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Human Rights Day 2010 Dec 10th theme Discrimination

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Human Rights Day 2010: Psychological Harassment and Human Rights Violations Patterns and Trends

Human Rights Day 2010 Dec 10th theme Discrimination

The article does not discuss Discrimination but deals more with the need to recognize Workplace Psychological Harassment.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment falls under Workplace Psychological Harassment.

Psychological Harassment and Discrimination:

"The theme for Human Rights Day 10 December 2010 is human rights defenders who act to end discrimination."

"Human rights defenders speak out against abuse and violations including discrimination, exclusion, oppression and violence. They advocate justice and seek to protect the victims of human rights violations. They demand accountability for perpetrators and transparency in government action. In so doing, they are often putting at risk their own safety, and that of their families."

Discrimination falls under workplace psychological harassment similar to sexual harassment.

Workplace psychological harassment and criminal psychological harassment can involve psychological abuse and violence, discrimination, exclusion and isolation, oppression and subjugation, and torture.

Patterns and Trends of Human Rights Violations:

"Complaints to the Commissions focus on more systematic patterns and trends of human rights violations and may be brought against any country in the world."


Since 2003 I have been documenting and doing research on psychological harassment and the related issues.

workplace psychological harassment and criminal psychological harassment networks.

Psychological Harassment Information Association

Human Rights Violation and Organized Crime Pattern:

The human rights violations deal with;

- Using workplace and criminal psychological harassment to eliminate a person's means of subsistence;

- Attacking a victim's credibility and psychological integrity to prevent exposure;

- The use of technology linked to criminal harassment, destroying a person's health and brain, and torture;

- The use of cancer as an assassination method linked to suffering and setting examples;

- And the use of homelessness linked to setting examples and suffering.

- The lack of recognition concerning the existence of workplace psychological harassment and criminal psychological harassment networks, which includes government and law enforcement organizations.

The pattern deals with a template or a series of steps to using homelessness as a weapon.

The weapon can be linked to organized crime setting examples and revenge, subjugation a form of slavery, and preventing exposure of crimes committed.

- Setting examples and suffering can be linked to a form of torture.

- Subjugation is a form of slavery.

The order of steps is linked to strategy aimed at preventing exposure and organized crime.

Criminal Psychological Harassment Network Pattern:

- Workplace psychological harassment and psychiatric file.
- Followed by criminal psychological harassment network, organized crime.
- Sound technology for psychological torture, sleep deprivation, deplete the body, heart disease and stroke, premature aging "we aged you".
- Damage to the brain, body, legs, reduced mobility, isolation.
- Microwave technology (radar, x-ray, gamma) for final push to homelessness and assassination through cancer.
(victims who choose to be homeless)

Homelessness and Criminal Psychological Harassment Network Pattern or Steps:

1) Eliminate a person's means of subsistence through workplace psychological harassment and create a psychiatric file to prevent a lawsuit.

2) Criminal psychological harassment network to increase the attack on a victim's psychological integrity.

3) Sound technology to increase attack on a victim's psychological integrity and high levels of sleep deprivation.

- acid-base imbalance/disorders, deplete the body, damage the brain, damage the body and legs, reduced mobility, and isolation.

- *acid-base imbalance due to stress and sleep deprivation depletes potasium and calcium, linked to step 5.

- damage to the brain through high levels of sleep deprivation, provocation and anger, and stress linked to "removing a person's brain".

- premature aging linked to a lack of repair for the body and DNA "we aged you".

4) The victim is highly weakened physically, psychologically and mentally, credibly, financially, and socially.

5) Microwave technology for final push to homelessness out of fear linked to death threats that are linked to cancer.

- Poworful radar is linked to leukemia and other cancers.

- *Potasium and calcium are needed to fight off the effects of radiation linked to fighting off or preventing cancer, linked to step 3.

(victims who choose to be homeless out of fear or due to criminal psychological harassment networks)

A Strategy linked to Social Isolation:

Trapping people through psychological manipulation and deception in participation and crime to use law enforcement as a threat, to create a vulnerability, to increase participation or the attack on the victim's psychological integrity, and to increase the pressure to silence a victim.

This psychological manipulation can be found documented on the website mentioned above and can also be referred to as Mobbing in Modern Society.

Microwaves leading to Cancer:

Powerful microwaves like radar can lead to cancer such as blood cancer or leukemia, breast, lung, throat, thyroid, colon, and bladder cancer.

High radiation raises risk of second cancer: study

- "We found that radiation increases the risk of developing a second cancer in a very similar way to how it is related to risk of a first cancer," -- "We also found that cancer survivors had particularly high risks of developing a second cancer that we know to be radiation-sensitive. These include breast, colon, lung, thyroid and bladder cancers,"

- The findings would likely hold true for other types of radiation exposures known to cause cancer.

Symptoms of Radar or Microwaves:

Itchy eyes, irritated lungs, and swollen testicles.