laundry and smell bad before taking a bath, I see this strategy linked to degradation too.

Things are calm, I am doing well, I await my mother to discuss the issue with her.



"Journal Entry Feb 2, 2012 Police and Organized Crime

On Jan 28th when my father intentionally created a false domestic disturbance to make me appear deranged or aggressive Police Records: no history of violence or criminal record, this was a problem for the police and Crown Prosecutor on Feb 21, 2011 when they requested that I remain incarcerated for a psychological evaluation.

Depending on what my father told them and what they have entered in their report, I may be more vulnerable to false allegations and attempts to keep me incarcerated, vulnerable to participating defense lawyers, over long and delay criminal proceedings such as the ones that I experienced from Feb 21, 2011 to Jun 4, 2012. Ongoing attacks through the Police and organized crime.

It was also another attempt at police psychiatric intervention, my father pointed out a metal panel that attenuates powerful radar assaults, attempting to attenuate powerful radar assaults is justification for Police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration in Canada.

Another issue, when the Police left, they kept pointing at my van. I recently re-activated the registration since it was about to exceed the 12 month storage limit. Following this period of time the vehicle needs an inspection to be re-licensed. The danger was that if it expired, no license following the 12 month limit, the police could have my vehicle that is stored in my home drive way towed away."


Mental health is currently an issue in the U.S. gun debate and abused through the criminal judicial system in Canada, which still contains a basic human right violation in the Criminal Code, circumventing the right to a trial 672.12 (1)(3).