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Logan's Run, Movie Scene Run Away Strategy - CNN iReport (video)

The movie scene illustrates the use of an energy weapon "run runner", in reality the mob is using powerful radar assaults "run away or get cancer" aka "Run Runner!".

The mob is using powerful radar assaults combined with criminal allegations and assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before trial in a run away and homicide strategy. Run aways are recaptured and incarcerated during the long criminal proceedings, the assessment order, those who do not run away risk deadly cancers as they are repetitively assaulted over months and years.



Powerful radar is being used in some countries, one strategy example is that criminal allegations are combined with radar assaults along with insinuations the accused is dangerous.

1. criminal allegations
2. radar assaults
3. insinuations that accused is dangerous

The criminal allegations trap the accused while the accused is assaulted with powerful radar, any violent reactions or behavior by the accused resulting from the radar assaults help fit the allegations and frame the accused.

The powerful radar assaults that the accused is exposed to over several months during the proceedings and increased through wrongful orders and delays to increase the length of the criminal proceedings, the expenses involved, are also linked to deadly cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, and bone cancer.

Countries using their medical system to hide homicides.

Another strategy linked to the first example and the Movie Scene video illustration below is a run away strategy combined with criminal allegations, smear campaigns, run aways become fugitives, are framed through assessment orders, or risk getting a deadly cancer.

"run away or get cancer" "you have to run" "run!" aka "Run Runner!".

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