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Bullying What To Do

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Tell Your Friends

Do not isolate yourself and bullies usually fear being punished, so tell your friends and authorities.

The first thing you have to do is remain calm.

It’s not always easy to remain calm when your means of subsistence, that you and your family depend on, are threatened or when your career is threatened but this is what you need to do. When Psychological Harassment, Bullying, or Mobbing is used and you are threatened, you can become suspicious or paranoid and this is also sometimes the intention of the people using these psychological tactics. So you also need to control these thoughts and paranoia. It is also sometimes the intention to make you seem emotionally or psychologically unstable and you also need to control your emotions such as fear and anger.

The battle field is a psychological one and not a physical one.

Do not expect the people using these tactics, knowledge and technologies to attack you physically or verbally threaten you with physical harm such as a death threat, these are recognized crimes. They will use psychology or psychological manipulations to threaten you to induce stress and to try to destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence for example.

Do not let the behavior of others influence or change yours unless you believe it to be in a positive or constructive way.

If you believe people are conspiring against you, spreading rumors, trying to sabotage your work, or trying to upset you do not try to do the same and do not treat them in an aggressive, angry, rude, or threatening manner. Remain calm, composed, and respectful. You can discuss the issue and this usually clears up misunderstanding.

Do not participate in psychological harassment or criminal psychological harassment to cause someone to have a burnout, it is a crime.

Do not participate in psychological harassment or criminal psychological harassment to cause someone harm or to wear them out and cause a burnout, it is a crime. This is linked to letting others change your behavior in a negative way. Many participate under pressure from others such as management and others simply because they assume they can get away with a crime. Changing your behavior in a way to harm others is not constructive or positive for you psychologically and it can also make you vulnerable to prosecution, which is linked to fear and manipulation.

You need to read and learn as much as you can about Psychological Harassment, Bullying, and Mobbing.

By reading more about Psychological Harassment, Bullying, and Mobbing you will be better able to understand how you are being psychologically manipulated or harmed and what the tactics, knowledge and technologies being used against you are. You will be able to more easily identify them and explain or describe them to other people such as a Human Resource representative and also find out what laws or policies apply to you. This brings us to the next thing that you need to do.

You need to keep a journal of events that you believe where part of Psychological Harassment, Bullying, or Mobbing tactics.

You may be asked to undergo a psychological evaluation at one point and it is still common practice for psychiatrists to tell victims of Bullying that they have thoughts of persecution, paranoid delusion, stress and anxiety, burn out, feel depressed or are depressed due to a chemical imbalance and that by taking medication these ideas or thoughts will go away. This is why you need to keep a journal of events. You need to document what was said, what the actions were, how they were interpreted by you and how they made you feel, date, time, location, and who else was present. You can then use this journal to discuss these events with this medical professional and help them get a clearer understanding or make a better evaluation of your situation. It’s also true that the skill level of the people using these kinds of tactics or strategies can be lower or higher than others and that the tactics may become harder to document because they are not as obvious or more subtle. The psychological construction of what is called “catch 22’s” can also be used such as false accusations or degrading themes (see Psychological Manipulation). This tactic is an obvious one for people familiar with Psychological Harassment or Manipulation.

You need to protect your brain and body. The attacks are psychological but they do have a physical effect on the brain and body.

When you are going through the phenomenon of Psychological Harassment or Bullying it can be very stressful. Over a long period of time it can have serious consequences on your health. You need to take the proper actions, nutrition and exercise, to protect and reduce the effects on your brain and body. For example short duration interval training of 20 minutes, walking 2 minutes and running 30-60 seconds, can counter act the cortisol and stress in your body by releasing chemicals, oxygenating your brain, reducing anxiety, and returning your body to a relaxed state. High levels of stress and sleep deprivation can also lead to macromineral deficiencies and acid-base disorders. This is a type of weapon that you need to protect yourself from as well.

Take action when you believe there may be a problem and do not procrastinate.

If you believe your supervisor has started to use Psychological Harassment or Bullying tactics and is now overloading your workload for example, you need to address the situation by speaking to this supervisor and discuss why you believe you will not be able to achieve a deadline and how or when you may be able to accomplish the given task. Do not wait for the deadline to address the issue and then claim that it was an unrealistic demand. If someone engages in unwanted behavior you should let them know that it is unwanted or not appropriate as soon as possible.

Do not isolate yourself or let yourself be isolated.

Discuss the issue of Psychological Harassment, Bullying, Mobbing, and what is happening to you with friends, family members, other medical professionals or psychologists, legal representatives, your union, labor organizations, political representative and anyone else that you can think of that would be able to give you information, advice, or help. This is the last thing that the people using these kinds of technologies, tactics, and strategies would want you to do and by doing this you help promote awareness of this topic.

Expose the psychological harassment that you have been subjected too.

Victims should not isolate themselves and should expose the crimes that they have been subjected too. When you fail to expose this crime you contribute to it in different ways through the lack of information and knowledge that would help other victims. The information, knowledge, and awareness of this phenomenon is still relatively new and this lack of information, knowledge, and awareness plays a role and helps attack the credibility of victims that do expose the phenomenon. Different organizations such as the medical community and different members of the medical community still play a role in discrediting victims, instead of helping them.

Observe and analyze your behavior.

How have you been affected, how has your behavior changed, why did your behavior change, is this change positive, constructive, or a change that you want , was this change the intention of the psychological manipulation, how will you correct, change, or prevent this behavior.

Think on paper

Most people can better organize their thoughts and ideas on paper.

Use technology to record events or cases of psychological harassment or bullying.

With the advances in technology you can use technology to record crime scenes or any other important events and this also applies to case of psychological harassment or bullying. The new iPhones or smart phones have the built-in capabilities to record events with video or without video.