My Experience with Criminal Harassment Networks, Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial, and Being Trapped or Cornered in Canada - Blogs

My experience with two false allegations by police, two non-criminal responsibility before trial, and two homicide attempts in Canada, one through influence of the mind, suicide, and the other through power radar assaults weapons linked to deadly cancers like leukemia. (see the Rage Shooting Factors, T Trapped or Cornered)

1. A criminal harassment or mobbing network led me to believe that I had caused the death of someone when a minor, a teammate from a swimming club, and wanted me to run away, a run away strategy by saying that I had committed murder.

Instead of running away I reported this belief to the Surete du Quebec, they did searches, found the person alive but she did not have a twin brother as I remembered. I was charged with criminal mischief for wasting their time. I found myself trapped, I now had to prove that I had caused the death of someone as I was led to believe by this criminal network to be proven innocent of criminal mischief.

I consulted many different lawyers at great expense and none had any good solution until one of them suggested non-criminal responsibility before trial. I was found non-criminal responsible of criminal mischief before trial, which helped me escape this trap by this organized crime criminal harassment or mobbing network.

This belief that I was led to was also linked to the first assassination attempt, this one through influence of the mind and suicide.

2. In 2007 I began to experience high levels of sleep deprivation through sound technology that was combined with criminal harassment participants, this network, threats and provocation to induce the fight-or-flight syndrome, adrenaline, which depletes potassium, and calcium, a macromineral, calcium, depletion strategy by organized crime.

In 2010 I began to be assaulted with powerful radar at my apartment, took refuge at my parents home while I attempted to empty this apartment and leave this location. On Feb 21, 2011 I was charged with "uttering threats towards women on facebook" when I shared a published Mobbing Research article in the discussion area of CSPAN. I was again trapped or corned, trapped in this location, court house appearances where these assaults also occurred, and paying for expensive proceedings while being assaulted with powerful radar technology aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, bone marrow damage, damaging and inflaming the lungs, the prostate and testicle area, and the head and throat.

The allegations were false it was a published article and the allegations violated the freedom of expression. I had to agree to an assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial to be released, conditions for release. The police tried psychiatric intervention several times due to my behavior of trying avoid and shield myself from these powerful radar assaults that would lead to incarceration and the "unlawful" assessment order. "Unlawful" the crown did not present any evidence when he made this assessment demand and he is supposed to make this non-criminal responsibility demand at the end of trial as indicated in several judgments. The criminal harassment run away strategy this time was "run away or get cancer".

Non-criminal responsible before trial if successful would make the allegations valid instead of false without a trial, circumventing the right to a trial, dismiss the Charter of Rights violations that would be presented at trial such as freedom of expression, searching a home without a warrant, seizing private computers without a warrant, and make this "unlawful" seizure legal too.

The energy assault weapon, radar assaults, are linked to another second homicide attempt, not suicide this time but through deadly cancers on a long term, hidden homicides in Canada.


More Examples

3. Sickness, Cancer: Some regimes are using sickness similar to homelessness to trap or corner targeted citizens, which traps them in their regime faced with participants in their medical system. They hide the organized crime homicides aka energy weapon assaults, powerful radar, followed by different cancers, and death through cancer, a "natural cause".

4. Homelessness: The mob uses homelessness to trap or corner targeted citizens to prevent exposure of wrong doing, human rights violations, .. , for coercion, or subjugation.

5: Criminal Record: A criminal record traps a person in a country, this person can be someone that is targeted by the regime.