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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau asked a Question, Here is the Answer

The Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau asked why Cons. want to take investigations away from Elections Canada and give them to the Director of Prosecutions, here is the answer:

"@eurorights In Canada, Liberal leader asked why the Cons. want to take investigations away from Elections Canada, give to Director of Prosec

@eurorights During cycles of tyranny to take, concentrate wealth, target leadership positions, target civil and human rights leaders, ,, ,

@eurorights The secret police participants in "corruption" extends to Police, Judges, Crown Prosecutors, Director of Prosecutions, .. ,

Euro Rights Blog

Excellent factsheet on 'What Commission proposals on data protection do and don't mean'.

@eurorights in Canada my computers were seized without a warrant by Police, Feb 21, 2011

@eurorights When I presented a motion for their return, by providing evidence, negating need to search them, ...

@eurorights I provided the published CNN ireport Mobbing Research article in question, allegations of "uttering threats towards women"

@eurorights The police suddenly left for vacation, the Crown prosecutor became unavailable for 2 months, I believe to make copies,,,

@eurorights The Crown returned computers, claimed no copies, not needed,,, proceedings continued, demand for assessment before trial..

@eurorights what I understand about Canadian law is that the Crown could be mistaken, police copies, and civil recourse unavailable ..

@eurorights This aside, due to ongoing radar type assaults I could not continue a civil lawsuit to recover loss, damages, costs of proceed..

@eurorights The secret police of Canada, target through participants, related family members, children,,, friends, so contact information..

@eurorights Online security and privacy are important, I believe this is increased in importance several times for personal computers, ...

@eurorights The search for personal information, pictures, videos, anything their secret police can use through participants, and harassment


@eurorights The regime basically trapped me in false allegations while the secret police participants were assaulting with types of radar,

@eurorights The were trying to portray me as deranged, hostile, aggressive, combined with allegations of "uttering threats towards women"

@eurorights It is another form of homicide attempt that I have documented in Canada, through radar type assaults, cancers, brain tumors ..


@UNGeneva The corruption consists of regime and police denial, threats of police psychiatric intervention for complaints, protection measure

UN Holocaust Program

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@UNGeneva The cause of the Holocaust was discrimination, racism, ,, or Germans using a pretext to take the wealth of wealthy Jews?

@UNGeneva Why is the UN involved in hiding the cause of ethnic cleansing, colonization, and holocaust, taking wealth?

@UNGeneva Denying that the US UK are using their Star Wars program on citizens, radar type assaults to murder citizens, teens, brain tumors?

@UNGeneva The method of taking wealth by the US UK partnership, in the US it is obvious that it was through the Bush tax cuts, ->

@UNGeneva The Bush tax cuts resulted in a surplus budget going to 500 billion dollar yearly deficits until the US collapse,

@UNGeneva The other method is through the stock market, some move out of low stocks, fear, others move in, "secret police corruption"

@UNGeneva The cycle of tyranny of the 80 to take wealth consisted of Reagan, Thatcher, Malrony, deficits, and deploying Star Wars

@UNGeneva During this US UK cycle of tyranny to take wealth it consists of Bush, Cameron, Harper, I'm targeted in 80's and again in 2000's

@UNGeneva It seems to me the Germans persecuted the Jews to take their wealth, a cause of ethnic cleansing, like UK colonization.

@UNGeneva I've also concluded that the US UK's and colonies are still involved in cycles of tyranny to take wealth, concentrate wealth, ctrl

@UNGeneva The colonization pattern, ethnic cleansing of Natives to control the resources, Canada, Australia, South Africa same pattern

@UNGeneva I'm a Canadian in the French Province of Quebec with a French and Native Abenaki background, And ->

@UNGeneva And one of the things this UK English regime was focused besides degrading my brain, inflicting deadly brain tumors ->

@UNGeneva Through the their Star Wars satellite radar type assaults, assaults from nieghboring homes,, was to destroy my fertility

@UNGeneva This equal British Royal Kingdom, US UK, gradual ethnic cleansing through sterilization in their Canadian colony,

@UNGeneva One of cousins looks like a Native, or Cheyenne, the other a bit like Pocahontas picture, one died of a brain tumor,

@UNGeneva Over 3 yrs I'm assaulted with satellite radar type assaults aimed at the head,center brain,neighboring homes,, brain tumors

@UNGeneva This is just strange, Thomas Hunt, my fathers name, took Pocahontas back to England with a few Natives from US ..

@UNGeneva During this cycle of tyranny I document 1st assassination method through suicide factors, I'm now a world leader on this issue,

@UNGeneva From 2010-2011 I document a 2nd homicide method, Star War satellite radar type assaults,,, aimed at inflicting deadly brain tumors

@UNGeneva I believe my cousin was inflicted with a deadly brain tumor during the cycle of tyranny in 80's when both targeted indirectly

@UNGeneva Our relative, my uncle, Godfather, was a high ranking SQ Provincial Police officer in the French Quebec province of English Canada

@UNGeneva I have been tested, found to be high in deductive reasoning, patterns, predicted US collapse, tried warn friends, made transactns,

@UNGeneva I have also predicted climate change catastrophe, patterns linked to mass extinction, volcanic activity, drought,,, ice age,

@UNGeneva I believe the US UK partnership target adults, teens, high in deductive reason, see through deception, economy, future predictions

@UNGeneva The ongoing method since 2010 consists of radar type assaults in QC Canada "turn (be subjugated) or die of cancer (homicide)"

Creating Justification

@UNGeneva The British create justification for what they want, similar to the workplace with participants, for control and subjugation.

@UNGeneva Secret police participants in "corruption" extends to police, judge, crown prosecutors,, and even acts of crime or terrorism.

@UNGeneva Here some examples of creating justification for what they want:

@UNGeneva Toronto G20, people dressed in black appear, smash windows, leave, RCMP crack down on protesters, scandal of brutality, etc

@UNGeneva 911, a UK secret police attack with participants is used to justify invasion of Afghanistan ..

@UNGeneva Canada giving Pakistan nuclear missiles creates justification for US helping British control Pakistan, not Taliban ..

@UNGeneva "weapons of mass destruction" justifies invasion of Iraq, destroy army that threatens Saudis, and Kuwait.

@UNGeneva The tar sand pipeline is rejected, attempts to justify it through train explosion in Quebec town, train derailments, news on cargo

@UNGeneva It is a Basic strategy of hidden dictatorships to attack themselves, during protests, civil movements,,, to justify crackdown

@UNGeneva The kind of civil movements that they encourage in other regimes, in subjugated colonies their solution is to attack themselves ..

US UK subjugation model :

@UNGeneva The British regime of Canada deployed a secret police criminal harassment network, public well know stores and participants ..

@UNGeneva Combined with the Star Wars program from the 80's, radar type assaults from satellites, neighbouring homes,,,,

@UNGeneva This network combined with assaults, poverty, threat of homelessness guide those targeted towards biker gangs, subjugation,, ..

@UNGeneva This network is selective, beauty and intelligence asset of population degraded, those high in deductive reasoning,,,

@UNGeneva They use poverty, setups to place targets on defensive to tyranny, and even false allegations to aim blame at police,,,not regime

@UNGeneva When faced with repetitive radar type assaults in Canada "you have to turn or die of cancer" .. "run away or die of cancer"

@UNGeneva This deployed public secret police network, focused ultrasound technology from neighbouring homes, are there to help guide you ..

@UNGeneva This leaves a general population that does not see through obvious deception, illusion of democracy, hidden subjugation and ctrl.

@UNGeneva Apparently those involved in subjugation of colonies don't value, beauty, intelligence, high deductive reasoning, "alphas", ..

@UNGeneva These are actually a problem for deception, false illusions, false pretences, leadership positions,,

@UNGeneva Civil rights activists, human rights defenders, high deductive reasoning, are a threat to dictatorships,,, subjugated or murdered

Ethnic Cleansing

@UNGeneva Gradual Ethnic Cleansing and Degrading Population Assets in Quebec Canada:

@UNGeneva Those targeted, beauty and intelligence assets, "alphas", high deductive reasoning, Quebec males fertility is destroyed, radar ..

@UNGeneva Quebec is the French province in English Canada, British gradual ethnic cleansers of Natives, French, sterilization similar cases