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@UNHOP Anyone believe the theory that UK used the Jewish ethnic in a secret police participant subjugation method in Germany after WWI ?

@UNHOP The UK US use ethnics, secret police participants to subjugate a larger ethnic,

@UNHOP In the French province of Quebec, Montreal, they use Italians, now in Laval the 2nd largest city of Quebec they use Greeks,

@UNHOP These secret police participants are given businesses, restaurants, .. , and the regime uses poverty on larger ethnic,

@UNHOP After WWI the UK US were using both the Italian and Jewish ethnic in MTL QC, and copy these methods in other subjugated colonies,

@UNHOP After WWI when Germany became a secret police subjugated colony of the UK US, did they use this ethnic method in Germany too?

@UNHOP This leading to resentment of wealthy jews, Hitler, taking wealth through pretext of racism, a common race with UK Anglo-Saxon?

@UNHOP Now, the US UK are using their Star Wars program satellite radar type assaults, assaults from neighboring homes, in public stores, ..

@UNHOP These assaults lead to deadly brain tumors, .. , in Quebec the fertility of targeted males is destroyed, gradual ethnic cleansing.

@UNHOP They target the shinbone too, radar type, but claim recently in Montreal my shinebone was hit by deadlier xray in hospital setup ..

@UNHOP So the Canadian regime secret police participants claim its a matter of time before I die of a deadly brain tumor or leakemia.

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Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written about cycles of tyranny used by the UK US to take and concentrate wealth,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written about UK colonization, and gradual ethnic cleansing of Natives, to take wealth, the land, resources,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written about the current method used for subjugation and gradual ethnic cleansing method used in French Quebec CA,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C The US UK partnership are using "Star Wars" satellite radar type assaults, from neigh boring homes,"subjugation or death"

@Israel @ISRAEL21C The fertility of Quebec males targeted is destroyed, sterilization, linked to gradual ethnic cleansing,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written about how Quebec Canada is a subjugation model of UK US used in other colonies,,Japan, Germany, Australia,,,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written about the UN not mentioning motive to take wealth, linked to UK cycles of tyranny, racism a pretext,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written apartheid being another pretext to take ctrl of South African, conditions for gradual cleansing Natives ..

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I've written about the UK US using ethnics, minorities used in subjugation of larger ethnics, creating resentment

@Israel @ISRAEL21C In Quebec the Italian minority is used in Montreal, now the Greeks in Laval, over larger French ethnic of Quebec

@Israel @ISRAEL21C The method consists of poverty, threats, and radar type assaults,,, to guide selected citizens towards biker gangs ...

@Israel @ISRAEL21C I say selected because it seems they target beauty, intelligence, "alphas", high abstract deductive reasoning,,, for ctrl

@Israel @ISRAEL21C Knowing that these methods are used by UK US secret police for subjugation, a Quebec model, copied in Japan, Germany,,,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C And recent articles about WWI, Germany being humiliated,, my belief of UK subjugation methods used after WWI,,

@Israel @ISRAEL21C In Quebec Montreal, before WWII, the Jews, Mr Br8nfman, gangster bootleggers for UK US, involved in subjugation method

@Israel @ISRAEL21C The Jewish minority was involved in the UK US subjugation method of MTL QC like Italians,,,, secret police participants

@Israel @ISRAEL21C The question or new theory, was this mirrored by UK in Germany after WWI, leading to the Holocaust?


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@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Why? .. Any claims of ethnic cleansing in Quebec Canada? or any other obvious human rights violations?

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE What are you going to do when all of the EU is subjugated by UK US, subject you to hidden dictatorship,

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE And start their population degradation secret police program, targeting beauty, intelligence, "alphas",

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE And those high in deductive abstract reasoning, its why you don't know that the UK US are involved in do this

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE What really happened in Germany after WWI, UK secret police subjugation methods, use of minority ethnic?

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE I like the sudden "Russian Soldiers" patrolling in the Ukraine who claim to be simple farmers, like US militia?

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Hiding these cycles of tyranny to take wealth, subjugation methods, is because they are still in use by US UK

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE I think the UN should focus on freeing Germany, Japan, .., South Africa, from secret police subjugation.

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE In Canada, the "militia" secret police participants are the ones in neighboring homes, using radar type assaults

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE UK US History Short Inside Scoop Summary:

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Canada gives Pakistan, another British colony, nuclear missiles to deter war or invasion by India,

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE This creates justification, the UK US EU don't want these nuclear missiles to fall into the wrong hands,

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE The British are fighting the freedom fighters in Pakistan for control, subjugation,

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Iraq invades Kuwait, the war, and threats Saudi Arabia, the ally of US and Bush industries,

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE The plan, Osama is Afghanistan, the supporters of freedom fighters, Mujaheddin, Taliban,

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE The US UK attack themselves, 17 Saudi Terrorists, 911, justifies invasion of Afghanistan, to get Osama Saudi

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE They invade and destroy Iraqi Army that threatened Saudi Arabia, "weapons of mass destruction",

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Osama is found in a Mansion in the Pakistan UK colony, a prisoner waiting US assassination mission, US success

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE The US helps the British in Pakistan, drone sticks, .. , and their secret police subjugate Afghanistan, Iraq, ..

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Now that their secret police control Afghanistan, Iraq, they will implement the gradual cleansing of "alphas", ..

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE The "alphas" are the ones who see through deception, do not cower easily, and fight subjugation, so ...

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE The US UK secret police use ethnics, the Italians and Jews in Montreal Quebec,,, and assign blame to them

@UN_Spokesperson @UN @OSCE Since WWII they don't use the Jewish ethnic .. , still use and assign blame to Italians,


Tweets to UN, CEOs, Govt Officials,
Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Equality,
Workplace Psychological Harassment extended by regime to Criminal Harassment Network, Suicide Factors, Two Regime Secret Police Homicide Methods - Attempts

UN Global Compact
#UN heads, CEOs & govt officials gathering TODAY for #WEPs event! http://bit.ly/1ejRyzw #EqualityMeansJobs #IWD2014

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@globalcompact @UN Does the UN and CEO know about workplace psychological harassment extended to regime public criminal harassment networks?

@globalcompact @UN Here are some of their psychological manipulations and routines documented http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/psychological-manipulation.htm

@globalcompact @UN This documented Canadian network was involved in one form of homicide attempt linked to cyberbullying suicides,

@globalcompact @UN See the Suicide Factors, and the Danny Hunt section http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/suicide-factors.htm

@globalcompact @UN I am currently experiencing another homicide method in Canada, repetitive radar type assaults, instead of manipulation,

@globalcompact @UN This method involved police false allegations, human rights violations, and aiming blame at the police instead of regime,

@globalcompact @UN See the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cage page, and the faraday cage videos that I created http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/radar-assault-faraday-cage.htm

@globalcompact @UN See the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cage page, and the faraday cage videos that I created http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/radar-assault-faraday-cage.htm

@globalcompact @UN Our portal site has several different related playlists on the front page http://www.psychologicalharassment.org/

@globalcompact @UN You may find our Discrimination http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/discrimination.htm … Sexual Harassment http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/sexual-harassment.htm … pages interesting too

@globalcompact Please note, the radar type assaults are for subjugation, to guide victims towards biker gangs, target beauty and women too,


Tweets Subjugation Methods, Cleansing, Holocaust

The subjugation methods of the US UK, use of minority ethnic, gradual cleansing "alphas", intelligence,, after WWI may have led to Holocaust

In Quebec Canada the fertility of targeted males is destroyed, gradual ethnic cleansing of the French, like Natives.

The US UK subjugation method is repetitive radar type assaults from Star Wars satellites, neighboring homes, .. brain tumors, cancer

The tweet blogs to UN are an interesting way to create articles, sharing ideas, and making these shared ideas available. new forum, blog too

The UK secret police strategy, is hidden tyranny and attempts to be extremely cruel and vicious, their use of deadly and painful cancers for example.

The minorities used by the secret police in Quebec to subjugate the French by the English British regime after WWI was the Italians and Jews, after WWII mostly the Italians, more recently Greeks too.

The theory consists of copying this method in Germany after WWI, using the Jewish minority as secret police participants, controlling wealth and businesses, and implementing the UK cleansing program after WWI subjugation, targeting beauty, intelligence, "alphas", high deductive abstract reason, for control and hidden subjugation.

This leading to the Holocaust and Hitler mimicking the British in a cycle of tyranny to take wealth, persecutions, pretexts, "a common superior race with the British", which was used again by the British in South Africa through Apartheid, to take and control the wealth of South Africa.

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