Mobbing Research: US UK, Civil Rights Leaders

One strategy that the US UK secret police are using in mobbing civil rights leaders is through a standard method of abuse, to make the victims seem aggressive, deranged, enraged, negative, .. , see Marie France Hirigoyen psychiatrist, to radicalize them, attempts to manipulate them towards violence, use influence of the mind about retaliation through physical violence, instead of written exposure.

What is interesting in my experience is that the US UK partnership use cycles of tyranny to take wealth, target citizens of interest, for control and subjugation. The US "ends" their cycle before the UKs and subjugated colonies, target civil rights leaders and human rights defenders, "the leadership on these issues must come from the US", many participants from the US, media, censorship, .. , so "the leadership must be from US" while using the abuse to discourage the support of this leadership, portray them as anti-US, and eliminate these civil rights leaders.

See the Dune 1984 movie illustration about tyranny followed by illusion of change, a medial pattern of using a bad king, tyranny to crush population for control and subjugation, followed by the "good king", Raban and Fade.