Mighty Joe Young, Damage, Provocation, Rampage - CNN iRepot (video)

A movie scene that shows a villain, harassment, using a damage that was inflicted on the victim in provocation to cause a rampage "frighten the ladies".

The movie scene illustrates how a damage caused to a person can be used to provoke them or manipulate them towards acting aggressive and even pushed towards a rampage or rage shooting.

Note that the intent or strategy described by the psychiatrist Marie-France Hirigoyen of emotional abusers is to systematically destabilize victims so that they lash-out in frustration or anger only to look aggressive and deranged.


Eliminating the means of subsistence of victims and systematically draining their finances to use homelessness as a weapon;


Provocation "you'll eat garbage" "the homeless are in the anus, you are in the anus" "you are a whore", degrading themes and degrading themes of subjugation.




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