International Day of Radar Type Assaults is June 1st

June 1st is International Day of Radar Type Assaults, we ask all UN and EU members to say "did you try wearing a tinfoil hat", upload your selfies and party pictures.

June 1st is International Day of ‪#‎RadarTypeAssaults‬

We ask all UN EU US UK members to say "did you try wearing a tinfoil hat"

Today is the @UN Global Day of Parents. What to do if a child goes missing?

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@EU_Commission @UN Today June 1st is International #RadarTypeAssaults Day

@EU_Commission @UN I spent several years documenting a network, their Psychological Manipulations,

@EU_Commission @UN Their Psychological Manipulations, are also linked to the ‪#‎SuicideFactors‬ that I also documented

@EU_Commission @UN This network is part of the US UK subjugation methods, and a homicide method that they tried to use on me,

@EU_Commission @UN A 1st homicide attempts, recently, a 2nd homicide attempt, method, repetitive #RadarTypeAssaults, and subjugation method,

@EU_Commission @UN From what I understand this mobbing, 2nd homicide attempt, is to hide the documented network, and the #SuicideFactors,

@EU_Commission @UN The 1st homicide method, #SuicideFactors leadership, are linked to the cause of cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides

@EU_Commission @UN I am now also aware of this regime secret police network methods, participants, threats.. Google forget about us, thks EU"

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets
@EU_Commission With US UK secret police threats, targeting our families, poverty, cancer, staged accidents,, we asked Google to forget us,

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets
Our site has leadership in #SuicideFactors the cause of cyberbullying and young gay teens suicides, but pls forget us Google -> US UK "mob"

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@UN @UNECOSOC International #RadarTypeAssaults Day June 1st : brain tumors, cancers, sterilization, US UK subjugation methods

@UN @UNECOSOC I'm going to "die in pain", cancer, "ahh, please stop the pain", deadly cancer, Google please forget about me,

June 1st is International Day of #RadarTypeAssaults
We ask all UN EU US UK members to say "did you try wearing a tinfoil hat"
Tweets to NRA "Heads up on gun violence!"

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Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@NRA After this cycle, the return of drugs, biker gangs on news, gun violence, murders, .. part of subjugation and gradual ethnic cleansing,

@NRA In the subjugated colony of French Quebec, they use minorities for ctrl, give them wealth, businesses, for ctrl, biker gangs, ->

@NRA The US UK do this during their cycles of tyranny, taking wealth, concentrating wealth, huge deficits, for ctrl, and subjugation, ->

@NRA Heads up on gun violence! what I understand is that US UK use poverty, #RadarTypeAssaults, guide targeted citizens towards biker gangs,

@NRA I thought at first it was only British colonies, their methods, and realized US UK partnership in subjugation,

@NRA I also see NRA censoring tweets,

@NRA The provocation, .. , involves US participants, .. The point, I'm under high surveillance and abuse in Canada, what happened in US?

@NRA These are all strategies used by the US UK partnership in hidden subjugation, their colonies like Quebec, ->

@NRA Targeted citizens by regime secret police are on defensive under their abuse, portrayed as aggressive, violence used to incarcerate, ->

@NRA This included #SuicideFactors and #RageShootingFactors , technology, they use abuse, inflict damages, use provocation, poverty, ->

@NRA I don't really understand the latest shooting, In QC Canada I document the regimes secret police harassment network, ->