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Cycles of Tyranny

The US and UK have a partnership in hidden subjugation, colonies, and use cycles of tyranny to take wealth, concentrate wealth, persecutions, pretexts, target leadership positions, citizens of interest, for control and subjugation. These cycles of tyranny have been used for centuries by medieval kings. see video illustration


It may not be obvious to everyone that when Cons. and Republicans are in power, create huge deficits through tax cuts to the wealthy, it is taking wealth. The wealth can be taken and redistributed anywhere. The current economic method involves using infrastructures to leverage these deficits.

A related issue with gradual ethnic cleansing of Natives, other ethnics cleansing, and cleansing of human assets or traits, the US UK prefer building infrastructures in hidden subjugated colonies, one that is secured and cleansed of "alphas",,,, for easier control and subjugation.


They target civil rights leaders, and human rights leaders, subjugate or murder them, the current method is through cancer, brain tumors, combined with censorship.

Civil rights leaders can interfere with hidden subjugation methods, expose hidden tyranny, "corruption", circumventing rights and laws, create visibility for the general population, "the leadership must come from the US".


They gradually ethnic cleanse Natives in their colonies to control the resources, and also gradually degrade beauty, intelligence, "alphas", high deductive abstract reasoning for control and hidden subjugation of these colonies.


The secret police also use ethnics in subjugation over larger ones, in the French province of Quebec this involved the Italians and Jews. These subjugation methods are copied in other subjugated colonies, like Germany after WWI. A theory, after WWI these subjugation methods used by the US UK, using minority ethnics, the Jews, and implementing their secret police gradual cleansing of "alphas",,, may have led to the Holocaust, Hitler using a cycle of tyranny to take the wealth of Jews, a pretext of racism "a common superior race with the British". This same pretext was used again in South Africa to take control of South Africa's wealth through Apartheid by the British. see Holocaust Program articles



Acid-violence is used to degrade the beauty of women, their asset, in Bangladesh, Pakistan. These are linked to British cycles of tyranny, they use these to concentrate wealth and land for control and subjugation. In this strategy of targeting the beauty and brain asset of citizens is hidden another evil linked to control and subjugation, reproduction, the traits of those targeted, intelligence, high deductive reasoning, to gradually "dumb down" the general population, to prevent exposure of hidden dictatorships. A "dumb down" population is more easily fooled and deceived, "by Loki", secret police, and subjugated, the illusion of freedom and democracy.


In Canada this British regime uses the weaponization of space, radar type assaults, to damage and degrade the brain through repetitive assaults. They target and destroy the fertility of Quebec males, sterilization, linked to gradual ethnic cleansing like sterilizing the Natives.

I created videos to document my experience, my efforts to protect myself, encourage myself, break isolation, censorship, and create exposure.


We were told by the US UK partnership in the 1980s that the Star Wars program was to shoot down 100s of missiles in flight, instead these satellites and radar types assaults are aimed at citizens for subjugation, the head and brain to gradually degrade the brain, inflict deadly brain tumors, a documented assassination method, and cancers. The subjugation technology includes focused ultrasound to burst blood vessels in the brain, sleep deprivation,, they target children to subjugate adults. This partnership is made more obvious in both UK US using denial, ridicule, misinformation, and US 2nd amendment amnesia in TV gun debates.


The current subjugation method of the US UK involves workplace psychological harassment extended to a public secret police criminal harassment network, stores, participants, intercom, cameras. They use the threat of homelessness for subjugation, gradually being pushed to poverty, and homelessness through crime and "corruption". One interpretation is that these stores and participants are "police helpers". They have combined this with space age weapons assaults, satellite radar type assaults, assaults from neighboring homes, underground emitters, and public places. They guide those targeted, "alphas", beauty, high deductive abstract reasoning, .. , towards biker gangs for subjugation.


Quebec is a French province in an English British regime. The wealth, jobs were concentrated to the English, regime secret police participants, the secret police also used minorities, Italians and Jews to subjugate the larger French minority, and the French kept in poverty. This is the subjugation method believed to have been copied to Germany after WWI by the US UK, leading to Hitler, US UK losing control, WWII and Holocaust. The French in Quebec tried to build Solidarity into their institutions, welfare to prevent homelessness and the subjugation method of US UK secret police, affordable education, health care, etc. These safety nets, solidarity, to prevent homelessness, its use when targeted by the secret police, has been countered by their use of radar type assaults from satellites "Star Wars", neighboring homes and participants, public network places, court house, .. , regime and police denial, "it's a mental health issue".


The strategy involves creating two sides, mafia, biker gangs, and hiding behind these for subjugation, similar to using ethnics and participants, the murder of targeted citizen, secret police ideation about mafia or biker gangs, "protection", retaliation, "hitting back", and reinterpretations for deception. It can involve the secret police using participants in a homicide, and then "cleaning up" by claiming these were killed "retaliation" by the other side.


After WWII, Germany, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Pakistan, .. , Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, .. , ?


Brain Tumor: (Martine Villyaird 17) The satellite radar type assaults and assaults during sleep from neighboring homes aim for the center of the brain, to inflict deadly inoperable brain tumors that manifest themselves 10 years later. Burst Brain Blood Vessel: (Jr. Racine 10) The focused ultrasound technology, HSS, LRAD, .. , used for sleep deprivation, to communicate threats, repetitive suggestions, instructions to participants, .. , is also used to inflict damage and burst blood vessels in the brain, possible heart attacks like in TEDTalks medical science demonstration and movie Dune (1984). Lung Cancer, Leukemia: The radar type assaults also focus on lung damage and shinbone damage, possible deadlier xray emissions used too. (see Technology page)

Brain Tumor Deaths: Martine Villyaird, Gary Carter #8 Montreal Expos, Pat Burns Montreal Canadians, Ted Kennedy US Senator, Dr. David-Schreiber "food to beat cancer", Seve Ballesteros malignant brain tumor, Olivia Wise "Kate Perry Roar",, QC PM Robert Bourassa said to have a brain tumor? "Quebec a distinct society", Gino Bravo wrestling "worlds strongest man" .. said to have a brain tumor "He was 44 years old. He was hit by 17 bullets, 7 to the head and 10 to the torso," "He played up his Québécois identity wearing the Fleur-de-lis and was managed by Frenchy Martin; who often toted around a sign reading USA is not OK."


I was the victim of workplace psychological harassment aimed at getting rid of me followed by the extension of this to a regime secret police public criminal harassment network aimed at using poverty and homelessness to get rid of me, or subjugate me. They also led me to believe I had caused the death of someone when a minor, ideation about being framed "who told you .. you knew", run away. I reported the belief of this death to the police and was charged with criminal mischief. The point, no evidence about workplace psychological harassment, regime criminal harassment network, existed when faced by employer or regime denial, so I began to document these to empower victims of this type abuse or crime. (see Psychological Manipulation page)

Pyschological Harassment Information Association website was created on Oct 20, 2003, the criminal mischief charges were between 2003-2004.


The regime criminal harassment network used psychological manipulation, technology (focused ultrasound), repetitive suggestion that I should hang myself, suicide factors, hate, rejection, depression, in a homicide attempt through influence of the mind, which was repealed in Canada in 1999, and linked to cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides. (see Suicide Factors)


This secret police criminal harassment network was using a hidden medical knowledge weapon, acide-base imbalance and macromineral depletion, deficiency, calcium and bone loss. The routines are documented on Psychological Manipulation page, combine with sleep deprivation through focused ultrasound from neighboring homes, stress, threats and adrenaline, potassium loss, acid-base imbalance, blood pH imbalance, macromineral, calcium depletion.

DANNY HUNT (crime pattern)

My experience has been high levels of sleep deprivation through focused ultrasound technology from neighboring homes (see Michael Jackson theory), award winning HSS or LRAD technology, for several years, it results in high levels of cortisol the stress hormone, linked to PTSD, "we want to make you yellow", and blood pH imbalance, combined with regime criminal harassment network, their routines, provocation and threats to induce adrenaline, potassium loss, calcium depletion, the bodies buffer system and the bones. This was followed by the radar type assaults and false allegations, the use of lead as one shielding material (see video), threat of lead poisoning that contaminates the bones or actually poisoned by my own father. The other more recent threat is alpha rays food radiation contamination, not dangerous to handle but can be deadly if ingested, cancer. Another threat or event was to put degrading substances in my food to please the secret police and their participants, leading to food safety measures, locked food storage.


This was later linked to events at Gitmo, threats and adrenaline, liquid diet, potasium loss, .. , calcium depletion.

MICHAEL JACKSON THEORY (smear campaign pattern)

The use of focused ultrasound from neighboring homes for sleep deprivation was later linked to Michael Jackson, theory, combined with a smear campaign leading to his overdose. It matches my experience of focused ultrasound for sleep deprivation, radar type assaults from neighboring homes "run away or die of cancer" "you have to turn" aka be subjugated, combined with a smear campaign attempt "uttering threats towards women" in a mobbing research article. see video #12 of 35


Workplace psychological harassment, workplace abuse strategy to make targeted employees appear deranged and aggressive (see Marie France Hirigoyen), bullying, repetitive humiliation, are linked to rage shootings and rage shooting factors. The theory involves the secret police targeting citizens, draining their finances, attempting to corner them through homelessness, influence of the mind, ideation about retaliation or being visible to the population by committing a terrible crime, and aiming these at schools to advocate gun control. A defenseless population is easier to subjugate, and less threatening when using tyranny. (see Rage Shooting Factors page)

My experience after publishing a Mobbing Research article on this issue was incarceration, my personal computers seized without a warrant, police demands that I remain incerated, long proceedings that drained my finances, repetitive radar type assaults aimed at degrading my brain, inflicting deadly brain tumors like my cousin Martine Villyard, destroying my fertility, ideation about retaliation, constant threats to my means of subsistence, abuse to make me appear deranged or dangerous through anger or rage, using different ideation about mafia and biker gangs, and attempts to subjugate me.


Symbolism can be involved in terrible crimes, a clue that the secret police and influence of the mind was involved. One example is Jared Loughner, A Federal Juge Rolls, Congress Women Gifford, and NASA Mark Kelly. Juge Rolls "you have to turn or die of cancer" aka be subjugated, Gilford was the former face of the RCMP and involved in sexual harassment case, NASA is linked to StarWars radar type assaults. Another example is Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elimentary, Hurricane Sandy, the devestation at New Jersey, people living in harsh conditions during winter, Adam Lanza found with brothers New Jersey license in pocket.

My experience with symbolism in crime, Her Majesty The Queen could have dropped the false allegations, freedom of expression violation, the radar type assaults came from neighboring homes, one side is Quinn (The Queen), who is gay, the other side is Mergal (Merkel), I was acquited 16 months later on June 4th 2012 during the Queens Diamond Jubeli. The suicides factors and videos involve hate and rejection, anti-gay rhetoric, cyberbullying and gay teen suicides, shortly before Clemente had committed suicide, leading to promotion of It Gets Better in US. When incarcerated with police demand that I remain incarcerated during the long proceedings my website went offline, facebook pages were deleted, I was released, represented myself, the Crown prosecutor Her Majesty The Queen thought he had a case because of a ruling R v Clementi. More, Quebec had several referendums to seperate from Canada, 1980, 1992, 1995, a close one with Lucien Bouchard. The Detectives last name was Bouchard, during the long proceedings that radar type assaults aim to destroy my fertility, targeted Quebec males, sterilization, like Natives.


"Corruption", smear campaigns, mental health abuse, circumventing trial, charter of rights, ..

The radar type assaults are combined with police false allegations, regime and police denial, threats of police psychiatric intervention for protection measures, and police psychiatric intervention attempts that lead to incarceration during costly court proceedings. These are also combined with "unlawful" assessment orders before trial for non-criminal responsibility. If the assessment proves successful, found guilt but not responsible, the trial for false allegations is not needed, and charter violations such as freedom of expression, seizures of personal computers without warrant, .. , are all circumvented along with the trial.

The long and delayed proceeding that trap victims during these assaults is also part of homicide methods, gradual ethnic method, subjugation methods attempts, focused ultrasound, and the network participants.


Many different psychological manipulations are documented on the Psychological Manipulation page, including different routines of the regime criminal harassment network participants. During the long proceeding, radar type assaults, attempts to incarcerate them, take control of their defense, portray the defendant as "deranged", dangerous, or violent, as the victim attempts to avoid these assaults from neighboring homes their personal hygiene begins to suffer. The routines involve participants using threats of psychiatric intervention to put victims on the defensive, and degradation.

The degradation involves participants who try to smell the victim to share with the regime secret police network participants, to humiliate and degrade them.


According to secret police participants, those targeted, assaulted with types of radar, guided towards biker gangs by this regime network, have to suck a c*** with c*** cheese or a*** sex with a gang member, a "secret" for silence, used by the secret police participants to put them down, humiliation.


The secret police move their participants into place for those targeted by the regime. A citizen can try to address wrong doing or complaints when targeted, speak at first to normal staff who seem to understand the issue, and suddenly handed off to a person that does corruption for the regime.

The cycles of tyranny involves people who do corruption for the regime, in the government, media, courts, .. , following the cycle you can expect claims of more transparency, addressing corruption, and these fade away.


During US UK cycles of tyranny the secret police participants in corruption extends to the Police, Prosecutors, Judges, Director of Persecutions, .. , Human Rights Commission, and to the United Nations, positions held by colony members of the US UK, delays while the secret police attempt to corner targeted citizens through homelessness or serious illness, dismissing obvious human rights violations, and participants in denying their use of radar type assaults on citizens.


The strategy consists of secret police participants use of abuse to enrage targeted citizens so that appear deranged, aggressive, violent, and dangerous. They inflict damages, financial loss, infertility, serious illness, cancer, brain tumors, fear, humiliation, radar type assaults, focused ultrasound, acid violence, .. , they use these in provocation (see video illustration). Any retaliation or violence is used by them to incarcerate the targeted citizen, any gun violence to advocate gun control.


The Attorney General of the United States claims that it is "time to question laws" but has not yet fixed Guantanamo base used to circumvent them. see video


"The United States is still circumventing International Law and U.S. Law through the use of Guantanamo base. Now I see the current focus of wanting to address another law, stand your ground, claims it was never needed, and talk of civil rights. As the Attorney General that claims to value and uphold the laws, not circumventing them, and as the President of the United States who promised to "fix" Guantanamo, ongoing delays, when are you going to fix this?."


The discussion on domestic spying, Snowden, did not include mentioning the listening agreements between the US, CA, and UK. The UK and CA are hidden dictatorships that function through the secret police, corruption, and organized crime to subjugate the population. The theory is that these two countries, CA and UK are used to listen, spy on the US to circumvent US law.


Creating justification to take action or justify new rules is part of the workplace, involves employers and participating employees. In cycles of tyranny and subjugation it can involve the secret police and participants to create justification to reduce civil rights, justify a crackdown on population, ..,. Some conspiracy theories believe 911 was a US UK self inflicted attack to justify invasion of Afghanistan, followed by "weapons of mass destruction" to invade Iraq during this recent cycle. Following the 911 attack civil rights and US Amendments were weakened. Another example is the XL Keystone pipeline, a train explosion in a Quebec city and train derailments in attempts to justify this pipeline.


I predicted the U.S. economic collapse, a few months before it happened, tried to warn friends on Facebook, to move investments to safe investments before stocks collapse, I was ridiculed by some. I moved my own mutual funds out of stocks, around March and April, transactions, moved them back in once the stocks hit bottom at around 6500. At Desjardins I was told I could not move them back into high risk mutual funds, new rules, and took about two months to tranfer my portfolio out of Desjardins. It seems to be another part of how the US UK secret police take wealth from colonies and the people during their cycle of tyranny, control, and secret police participants. Normal citizens are not supposed to understand economics, economic factors, patterns, predict the possible future or what they lead to. The Bush econic policies of huge deficits led to the collapse of U.S. dollar, the price of goods increased, economic slow down, job loses, unpaid mortgages, bank collapsing, the banks banks collapsing, U.S. government used as backstop and bailouts "as close as you can get to a complet financial meltdown".

Then came the Canadian secret police attack in 2011, false allegations of "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article by the local police, the seizure of my personal computers without a warrant, a participating defense lawyer who tells me that following a police demand that I remain incarcerated for psychological evaluation have no choice but to do so. I dissmissed him to represent myself, he returned under service of my mother "you'll be released under conditions. Once in court I had to agree to an unlawful assessment order before trial to be released. It seems to me that the plan was to keep me incarcerated and using participating defense lawyers to drain finances, bankrupt me, use unlaw assessment orders before trial.

I was released instead with an unlawful assessment order for non-criminal responsibility, repetitive radar type assaults from satellites aimed at the head, brain, testicles, fertility, shinbone, bone marrow damage "leukemia". Repetitive threats of police psychiatric intervention for taking protective measures, faraday cage and dielectric materials, and several police psychiatric intervention attempts that would lead to incarceration and the unlawful assessment order. I have spent thousands on legal and court proceedings costs, financial interest costs, and thousands of dollars on metal and other materials for my faraday cage, protection, it seems to match the other attempt at draining finances, instead of ongoing investments in recovering stocks.


The cycles of tyranny to take wealth, concentrate wealth, the large deficits, leads to a collapse of the economy, and stock market. Secret police participants are used throughout the industries, and those managing these portfolios are subjugated participants. When the stocks collapse individuals may sell them out of fear, bad advice from participants, or out of a lack of funds, but pension fund or solidarity fund managers should not have this issue, and simply wait out a recovery. When these report billion dollar loses it is because participants sold stocks at a great loss during this brief stock market collapse.


During the long proceedings I had a chance to stop them completely, an Appeal with an Abuse of Process, the unful assessment order before trial of the Crown Prosecutor, in Superior Court, Honorable Juge Charbonneau. The Crown had the Appeal, I had the Appeal, Juge Charbonneau did not have the Appeal and ruled that it had "ceased to exist" because it had expired, a play of words using one of the Crowns arguments. Without an Appeal at Superior Court the Abuse of Process is ruled Out of Jurisdiction.


In Canada I was the recent victim  of this issue, attempts to circumvent laws or human rights. In court the judge granted an unlawful assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial to the Crown, which if successful would circumvent my right to a trial, several charter of rights violations, and make an unlawful seizure of personal computers without a warrant legal. When the Crown stated at the Superior Court that he had returned my computers, didn't need them, and had no copies he was automatically trapped in a charter violation and unable to justify a seizure without a warrant. This charter violation was later circumvented through an error by the judge that contradicted the long and delayed proceedings, police report, and seizure without a warrant documents. Some how the judge believed the computers were my fathers computers and not mine, charter violation circumvented and dismissed. The first OHCHR response was that I had not exhausted all domestic remedies, the second was simply cannot help you in this issue, which I believe was because of the long and ongoing criminal proceedings. Now acquitted I continue efforts to address these basic human rights violations that involve the freedom of express, discrimination, the right to a trial, privacy, a human rights defender under attack in Canada, and the impression that I got and still believe is that the OHCHR simply expected this issue to "go away" through poverty, homelessness, subjugated by the regime secret police, which is another regime strategy to circumvent laws and human rights.

As mentioned in other posts, these false allegations, long, delayed, and costly proceedings have been combined with a long term regime homicide strategy, repetitive radar energy assaults from neighboring homes, underground emitters, public places, court house, and weaponization of space aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain tumors, destroy fertility, .. , "you have to turn or die of cancer" "you have to run away or die of cancer", which would help circumvent wrong doing, human rights violations, exposure, and destroy the knowledge linked to a human rights defender and his website.


The hidden dictatorship model consists of secret police participants always watching, high surveillance, on the internet too, government public relations and false appearances, claims of democracy, freedom, but attacking citizens, leadership positions, human rights defenders,, through secret police participants, technology, weaponization of space, types of radar, focused ultrasound, focused x-rays, to inflict deadly cancers combined with regime and police denial.

Even over years and when obvious, I documented the first homicide attempt linked to cyberbullying suicides, and the long ongoing second homicide through cancer. It seems to involve the US and UK in partnership, the Star Wars program, for hidden occupation of countries, UKs like Canada and linked to war, German, Japan,,,Iraq, Libya,. UN, EU, and FR non responsive to basic human rights violations and demands for temporary refuge.


United Nations Verified account ‏@UN
Ahead of Monday's Disabilities & Development #UNGA meeting, take a look at these 10 facts from @WHO #HLMDD
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO My experience, 672.12 (1)(3) non-criminal responsibility before trial in #Canada is used circumvent rights violations and trial.
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO Their higher courts have ruled 672.12 (1)(3) before trial "unlawful" but it remains in the code and granted by lower courts.
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO After demand for incarceration by Police for psychological evaluation rejected, released with this lower court assessment order.
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO I was than assaulted from neighboring homes with types of radar, and several police psychiatric intervention attempts, leads to ..
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO The several police psychiatric intervention attempts would lead to incarceration, participants, and the unlawful assessment order.
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO I was acquitted of "uttering threats" towards women in a published Mobbing Research article on CNN iReport 16 months later Jun 2012
PHIA tweets
@UN @WHO During the long and delayed criminal proceedings the assaults are ongoing, once acquitted too, unable to address code violation.


Like workplace psychological harassment and the regimes secret police criminal harassment network participants there was no evidence that this existed when faced with deniers. With the harassment network I started to document them, the psychological strategy, the psychological manipulations. I did the same for climate change, consecutive record breaking heat temperatures 2010-2014, .. ,. The issue, problem, is the same for the regime using radar type from satellites, secret police participants, neighboring homes, .. , regime denial.


Intentional environmental pollution is linked to British gradual ethnic cleansing methods used on Natives. It may also be used to hide secret police mass murder, their method of assassination is cancer, long term homicides, chemicals, radiation, the radar type assaults and brain tumors, .. ,. Theory, they intentionally pollute the environment near the end of their cycles as their secret police begins silencing attempts. BP 2010 explosion puts benzene in food chain, Fukushima 2011 puts radiation, Canadian tar sands put chemicals in food.


Here I will try to mention a more complete, longer, methods of subjugation.

The US UK use cycles of tyranny to take wealth, the large deficits, concentrate wealth, through participants, the stock market, from their countries and hidden subjugated colonies. They use workplace psychological harassment extended to a public criminal harassment network, combined with space age assault weapons, types of radar and focused ultrasound. With these technologies, satellites, neighboring homes, participants, can assault a citizen in their own home while threatening them, or sleep depriving them to incapacitate them. They target children, teens, threats towards them, or murder them through these technologies, staged accidents, to subjugate adults, and their colonies. Wealth and small businesses are given to those who support the regime and hidden subjugation, are part of their secret police harassment network. Positions and jobs are also controlled and given to supporters. In Quebec Canada, they used minorities, Italians and Jews, to subjugate the larger French minority. Targeted citizens are subjected to poverty, assaults, guided towards biker gangs, which are controlled by these Jewish or Italian mobs, the money, but not English mobs, this would lead to more visibility, beliefs, the motive for using these minorities, that the English British regime and secret police are involved in these subjugation method.

It involves assaulting targeted citizens with types of radar from satellites, the US UK StarWars program, from neighboring homes, public, to gradually degrade their brain, inflict deadly brain tumors, destroy the fertility of targeted males, and guide them towards biker gangs.

Theory, after WWII it seems the use of Jewish mob was reduced, and included other minorities, Greeks. The British, English, are also into gradual ethnic cleansing, of Natives, French, for control of the resources, targeting leadership positions and gradually degrading the populations beauty, intelligence, "alphas", and high deductive abstract reasoning that can see through hidden subjugation, deduce the truth of issues, etc. This may also be linked to the Holocaust, along with medieval conspiracies to destroy rivals in wealth, the Jews, European infrastructures. The deficits created when taking wealth are leveraged by infrastructures. After WWI Germany was subjugated by the US UK, hidden subjugation, these methods copied from Quebec, and it led to Hitler, a pretext to take wealth, "a superior common race with the British", which was used after WWII again in South Africa by the UK Royal Kingdom, Apartheid.

The cycles involve using Conservatives and Republicans, their terms in office, so when the regime is not assigning blame to Italians or Jews, the mob, they are assigning blame to the Conservatives and Republicans for tyranny.

The People may try to give themselves solidarity, safety nets, welfare, higher eduction, work programs, but the cycles are used to take their wealth, through participants too, the jobs, businesses, .. , controlled. Following these cycles, collapse of the economy, they use participants to advocate budget cuts to these safety nets, programs, solidarity. The network of regime harassment use homelessness as a threat, for subjugation, and push targeted citizens to homelessness through "corruption" or cracks in the system. Those assaulted may "choose" to be homeless.

Influence of the Mind

A page about influence of the mind, repetitive suggestions to commit suicide once in a state of crisis or depression and to retaliate through violence or gun violence when being abused or inflicted with intentional damages.


Influence of the mind is a Suicide Factor and a Rage Shooting Factor.

Influence of the Mind - influence of the mind can consist of using several suicide factors to push a person to suicide, repetitive suggestion to commit suicide, or using steps or patterns that lead to suicide.

Canadian Criminal Code
227. Repealed, 1999, c. 5, s. 9
Killing by influence on the mind
228. No person commits culpable homicide where he causes the death of a human being
(a) by any influence on the mind alone, or
(b) by any disorder or disease resulting from influence on the mind alone,
but this section does not apply where a person causes the death of a child or sick person by wilfully frightening him.


Megan Meier, Jamey Robemeyer, Danny Hunt, Links to Suicide Through Influence of the Mind - CNN iReport
An article and video about bullying, Megan Meier, Jamey Robemeyer, Danny Hunt, links with suicides through the influence of the mind, and suicide prevention.

Jamey Rodemeyer
Anti-Gay rhetoric is linked to suicides because of the rejection and hate. In a video Jamey Rodemeyer states he couldn't "escape it", the hate, and it overwhelmed him.

Megan Meier's
Psychological manipulation was involved in Megan Meier's suicide, a series of steps that lead to her suicide.
[1] An adult mother of another teenager posing as a 16 year old boy, a new friend;
[2] Not wanting to be friends anymore because "Megan is not nice to her friends", psychological crisis;
[3] The boy leads the start of insults on Megan with other teenagers, mobbing[m];
[4] The boy states "the world would be a better place without Megan", mobbing[m];
[5] Megan commits suicide.
1. new friend, 2. crisis linked to rejection, 3. rejection and mobbing, 4. kill yourself? "the world would be a better place without Megan", 5. Megan commits suicide

Danny Hunt
This is what a criminal harassment network and organized crime did to me, a form of assassination attempt through influence of the mind.
I was the victim of workplace psychological harassment, depressed, burnout, followed by a criminal harassment network "you have no future, your future is in the garbage, you are eating garbage, kill yourself, hang yourself, the homeless are in the anus, you are in the anus", I felt purposeless, very negative thoughts about the future from this influence, I was led to believe I caused the death of someone when a minor, the brother's voice of this person was used to "bring me down" further, hate, the criminal harassment network influenced my perception and lead me to believe everyone wanted me to die, "I couldn't escape the hate", repetitive suggestion that I should hang myself, sound technology and repetitive suggestion that I should hang myself, psychological manipulation through sound technology and steps that lead to suicide, "make a plan", "call Denis", a last step before the act of suicide, steps and motion towards suicide, and a hanging attempt.

Canadian Criminal Code
227. Repealed, 1999, c. 5, s. 9
Killing by influence on the mind
228. No person commits culpable homicide where he causes the death of a human being
(a) by any influence on the mind alone, or
(b) by any disorder or disease resulting from influence on the mind alone,
but this section does not apply where a person causes the death of a child or sick person by wilfully frightening him.

Criminal Harassment Network Linked to Suicides - CNN iReport

Jamey Rodemeyer, Anti-Gay Rhetoric linked to Hate Causes Psychological Harm and Suicides - CNN iReport

Jamey Rodemeyer
The hate Jamey was subjected to overwhelmed his ability to keep reminding himself that he was a beautiful person, leading to a suicide.
[1] "people would just constantly send me hate, telling me that gay people go to hell" [m]
[2] "people would be like faggot fag, they taunt me in the hallways, and I felt like I could never escape it"

Anti-Gay Rhetoric Causes Psychological Harm and Suicides - CNN iReport

[1] ANTI-GAY QUOTES from the video:
- Reparative Therapy based on the theory that gay people can be turned into heterosexuals through a combination of prayer and will power;
- The gay and lesbian lifestyle is personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement;
- It's a sad life;
- It's part of Satan;
- Individuals who have gone into the lifestyle have been abused at one time in their life, either by a male or female;
- As if we need to understand that barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined and just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn't mean that we are supposed to go down that road;
[2] IT GETS BETTER thoughts of acceptance/rejection and suicide video:
[1] ANTI-GAY QUOTES aka RHETORIC and [2] IT GETS BETTER thoughts of acceptance, rejection, and suicide. Rejection and hate are linked to suicides. Conclusion, anti-gay rhetoric causes psychological harm and suicides.

see the Suicide Factors page for more.


Influence of the mind is a suicide factor that deals with repetitive suggestions, increasing suicide factors to push a person to suicide, and steps or patterns that lead to suicide. It is similar for rage shooting factors but with the intention of pushing a person to commit a rage shooting. It can involve different ideas or Ideation of being seen when isolated and abused through organized crime, and organize crime Strategy.

I Influence of the Mind - influence of the mind is a suicide factor that deals with repetitive suggestions, increasing suicide factors to push a person to suicide, and steps or patterns that lead to suicide. It is similar for rage shooting factors but with the intention of pushing a person to commit a rage shooting and different ideas or I Ideation of being seen when isolated and abused through organized crime.
I Ideation - can consists of ideas of being seen when committing a terrible crime, a rage shooting, when a citizen is targeted through organized crime, isolated, abused, and slowly pushed to homelessness. (links to Marie-France Hirigoyen abuse strategy and possible links to several rage shootings, Marc Lepine, Cho)
R Retaliation or "Hitting Back" - retaliation is linked to a damage that has been inflicted, financial loss, loss of employment, repetitive humiliation, a loss of honor, smear campaign, pushed to homelessness, inflicting serious illness or cancer.
S Strategy - emotional abusers use strategy to destabilize targeted citizens so that they lash in anger or rage only to look deranged and aggressive. Aggressiveness, looking deranged, or violent is linked to strategies that involve smear campaigns and repression. Pushing people to anger, rage, and violence is linked to creating justification to repress them and justification for any resulting rage shooting to advocate gun control for a defenseless population.
P Provocation - provocation, threats, abuse can be linked to rampages and rage shootings. Strategy, using abuse or inflicting a damage and using provocation to push targeted citizens to violence, a rampage, or rage shooting to create justification for repression or gun control.

The criminal harassment network that I have been documenting in Canada uses influence of the mind for three different goals:
1. Suicides 2. Subjugation 3. Rage Shootings
1. pushing victims to suicide, step by step using suicide factors, depression, psychological manipulation, and repetitive suggestions to kill yourself or hang yourself
2. for subjugation, step by step towards homelessness, ideation about organized crime and subjugation through organized crime
3. pushing targeted citizens to commit terrible crimes, through psychological manipulation, abuse, repetitive suggestions of retaliation, and symbolism clues that a crime has been committed through influence of the mind."

The stereotypes and abuse are linked to denial, bullying, mobbing, workplace psychological harassment, and criminal harassment networks* aka organized crime. Organized crime is causing these rage shootings, and advocates a defenseless population through stereotypes and rhetoric that is easier to repress and oppress .

[*] criminal harassment networks, the mob, are linked to Influence of the Mind and related organized crime acts of terror to advocate a defenseless population.
[*] causes: 1. Trapped or Corned 2. Abuse Strategy (Marie-France Hirigoyen) 3. Damage, Provocation, Rampage 4. Influence of the Mind .. Ideation, Strategy, Retaliation and Hitting Back, Repetitive Humiliation, Bullying, Mobbing, ..

Damage, Provocation, Rampage A Rage Shooting Factor
The movie scene illustrates a strategy, psychological harassment and manipulation to cause a rampage or rage shooting through inflicting a damage, provocation, rampage. The video clip even illustrates a common news report "we don't know what caused this rampage". The first scene illustrates violence linked to provocation or ridicule and the 3rd scene illustrates the strategy "frighten the ladies".

ABUSE STRATEGY, According to Marie-France Hirigoyen psychiatrist the intent of many emotional abusers is to systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim's fears and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity, and often emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger aka hitting back, only to appear unstable and aggressive themselves, which could be linked to or the cause of rage shooting and rampages.

Often, emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger, only to appear unstable and aggressive themselves. -- This, according to Hirigoyen, is the intent of many abusers: to systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim's fears and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity. -- psychiatrist Marie-France Hirigoyen, author of Le harcèlement moral

Pushing people to violence consist of abuse or inflicting a damage such as financial loss, homelessness, smear campaign and criminal record, serious illness and cancer, fear linked to honor and used for repetitive humiliation, and then using provocation to push people to anger, rage, and violence so that they appear aggressive and deranged, or dangerous. Any resulting violence is used to 1) repress the targeted citizen and any rage shooting is used to 2) advocating gun control, a defenseless population, which makes citizen more vulnerable to abuse, hidden abuse, tyranny and censorship, and subjugation through organized crime.

"The criminal harassment also involves abuse, degradation, repetitive humiliation, and inflicting damages to provoke victims and tries to manipulate them to "hit back", retaliation, violence, and gun violence."

see the Rage Shooting Factors page for more.


CDC's Gun Violence Research Probes Videogame Link

The Institute of Medicine, at the request of the Centers for Disease Control, is preparing to launch a new round of research into the influence of videogames and other media on gun violence.

In January, U.S. President Barack Obama directed the Centers for Disease Control to look into ways to reduce gun violence, and called on Congress to "fund research into the effects that violent videogames have on young minds." To that end, the CDC has asked the Institute for Medicine and the National Research Council to "convene a committee tasked with developing a potential research agenda that focuses on the causes of, possible interventions to, and strategies to minimize the burden of firearm-related violence." -- "Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence" report brief released yesterday. The plan is to look into such things as firearm-related violence as a public health issue, risk and protective factors, the impact of gun safety technology and, of course, the influence of videogames and other media. -- "While the vast majority of research on the effects of violence in media has focused on violence portrayed in television and movies, more recent research has expanded to include music, videogames, social media and the Internet - outlets that consume more and more of young people's days," the brief states. "However, in more than 50 years of research, no study has focused on firearm violence as a specific outcome of violence in media. As a result, a direct relationship between violence in media and real-life firearm violence has not been established and will require additional research."


Organizing for Action and President Barack Obama

I believe that violence and gun violence are linked to influence of the mind from my experience and that of other victims, Megan Meier and Jamey Robemeyer.

I have created two website pages concerning this issue, Rage Shooting Factors and Influence of the Mind.

The influence of the mind page starts with a paragraph that describes the basic influence of the mind mechanism linked to suicides and gun violence.

"A page about influence of the mind, repetitive suggestions to commit suicide once in a state of crisis or depression and to retaliate through violence or gun violence when being abused or inflicted with intentional damages."

The page has a few videos to help understand this issue. One video involves Megan Meier who was the victim of cyberbullying, mobbing, a pattern that led to a crisis, a suggestion that the world would be a better place without her, and her suicide. Another video involves Jamey Robemeyer a gay teen victim to school bullying and mobbing influenced through constant hate and rejection that he said he could not escape, and committed suicide. A video concerning anti-gay rhetoric from Apple employees, it gets better, that involves hate and rejection is also on the page.

The page has a video that illustrates one basic influence of the mind mechanism that involves damage, provocation, and rampage linked to violence and gun violence. There are several of these mechanisms linked to violence and gun violence that are mentioned. Influence of the mind is mentioned in 4 to 6.

Causes: 1. Trapped or Corned 2. Abuse Strategy (Marie-France Hirigoyen) 3. Damage, Provocation, Rampage 4. Abuse and Influence of the Mind (retaliation) 5. Abuse and Influence of the Mind (visibility) 6. Influence of the Mind .. Ideation, Strategy, Retaliation and Hitting Back, Visibility, Symbolism, Repetitive Humiliation, Bullying, Mobbing, ..

There are also several articles listed from Psychology Today about influence of the mind.

I recently received a response to the Climate Change and Mass Extinction page and have added this response to the Political Action section of this page. I have added a Political Action section to the Influence of the Mind page.

"In January, U.S. President Barack Obama directed the Centers for Disease Control to look into ways to reduce gun violence," -- To that end, the CDC has asked the Institute for Medicine and the National Research Council to -- The Institute of Medicine, at the request of the Centers for Disease Control, is preparing to launch a new round of research into the influence of videogames and other media on gun violence."

And hope that I can add and share another response with the community.

Influence of the Mind

Rage Shooting Factors

Psychological Harassment Information Association

Danny Hunt


Democratic National Committee and Vice President Joe Biden

I have received an email today from Joe Biden on the issue of Reducing Gun Violence. Today I have also sent a letter to Organizing for Action and President Barack Obama that I wish to share with you regarding this issue.

Danny Hunt


I'll Have What She's Having
How do others affect what you do? Don't kid yourself, the people around you influence what you eat, how you work, and what you do.

Mimicry, Motivation, and How Company Culture Gets Built One Face at a Time
Our minds are wired to mimic facial expressions—whether we perceive them in person, on a television screen or on a cardboard box—so when we see a smile we’re more likely to smile ourselves. This tendency to imitate expressions is one reason comedies seem funnier when viewed in movie theaters and sporting events are more exciting when we’re sitting in the stands. Emotions are contagious. The more people we see expressing a particular feeling, the more likely we are to adopt it ourselves, amplifying it in the process.

Men's Nonverbals Increase Women’s Attractiveness
But here is another factor: A man’s nonverbal behavior toward a woman might actually trigger her to behave in a more sexually attractive manner! -- In a clever study by social psychologists Mark Snyder, Beth Tanke, and Ellen Berscheid men were led to believe that they were talking on the telephone with either an attractive or an unattractive woman (they were shown photographs). The nonverbal behavior of the women was measured during the phone conversation. If the men believed they were talking to an attractive woman, their belief was conveyed through tone of voice to the woman, who then began behaving in a more sexually attractive manner. -- This research is consistent with the well-known Pygmalion Effect, which states that our expectations about others can be subtly conveyed through nonverbal cues. In the classic Pygmalion study, school children whose teachers thought they were smarter than the others (they were actually randomly assigned) actually performed better academically due to the teacher’s expectations. In the same way, the male callers’ impressions were subtly conveyed to the women via nonverbal cues. -- What are the implications? If a person is treated as if they are sexually attractive (or smart, or funny, or whatever) they will behave in a manner consistent with how they are treated. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder — and that beholder’s eye can affect our sexual attractiveness.

5 Realities About Depression That Make It Highly Contagious
The following list of the five main attributes of depression clarify five ways that one family member's depression can inadvertently spread to their loved ones. The negative cognitive triad, Negative energy, Social isolation, Learned helplessness, Dominant-Submission interactions..

Are Your Friends a Bad Influence On You?
Well, friends who are bad influences is not just an adolescent cliche. Your grown-up friends can lead you astray. Here are two key questions to ask yourself if you suspect you are still running with the wrong crowd:

Do We Eat More or Less Food When We Dine with Overweight Companions?
They argue that even subtle contextual factors can influence our food choices in ways we don't expect.

Media Stories of Goodness Inspire Generosity
In a series of studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Karl Aquino, Marjorie Laven, and I we show that people exposed to acts of uncommon goodness or virtue were significantly more likely to behave in prosocial ways.

Got Happiness? Social Comparison Theory Can Help!
In a nutshell, we constantly compare ourselves with others and then make judgments about the quality of our life based on these observations. We reflect on how well or bad we have it based on the perceived good or bad comparisons found among others. There are upward comparisons (i.e., observing people who seem to have it better than us when it comes to money, looks, resources, talents) and downward comparisons (i.e., observing people who seem to have it worse than we do regarding these qualities that we desire). We often feel better about ourselves and our lives when making downward comparisons and feel bad about ourselves when making upward comparisons.

Influence of the Mind

Occupational Health and Safety

Against all odds woman survives Bangladesh factory disaster (1127 dead)
As workers began the grim process of recovering the dead, they heard a faint cry from the rubble. Seamstress Reshma Begum spent more than 16 days trapped in a basement mosque, subsisting on dried foods and small amounts of water.

The real cost of cheap clothes
Americans now buy twice as many items of clothing a year as they did 20 years ago, but they are largely unaware of the environmental and economic costs of doing so.
more related videos

British firms face ethical dilemmas in Bangladesh
For the first time, Tesco, one of the largest retailers in the world, opened the doors to its factory in Bangladesh. ITV News visited a production center said to be ethically run. It manufactures many of the 40 million garments made in Bangladesh every year for the supermarket giant Tesco.

(In Bangladesh over 500 deaths from fires. Garments sold in GAP, Kohl's, Tommy Hilfiger. India removed the British rule that Bangladesh and Pakistan are under for the same issue, tyranny. Burning garments, British massacres as they tried to keep control. Canada gave Pakistan nuclear missiles to aim at India when war was a threat with India. Poverty, low wages, dangerous and unsafe buildings, over 1000 dead in one case. The British are the owners of these buildings and clothing corporations in Pakistan and Bangladesh.) - blog

Tommy Hilfiger agrees to safer factories after ABC News investigation.

At least 112 killed in China plant fire
Dozens dead in China poultry plant fire

Four firefighters die in Houston hotel fire
More than 100 firefighters battled the deadly blaze that killed four and injured five others. The five-alarm fire started in a nearby restaurant then spread to the neighboring Southwest Inn.

Roof collapse injures four firefighters

'Unpredictable' storm in Oklahoma turned on three chasers

Storm chasers killed in Oklahoma tornado

Obama to highlight mental health six months after Newtown shooting
President Barack Obama will highlight the issues faced by Americans with mental health problems at a White House conference on Monday, following his promise to start a "national conversation" on the subject after the shooting deaths of 20 children and six adults at a school last year

Most police murders involve guns, study finds
Swedler’s team used FBI data to find that 93 percent law enforcement officers murdered between 1996 and 2010 were killed by firearms. Ten percent of these involved the officer's own service weapon, -- “A total of 796 officers were killed in the line of duty between 1996 and 2010,” they wrote. “The most frequent encounter with a suspect prior to a homicide was responding to a disturbance call.” -- “We can use this kind of methodical exploration of the data to inform training,” Swedler said. “Talking about the number of times that officers are killed with their own guns is an important point.” -- One thing that is not clear is whether protective gear helps. The FBI data only gave information about bulletproof vests or helmets about half the time, Swedler says, and in those reports the officers who were killed were wearing protective equipment about half the time. -- How can this toll of gun deaths be reduced?” he added. -- “We believe that research on prevention of firearm violence is an important and necessary part of the solution.” -- Swedler’s team points out that police officers are more likely to die in car crashes than by being shot. But it’s a high-risk occupation – only taxi drivers, gas station and liquor store employees are more likely to be murdered on the job.

Police: Evidence criminal act may have led to Canada train crash
Lac-Megantic, Quebec (CNN) -- Canadian authorities have found evidence that a criminal act may have led to a train crash in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that killed at least 15 people, provincial police Capt. Michel Forget said Tuesday. -- There have been many questions about the crash and explosion that wiped out a swath of the town 130 miles east of Montreal. As of Tuesday evening, 35 people were still missing, Forget said.

Investigators fear rising death toll from derailed Canadian train
At least five people were killed when a runaway freight train set off a series of explosions in a small Canadian town. Authorities fear the number of dead will rise dramatically when investigators locate the nearly 40 people missing, NBC's Katy Tur reports.

Train derailment sparks 'river of fire' in Quebec town
A runaway train filled with crude oil derailed in the town of Lac-Megantic, where at least 40 buildings were destroyed when five of the train cars exploded. NBC's Katy Tur reports.

At least 6 dead in train derailment near Paris, French official says
At least six people were killed and 22 injured in a train derailment on Friday just south of Paris, French President Francois Hollande said. -- The announcement by Hollande revised the death toll down from seven dead in Bretigny-sur-Orge.

At least 6 killed, dozens injured in France train crash
The derailment Friday in a Paris suburb, was France's deadliest train accident in 25 years. NBC's Keir Simmons reports.

Spain train driver boasted about high speeds
Francisco Garzon is now under arrest, as the investigation centers on his role in the crash that killed or injured almost everyone on board.

Spain train investigation focuses on train's drivers
Almost everyone on board the train that hurtled off the rails in Spain was either killed or injured. Five Americans, in Europe for their daughter's wedding, were among the wounded. NBC's Keir Simmons reports.

Watch Spain's deadly train crash
Incredible video shows as an express train derails in northwestern Spain on Wednesday, July 25th.

Arizona firefighters honored during procession
The bodies of the 19 firefighters who died recently battling a fast-moving wildfire were transported home to Prescott, Arizona on Sunday. NBC's Lester Holt reports.

Moving tribute honors Arizona firefighters' sacrifice
In Arizona today thousands attended a tearful memorial service for the 19 firefighters who gave their lives protecting their community from the Yarnell Hill fire.

Investigators piece together clues in jetliner crash landing
Investigators continue to gather clues to explain why a Korean jetliner failed to land safely at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, as recordings of cockpit conversations reveal the crew thought everything was fine until seconds before the crash.



Unstoppable, Workplace Safety & Runaway Train
A movie scene that illustrates a workplace safety scenario that turns into a run away train.


European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

What is Total Worker Health?
Total Worker Health™ is a strategy integrating occupational safety and health protection with health promotion to prevent worker injury and illness and to advance health and well-being.

United States Department of Labor: Safety and Health Topics
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Health Canada: Occupational Health and Safety

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Health and Safety

Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/86-304)

Mental Health America

Healthy Workplaces
Tap into wellness, health promotion, fitness, work/life balance, stress, harassment and violence prevention information and resources, to help make your workplace healthy and safe.

Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is violence or the threat of violence against workers at or outside the workplace. It can include threatening or intimidating behaviours (verbal or written), harassment, verbal abuse, and physical assaults. Discover courses, tips and other resources on workplace violence, bullying, working alone, and cyberbullying to help you create a safe workplace.


Obesity Epidemic and Sugar


This is Your Brain on Fructose
The latest study, published in JAMA this week, studied MRIs of subjects to find a possible link in the brain between the consumption of fructose and obesity. -- When subjects ingested glucose (the traditional form of sugar found in nature), the areas of the brain that regulate appetite and satiety were affected "normally." In other words, people registered tht they were feeling full from the intake. -- But when the same people consumed fructose--a compound very similar in chemical makeup to glucose--the brains didn't activate in the same way. In fact, the hormones that impact satiety were barely boosted at all.

Why a Sugar High Leads to a Brain Low
On the contrary, researchers at the Salk Institute in California found that high glucose levels resulting from quick, easy sugar intake slowly but surely damage cells everywhere in the body, especially those in the brain.
Two additional reasons why excess refined sugar is detrimental to your brain:
- A research group at the University of Wisconsin found that the brain may react to excess refined sugars found in food as if they were a virus or bacteria. The resulting immune response may cause cognitive deficits such as those associated with Alzheimer's disease.
- High blood sugar coupled with performing a mentally challenging task is associated with high levels of cortisol—a stress hormone known to impair memory.
It's pretty clear—excessive glucose in the form of refined sugar can be very detrimental to your brain, ultimately affecting your attention span, your short-term memory, and your mood stability. Excessive refined sugar can:
- Block membranes and thereby slow down neural communication.
- Increase free radical inflammatory stress on your brain. Free radicals can rupture cells.
- Interfere with synaptic communication.
- Cause neurons to misfire and send erroneous messages that take time and energy to sort out.
- Increase delta, alpha, and theta brain waves, which make it harder to think clearly.
- Can eventually damage your neurons.

Keen Cuisine: The Trouble With Fructose
"Glucose can enter the bloodstream directly from the gut, and its uptake by body cells is regulated by the hormone insulin. Fructose, however, is metabolized mainly by the liver, and the process significantly ups production of fatty triglycerides. It's as if the body is consuming a high-fat diet. The triglycerides create fatty liver disease. Pumped into the bloodstream, triglycerides create a risk for heart disease. Circulated to the brain, research shows, they contribute to an array of cognitive deficits.
Dumbed by Diet?
Consuming a high-fructose diet not only undermines body metabolism but compromises mental health, UCLA researchers report. Male animals drinking fructose-laced water can't remember landmarks placed to help them escape from a maze. Their brain cells have trouble transmitting signals from one neuron to the next. The explosive surge in metabolic syndrome, marked by insulin resistance and leading to an epidemic of diabetes, is likely taking a toll on the nation's cognitive and emotional capacity.
Males Only
The memory-impairing effects of a high-fructose diet may primarily afflict males—and males are by far the biggest consumers of fructose, notably in soft drinks from fast-food chains. Call it the McDonald's effect. A 60 percent fructose diet enlarges the liver in female rats but does not consistently increase their triglyceride level. Nor is their memory impaired on maze tests, as it is in males, whose memory deficits are highly correlated with triglyceride level. Estrogen may blunt some of fructose's effects.
Dementia Link
Brain cells develop insulin resistance, just as body cells do, say Michigan researchers. In fact, insulin resistance induced by triglycerides may cause the memory impairment of fructose-fed animals. It also may abet age-related cognitive decline. Insulin helps brain cells absorb and use their favorite fuel, glucose. But high levels of insulin, as occur with insulin resistance, also curtail the brain's ability to clear out beta-amyloid, greatly raising levels of the problem protein responsible for the brain plaques of Alzheimer's disease.
Depression, Too
Expanding their view of the metabolic syndrome, scientists now invoke the term "metabolic-cognitive syndrome" to refer to a complex relationship between metabolic disorders and brain disturbances. Deficits in insulin signaling in the brain, caused by the metabolic syndrome, may foster the development of depression. By depriving brain cells of the ability to take up glucose, insulin resistance may also impair the functioning of neurons, diminishing energy levels and the ability to produce and respond to neurotransmitters."

Why Our Brains Love Sugar - And Why Our Bodies Don't
"- Research studies have linked excess sugar consumption to dangerous levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad type!), increased plaque deposits in the arteries, and breast and colon cancers. High fructose corn syrup – that insidious ingredient found in many salad dressings, ketchup, coffee creamers etc. has been linked to increased heart disease and stroke. There is evidence that some tumors have insulin receptors that feed on glucose.
- Nora Volker, a researcher at the National institutes for Drug Abuse has shown, using brain imaging, that there are similarities in the brains of obese people and those of drug addicts and alcoholics. This is indirect evidence, as we don’t know that sugar consumption caused this effect.
- Nicole Avena, Ph.D., a Princeton researcher has shown that rats deprived of food for 12 hours and then given sucrose added to their regular food on a regular basis showed signs of bingeing, and increased searching for the sucrose (craving), These effects continued even after the sucrose had been withdrawn for one month. Withdrawal also occurred including symptoms of depression, anxiety, and increased aggression. Interestingly, the rats did not become obese – they cut down on regular food to compensate for the sucrose. Also, these effects were not shown in rats deprived of food and given just their regular food without sucrose.
- Research suggests that sugar can lead to changes in dopamine receptors, such that tolerance develops – more of the substance is needed to get an effect. A decrease in some types of receptors (D2) occurred, which suggests an overall decreased ability to get pleasure from other substances and experiences. This could make the person or animal more dependent on sugar for pleasure and reward, since the light of other experiences is dimmed.
- Sugar consumption also leads to release of endogenous opioids in the brain; leading to a rush of pleasure, similar (although not of the same magnitude) as injecting heroin. Interestingly, heroin addicts show increased cravings for sweets when they are first abstinent. This effect, known as cross-tolerance, shows that addiction to one substance makes it easier to become addicted to another substance that may use the same brain chemistry.
- While we don’t know for sure that the same effects would occur in humans as animals, it is possible that eating too much sugary foods could lead to cravings, withdrawal, tolerance (needing more to get an effect) and preoccupation with finding the favored food. For me, this suggests the need to cut down on added sugar in all of its processed forms, and start substituting with the natural sugars found in fruit that do not have these toxic effects. Overcoming any kind of addiction or unhealthy habit takes time and commitment. In the next post, I will suggest some strategies that work."

Food Science Michael Pollan: Food Addictions and Health - iReport (video)
(Tobacco Corporation’s nicotine and Food Corporation’s glucose fructose corn syrup super sugars)
- Michael Pollan Food Rules
- Food science, similar to tobacco corporations, designed to make you eat more, linked to high fructose corn syrup, sounds conspiratorial.
- Americans get 20% of their calories from high fructose corn syrup.
- Americans eat 240 lbs of sugar a year.
- With health care reform insurers would have an interest in your heath.
• The root cause of rising health care costs is the U.S. diet.
• The U.S. obesity epidemic
The insurance industry would have an interest in a healthier U.S. population due to the elimination of preexisting conditions.
If you give a powerful industry an interest in an unhealthy population you will end up with an unhealthy population. The same is true if you give a powerful industry an interest in a healthy population.

A new study claims some people are addicted to food "addiction driving obesity" - MSNBC (video)
- There's no doubt that sugar clearly affects the brain like cocaine, morphine, and nicotine.
- 4 criteria for addiction; Binging, withdrawal, cravings, cross sensitization with other drugs of abuse.
- Addiction is driving obesity.
study claims some people are addicted to food
A new study claims that some people just can't say no to food.

How To Get Over Your Sugar Addiction


LET'S MOVE America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

Obesity; White House unveils campaign to fight childhood obesity - CNN (article link)
- First Lady Michelle Obama is spearheading the White House effort to fight obesity.
- In 2006, obesity accounted for 9.1 percent of medical spending and as much as $147 billion annually
- obese patients spent an average of $1,429 more for their medical care that is a 42% higher cost
- costs of hospitalizations related to childhood obesity rose from $125.9 million in 2001 to $237.6 million in 2005

Fact Check: The cost of obesity

First lady launches "Let's Move" campaign to fight childhood obesity - NBC (video)
Being careful to emphasize physical fitness over physical appearance, first lady Michelle Obama launched her "Let's Move" compaign to fight childhood obesity on Tuesday.
Facebook letsmove:

Bill Clinton talks about a program targeting childhood obesity, and how old eating habits impacted his recent health - CNN (video)
'we now know that if you change your diet and exercise you can reverse heart disease, diabetes, you can get off medicine' - Bill Clinton
- Chelation therapy is a natural healing therapy used to remove plaque buildup.

Mayor Mike Bloomber
Action and Legislation on Large Soda Sugar Drinks

Obesity Epidemic, NYC War on Sugar NBCNightlyNews 05312012

Mayor Bloomberg, Sugar Drink Law NBC NightlyNews 03112013


Pepsi to cut salt, sugar and saturated fats - Reuters (article link)
"We believe that a healthier future for all people and our planet means a more successful future for PepsiCo," said Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO.
- Pepsi said it plans a reduction of 25% the average sodium per serving in major global food brands in key markets by 2015.
- reduce the average saturated fat per serving by 15% by 2020.
- reduce the average sugar per serving in key global beverage brands by 25% by 2020.
(Reuters) - PepsiCo Inc said on Sunday it would cut the levels of salt, sugar and saturated fats in its top-selling products.


Dr. Mark Hyman Archive | Videos

The Diabesity Epidemic Part III: Treating the REAL Causes Instead of the Symptoms
"the number one nutritional change that leads to diabesity is sugar"

The Diabesity Epidemic Part 1: How Diabetes and Obesity are Ravaging America Today

The Diabesity Epidemic Part 2: Why Conventional Medicine Actually Makes Things Worse

How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health

"there is no role for foreign mulecules like trans fats, high fructose points syrups, pestacides that interfere with our biology at every level."
"and I don't mean the cheap super sweet government subsidized high fructose corn syrup that's driving our epidemic of obesity and chronic disease."

Dr. Mark Hyman - Diabesity

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat (and Other Food and Diet Industry Secrets)
"Diet Soda and Diet Drinks Make You Fat and Cause Type 2 Diabetes
- Diet sodas raised the risk of diabetes more than sugar-sweetened sodas!
- Women who drank one 12-ounce diet soda had a 33 percent increased risk of type 2 diabetes and women who drank one 20-ounce soda had 66 percent increased risk."
"But the science has proven that eating fat doesn’t make you fat – SUGAR does. And it is sugar NOT fat that raises your cholesterol despite what people and most doctors still believe.
"How does food addiction happen? New research shows that industrial food full of processed sugars, fats, salt, and chemicals are powerfully addictive. And sugar is the worst culprit. One animal study found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. When rats were given the choice between mainline cocaine right into their veins or sweetened water (in fact, they used an artificial sweetener), they found that sugar was eight times more addictive than cocaine. Even the rats already addicted to cocaine switched over to diet drinks! And what’s even more interesting is that while cocaine and heroin activate only one spot for pleasure in the brain, sugar lights up the brain like a pinball machine!"

10 Rules to Eat Safely for Life (and What to Remove from Your Kitchen)
"3. If sugar (by any name, including organic cane juice, honey, agave, maple syrup, cane syrup, or molasses) is on the label, throw it out. There may be up to 33 teaspoons of sugar in the average bottle of ketchup. Same goes for white rice and white flour, which act just like sugar in the body. If you have diabesity – the spectrum of metabolic imbalances starting with just a little belly fat, leading all the way to diabetes— you can’t easily handle any flour, even whole-grain. Throw it out.
4. Throw out any food with high-fructose corn syrup on the label. It is a super sweet liquid sugar that takes no energy for the body to process. Some high-fructose corn syrup also contains mercury as a by-product of the manufacturing process. Many liquid calories, such as sodas, juices, and “sports” drinks, contain this metabolic poison. It always signals low quality or processed food."

The Blood Sugar Solution: An UltraHealthy Program to Lose Weight, Reverse Diabetes, and Feel Great
"More than one out of every two Americans is overweight or affected by diabetes or pre-diabetes (90 percent of which goes undiagnosed). These conditions are the cause of premature aging, heart disease, cancer, depression, infertility, and dementia. And they are 100 percent reversible.
Learn about the seven myths that keep you overweight and sick, along with how to
- Overcome food addiction and change your relationship to food
- Use advances in nutrition, exercise, mind-body medicine, nutritional supplements, and detoxification to treat the underlying causes of weight gain, diabetes, and chronic disease .. "

Diabetes drug linked to B12 deficiency; B12 is essential to maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells; Mental changes and neuropathy - Reuters (article link)
- symptoms of B12 deficiency include fatigue, mental changes, anemia and nerve damage known as neuropathy.
- all these symptoms can easily be misdiagnosed as being due to diabetes.
- an estimated 246 million people have diabetes -- rates are expected to rise -- type 2 diabetes linked to poor diet, lack of exercise.
Common diabetes drug linked to vitamin deficiency
LONDON (Reuters) - Patients treated over long periods with metformin, a common drug for diabetes, are at risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency which is also likely to get worse over time, according to a study published Friday.

Diabetes type-2 can be reversed - CNN (video)
John Lisk reports on how some diabetics can turn their illness around.

A health diet can reverse metabolic syndrome linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke - Reuters (article link)
(Reuters Health) - People with metabolic syndrome -- a cluster of risk factors for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes -- have a better chance of reversing it if they stick to a healthy diet, a new study shows.
- After five years, nearly half no longer had the metabolic syndrome.
- People who adhered the most closely to the AHEI were nearly twice as likely to have reversed their metabolic syndrome.
For people with central obesity, defined as waist circumference above 102 centimeters (40 inches) for men and 88 centimeters (35 inches) for women, those with the healthiest diets were nearly three times as likely to have recovered from metabolic syndrome than those with the unhealthiest eating patterns; healthy eating also had a somewhat stronger effect for people who started out with high levels of harmful triglycerides.
Healthy eating helps reverse metabolic syndrome

8 Steps to Reversing Diabesity - DrHyman (article link)
"The Real Causes of Diabesity
The entire spectrum of diabesity including all of its complications—diabetes, elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol—are simply downstream symptoms that result from problems with diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxins interacting with our unique genetic susceptibilities.
Those are the real causes of diabesity.
And because insulin resistance (and diabesity) are a direct outcome of diet and lifestyle, the condition is 100 percent reversible in the vast majority of cases."


How Dietary Supplements Can Save You Thousands
"can reduce our expenditures by over 24 billion dollars in 5 five years."

Obesity yearly costs increasing and at $147 billion surpassing cancer at $104 billion - CNN (video)
High Cost of Obesity
- $147 billion a year, $14 billion for child obesity, $344 billion projected in 8 years, 21% of total medical costs.
- the treatment of cancer and diagnosis is about $104 billion in comparison.
- changing habits, activity, poverty, and access to healthy foods are the many factors.
- Many ideas and what's working in Washington D.C.
U.S. losing obesity battle
New evidence shows America is losing the battle against obesity. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

5 million more people living with diabetes
"Dr. John Anderson isn't surprised by the rapidly growing cost of diabetes in America. New research from the American Diabetes Association shows the total cost of diabetes was $245 billion in 2012 -- a 41% increase from the $174 billion spent in 2007.

"I know of no other disease that's increasing at (about) 8% per year," said Anderson, president of medicine and science for the American Diabetes Association. "That to me isn't surprising, it's troubling." -- The obesity epidemic also plays a role. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. -- Diabetes can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney failure and blindness, according to the CDC. If it's not kept under control, diabetes also can cause infections that may lead to leg or foot amputations. -- Approximately 246,000 deaths were attributed to diabetes in 2012, according to the American Diabetes Association's report."


Sugar-heart disease link revealed - NightlyNews (video)
- Access sugar in processed foods decrease good cholesterol HDL and increase triglycerides which can be a lethal combination

The lower the amount of added sugar people ate, the better their good cholesterol and their blood triglyceride levels - CNN (article link)
- The less sugar added to foods for typical people, the better are their blood-fat profiles and the lower are their cardiovascular risks.
- Lower added-sugar consumption linked to better levels of good cholesterol.
Sweet tooth? Here's news hard to live with

Heart Disease Silent Killer of Women NBCNightlyNews02252012


Soda; drinking 16 ounces or more daily doubles your risk of chronic kidney disease - Prevention (article link)
- drinking 16 ounces or more daily (whether diet or regular) doubles your risk of chronic kidney disease, according to a recent NIH study of more than 900 people.
- it is associated with several risk factors for kidney disease hypertension, diabetes, and kidney stones.
- the ingredient phosphoric acid may be the culprit; it's been repeatedly linked to urinary changes that promote kidney stones.
- consumption is associated with significantly lower bone density in women, increasing the risk of osteoporosis.
22 Craziest Health Rumors


Obesity; Soda-cancer link? - CNN (video)
A new study suggests a link between drinking soda and developing pancreatic cancer.
- A research study claims that there is an 87% increased risk of pancreatic cancer.
- linked to sugar
- obesity is linked to cancer

There was a relationship between increased pancreatic cancer risk and higher intakes of sugar, candy, honey and jam - Reuters (article links)
- Participants with the highest-glycemic index diets were 78% more likely to have pancreatic cancer.
- It is possible that such diets could contribute to pancreatic risk, such foods influence the body's secretion of the blood-sugar-regulating hormone insulin -- And insulin encourages the growth and division of cells in the pancreas -- raising the possibility that the hormone could encourage the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer cells.
Sugary foods linked to pancreatic cancer risk
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with diets high in sweets and other foods that cause rapid blood-sugar spikes may have a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer than those who eat less of those foods, a new study suggests.

Obesity accounts for 20% or more of cancer; A report that concludes Americans are under constant assault from carcinogenic agents - Reuters (article link)
One big problem -- people are soaked in chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, hormones and other known causes of cancer that can interact with thousands of genetic variations to start tumors growing -- or not. Figuring out whether any one ingredient is mutating a gene or set of genes in a certain way will be difficult.
- Tobacco use and other unhealthy behaviors cause cancer.
- Obesity; "The lack of physical activity, weight gain, obesity clearly account for 20% or more of cancer"
- Alcohol; "We know that alcohol causes 4% of cancers.
Cancer report energizes activists, not policy

Obese drinkers face liver 'double whammy' - BBC (article link)
Two studies of more than a million UK men and women suggest excess weight and alcohol act together to raise the risk of cirrhosis and other liver diseases.
- "We estimate that almost 20% of liver cirrhosis in middle-aged UK women is due to excess weight, while almost 50% is due to alcohol consumption."
- Obese men who said they drank 15 or more units a week had the greatest risk of liver disease; almost 19 times higher than those who were slim.
Obese drinkers face liver 'double whammy'
Drinkers who are overweight face a "double whammy" impact on their liver, research suggests.

Women who exercise regularly have firmer skin - Prevention (article link)
- Exercise infuses skin with oxygen and nutrients needed for collagen production
7 Steps to Younger-Looking Skin
It’s never too late to reverse the effects of aging. Start now!


How Malnutrition Causes Obesity

Obesity and an interesting look at contrasting school lunches served around the world - CNN (video)
Connect The World looks at food served at schools around the world as part of its focus on childhood obesity.
Obesity in the classroom
Connect The World looks at food served at schools around the world as part of its focus on childhood obesity.

NAAO; Kids in New York get schooled on the ABC's of eating - CNN (video)
Kids in New York get schooled on the ABC's of eating. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports.
- NAAO; National Action Against Obesity.
Kids get schooled in healthy eating

Jamie Oliver with Anderson Cooper; Jamie Oliver aims to help kids - CNN (video)
In March, CNN's Anderson Cooper sat down with Jamie Oliver to discuss his crusade to change the way kids eat.
Jamie Oliver aims to help kids

Jamie Oliver with Dr. Sanjay Gupta; Shopping healthy for your family - CNN (video)
In April, Jamie Oliver took CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta around a grocery store to show him how to shop healthy.

Mom fights for healthier school lunches; Are you making your kid fat? - CNN (2 video)
In September 2010, school food activists told the government it was time to help districts serve better, healthier food.
Chef Domenica Catelli explains how you may be serving your family foods that pack on the pounds without knowing it.
Mom fights for healthier school lunches

Are you making your kid fat?

‘Top Chef’ host’s new film argues hunger in America can be fixed

Fast, healthy burgers at home - MSNBC (video)
Skip the greasy fast-food joint and save calories by making your own meaty and tasty burgers at home with these deliciousrecipes from David Zinczenko, the author behind "Cook This, Not That!"

Study: Most kids meals unhealthy - CNN (video)
A new study is revealing just how unhealthy most kids' meals are. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.


Sorority girl drops 107 pounds - CNN (article link)
"What I tell people is that you find new friends at the gym," she said. "If you don't have the support, it's really hard to do it on your own." -- "For the longest, I would go to the gym and go home to eat whatever I wanted," she said. "That's not how it works. I had to learn to eat differently and to learn to like new foods..

The Stoked Method: A High Intensity Workout - ABC News (video)
Tips on how to transform your body and mind.

Diet Secrets: "The Biggest Loser: 6 weeks to a healthier you" - MSNBC (video)
"Biggest Loser's diet and nutrition expert Cheryl Foreberg shares quick and easy meal ideas from her new cookbook, "Six Weeks to a Healthier You."
Diet secrets from 'Biggest Loser'

Diet Blunders That Slow Metabolism - MSNBC (video)
Diet Blunders That Slow Metabolism
Master your metabolism to shed weight

Spot Reducing: I'm often asked, "If I do 100 lunges, will my thighs get thinner?" - Prevention (article link)
The answer is "no, no, no." There is a common misconception that, if you do exercises for one body part hard enough or long enough, you will have weight loss in that area. Or, as it is often referred to, you will "spot reduce."
Here is the bottom line: You cannot "spot reduce" body fat. You cannot tone fat. You cannot tighten fat. The only way to get rid of extra body fat is the old-fashioned way: through cardiovascular exercises.
The Right Way to Tone Trouble Spots


DASH Diet May Help Reduce Kidney Stones - ABC NEWS (video)
A diet meant to stop hypertension is also shown to reduce kidney stones.
- DASH: Dietary, Approaches to, Stop, Hypertension
- A diet high is fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy product but low in red meat and sugar drinks.
- May reduce hypertension and prevent kidney stones.
- The study group that ate this diet also seemed to have high citrate levels an important salt that prevents calcium stones.

ACID-BASE IMBALANCE, DIET AND SUGAR (acid-base disorder, acidic blood, blood pH, pH balance, alkalosis, ..)

Diet and Stress: Acid-Base Disorders
There are two factors which contribute to a pH imbalance.
• The first is the person’s diet (Food) and the second is the person’s emotional well being (Stress and Anxiety).
• Stress and anxiety are the principal acid generators aside from the diet. (& Sleep Deprivation)
Balancing your pH is widely considered to be the single most important thing you can do for your health.
full page on Diet and Stress: Acid-Base Disorders


Foods that Fight Inflammation and Foods that Cause It
"What you eat can help -- or hinder -- your body's healing process. Here's how to tell which foods are friend or foe. -- "Because more than about 70 percent of our immune-system cells are found in the lining of the digestive tract, you can deal with a lot of inflammation through diet," says Julie Daniluk, a Toronto-based registered holistic nutritionist and the author of Meals that Heal Inflammation. -- "In general, eating foods that are fresh, decreasing your reliance on red meats and full-fat dairy and opting for more lean protein sources, as well as watching your refined-carbohydrate intake, will help with reducing inflammation," says Anar Allidina, a registered dietitian in Toronto. Here are some key foods that may help fight inflammation and some to help prevent the problem in the first place."


Can a Mother's Pregnancy Diet Influence Her Child's Future Weight? - Health Land (article link)
Adding to the evidence that your baby's health may be influenced by the nine months it spends in the womb, a new study finds that a pregnant mother's diet may be associated with her child's later risk of obesity.


Obese individuals can suffer from social anxiety disorder due to weight alone - EurekAlert! (article link)
New findings from Rhode Island Hospital study indicate that a change to DSM-IV criteria is needed
PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A new study from Rhode Island Hospital researchers shows that obese individuals with social anxiety related only to their weight may experience anxiety as severe as individuals with social anxiety disorder (SAD). The findings directly conflict with the criteria for SAD in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV). The study is now published online in advance of print in the journal Depression and Anxiety.


Number One Killer of Women, Heart Disease - (Blog)
Stress, sugar, "acid-base imbalance, pH balance, acidic blood, .. ,", inflammation, macromineral deficiencies, .. , heart disease.
Stress, sleep deprivation, adrenaline, cortisol, acid-base imbalance, and macromineral deficienies are part of a medical knowledge mobbing weapon, a bad diet and a diet high in sugar helps.