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Several tweets about British cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth linked to ethnic cleansing, US UK hidden occupation model, gradual ethnic cleansing, degrading the beauty and intelligence assets of the population, and targeting those high in deductive reasoning.


PHIA tweets ‏@PHIAtweets

@UNHOP @UN Siskel and Ebert say people are shocked that the Star Wars program is aimed at people, US UK said it was for missiles.

@UNHOP @UN The FBI and RCMP ask again that the UN EU censor these tweets while they conduct an investigation, Tweeter, Facebook too

@UNHOP @UN The FBI and RCMP also ask that the UN not respond to basic human rights violations in Canada, and EU not respond either.

@UNHOP @UN Siskel and Ebert give the UN and EU two thumbs down for not responding to WofS tech related use, human right defenders, in UKs,US

@UNHOP @UN The US CA Weaponization of Space Assault Subjugation Routine

@UNHOP @UN Living in a hidden dictatorship, Canada, I know that it can be copied in other countries, hidden occupation, no soldiers,,,

@UNHOP @UN The British (Hidden) Dictatorship Model, Canada suspected hidden occupation CA, DE, JP,,, Iraq, Libya

@UNHOP @UN Please see Circumventing Laws, Intl and US, posts and related video playlist, bottom right,  thanks.

@UNHOP @UN Please see Circumventing Laws, Intl and US, posts and related video playlist, bottom right,  thanks.

@UNHOP @UN Weaponization of Space Test Results Are In: UK, US, EU FAIL, Russia, China PASS

@UNHOP @UN Cyberbullying Suicides, Brain Tumors, and Youth Laws in Canada - (blog)

@UNHOP @UN The British Cycles of Tyranny, Their Link to Ethnic Cleansing and the Holocaust

@UNHOP @UN Reports of tyranny and ethnic cleansing in Quebec Canada

@UNHOP @UN I'll summarize here in tweets these posts about cycles of tyranny, concentration of wealth, link to ethnic cleansing, holocaust.

@UNHOP @UN 1. The British use cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, land, for control, subjugation, hidden through war, persecutions,,,

@UNHOP @UN 2. Hitler did the same thing, he persecuted the Jews, took their wealth, land, in war,, not the first case of ethnic cleansing.

@UNHOP @UN 2. The Natives are another example of ethnic cleasing to take wealth, land, and a good example of gradual ethnic cleansing,,,

@UNHOP @UN 3. There are several other examples of persecution of different groups in British medieval history to take wealth, and land,

@UNHOP @UN 4. An English professor told me the Kings would persecute the Jews when they needed money for war, I believe war was used to hide

@UNHOP @UN 5. The English concentrate wealth,control jobs,money,but the French QC still flourished under this rule because of social program

@UNHOP @UN 6. The subjugation strategy of British secret police, push target citizens to homelessness,social programs contered this strategy

@UNHOP @UN 7. After a close referendum in Quebec for separation, land, linked to ethnic cleansing, the British deployed technology use.

@UNHOP @UN 8. They are using a criminal harassment network combined with weaponization of space tech, types of radar assaults,,

@UNHOP @UN 9. These target the head, to damage the brain, to gradual degrade the brain through repetitive assaults, radar types,

@UNHOP @UN 10. These assaults target the testicles, to destroy the fertility of Quebec males targeted, sterilization like Natives.

@UNHOP @UN 11. The counter to social programs that helped French flourish, prevent poverty and homelessness used by British for subjugation>

@UNHOP @UN 12. The regime secret police use weaponization of space, radar type assaults, corner citizens through regime and police denial.

@UNHOP @UN 13. I suspect the lack of response by UN, EU, is US, UK, collusion in hidden occupation, subjugation, control, Canada a model.

@UNHOP @UN 14. The US and UK Star Wars program said to be to shoot down missiles actually used to target citizens, subjugation weapon.

@UNHOP @UN 15. The hidden subjugation, dictatorship model is now a combination of concentrating wealth with hidden occupation weapons.

@UNHOP @UN 16. In this is hidden gradual ethnic cleansing, and targeting those high in deductive reasoning, prevent exposure, for control.


New Note: The US and UK are involved in a hidden occupation model, Canada being their model, applied to other regime linked to war JP, DE,,,Iraq, Libya,, and FR also a participant and ally of the US. So in the EU you have France, the UK, and German a hidden UK occupation regime like Canada, in partnership with the US. Do the US, UK, and FR want to extend this hidden dictatorship model, like Canada, German, to the rest of the EU?

Today's Tweets to France, EU About Homicide Strategy

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets

@Elysee France, EU, the FR consulate did not respond to temporary refuge demand, runaround, delays, it matches the UK regimes strategy.

@Elysee They use this strategy while trying to inflict deadly cancers, weaponization of space, radar types, x-ray types believed in close px

@Elysee I strongly believe the US and UK have a partnership in hidden occupation, technology and cancer being a part of subjugation strategy

@Elysee Like Canada, German is a suspected hidden occupation regime, and France an ally of the US, no response, delays too.

@Elysee After 3 years of attempting to protect my self from WofS, radar type assaults, recent threat of focused x-ray to chest may succeed.

@Elysee The possible success is linked to delays, no response, participants, strategy, and these ongoing attempts to inflict deadly cancers.

@UN @IntlCrimCourt @UN_News_Centre This kitchen window that faces the other wall was a source of radar, now the threat is focused x-ray.

@UN @IntlCrimCourt @UN_News_Centre Now the threat with return of participating parent, regime, police denial, removed all shielding measures

@UN @IntlCrimCourt @UN_News_Centre 3 years of radar assaults aimed at the head and brain, linked to brain tumors like my cousin.

@UN @IntlCrimCourt @UN_News_Centre I now believe they did this to my neighbor Ray Quinn, lung cancer, same window facing the other neighbor.


The documented routine, notes, tweets to the NRA, Siskel and Ebert, Blog, see more documented routines of the secret police criminal harassment network in Canada on the Psychological Manipulation page.

US UK Hidden Occupation Model Routine

The partnership in technology, the UK US Star Wars program to shoot down missiles, is actually used on citizens, people .... I know you're surprised. It's part of the hidden subjugation model, weaponization of space assaults, secret police participant assaults from neighboring homes, public places, .. , etc. types of radar to inflict deadly cancers, brain tumors, destroy the fertility of Quebec males targeted.

They had a nice routine too, they would assault a person in Quebec Canada with a secure means of subsistence and tell them to run to the US, to be cornered there without a means of subsistence, and subjugated there by the US "mob".

In Canada the repetitive assaults "you have to turn or die of cancer" "you have to run away or die of cancer".

Note: In Canada the regime secret police are using the weaponization of space to assault the brain, damage, degrade the brain through repetitive assaults, assaults from neighboring homes, public places, underground emitters in combination to their subjugation attempts. It is similar to the strategy in Pakistan, another British regime, acid violence to degrade the beauty of women who refuse to be subjugated or coerced.

Siskel and Ebert

Siskel and Ebert give US and Canada thumbs down on this routine.

Siskel and Ebert say people are shocked that the Star Wars program is aimed at people, US UK said it was for missiles.

Siskel and Ebert give the US gun debate thumbs down "This partnership has also been identified and linked to "2nd Amendment Amnesia" in US gun debates."


@NRA The regime strategy is that those assaulted, cornered through regime and police denial, are supposed to be subjugated or die, cancer,,,

@NRA I've concluded as written, the US loves this UK model, it is used for hidden occupation, a partnership linked to StarWars program too.

@NRA The suspect list are the UK regimes, CA, AU, UK,,, Pakistan,, DE, JP, Iraq, Libya, ,, FR in EU supports the US, and UK. ..


The British use cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, land, to take wealth, persecutions,, for control, subjugation, money, who gets jobs, and use poverty, homelessness to repress the others. Under this English British rule, the French were still able to flourish because of their social programs, safety nets, welfare, to prevent homelessness. The Canadian secret police use homelessness to corner and subjugated targeted citizens, social programs interfere with this, so the they deployed a criminal harassment network and energy assault weapons to corner targeted citizens through regime and police denial. When targeted the assaults focus on inflicting deadly cancers, like on the shin bone linked to bone marrow damage linked to leukemia, but also focus on degrading the brain through repetitive assaults and destroying the fertility of targeted males, sterilization like the Natives linked to gradual ethnic cleansing.

A similar blog to the first: The french province has been involved in talks of sovereignty, separation, referendums for years. Notes, the secret police subjugate the population through organized crime, corruption, participants, they corner targeted citizens through homelessness. Quebec from what I believe has always had strong social values, welfare, or values aimed at protecting the homelessness, the tool used for subjugation. The British regimes control the economy, jobs, etc, but with welfare even a repressed or oppressed french population could flourish. The British have now extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, types of radar, to subjugate the population through organized crime. One of the targeted areas that they focus on are the testicles, which destroys the fertility of the males targeted. The authorities deny the existence of this criminal harassment network, their use of energy assault weapons, and the solution by the authorities and police for victims of these assaults is police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.


Russian LGBT activists in U.S. to lobby against anti-gay law

Only two comments?

This is a good place to share a comparison between the older East Germany secret police dictatorship and the UK hidden occupation model with CA, AU, Pakistan, UK regimes and DE, JP, Iraq, Libya,, being part of these hidden dictatorship, hidden occupation model. The partnership between US UK Star Wars program, related technology, types of radar assaults, linked to deadly cancers, brain tumors, destroying fertility, sterilization, which is linked to gradual ethnic cleansing.

Basic secret police strategy of UK hidden occupation/dictatorship model, weaponization of space assaults, assaults from surrounding homes, underground emitters, regime and police denial, secret police participants and police threats of psychiatric intervention from any claims of assault, protection measures, targeted citizens have to "turn or die of cancer" or "run away or die of cancer".


Living in a hidden dictatorship, Canada, I know that it can be copied in other countries, hidden occupation, no soldiers, no tanks, but technology weapons, weaponization of space, focused ultrasound, and hidden homicides, subjugation through secret police crime "organized crime". The pattern involves those involved war GR, JP, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, .. , and all UK British regimes suspected hidden dictatorships.

The British Hidden Dictatorship Model

The British (hidden) dictatorship model, Canada:

1. Leadership positions(hidden): Consists of the secret police targeting the heads of different organizations, people in leadership positions, media, and those high in deductive ability, to dumb down the general population, for control and subjugation.

2. Technology Weapons (hidden): It consists of technology, focused ultrasound, HSS, LRAD, weaponization of space assaults, related technology assaults from neighboring homes, public places, underground emitters,

3. Creating Justification for Gun Control(hidden): while advocating gun control and creating the justification for gun control through abuse, manipulation, and participants.

4. Loki, Dumb Down Population(hidden): It consists of deception and reinterpretations to their large participating members, Loki, a good motive for dumbing down the general population.

5. Psychological Manipulation and Harassment(hidden): It consists of psychological manipulation and criminal harassment networks, the secret police participants.

6. Illness, Cancer(hidden): It involves using these weapons to inflict damage, brain damage, degrade the brain, tumors, cancers, through these weapons and chemicals, regime homicides hidden through their medical community, while advocating gun control.

7. Cycles of Tyranny(hidden): The cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, land, to take these through tyranny, persecutions, .. , often hidden through conflict or war, are 100's of years old for control and subjugation, medieval, part of British history, and linked to ethnic cleansing too.

Circumventing US and Intl, Gitmo, NSA Spying, UK US Partnership



The Attorney General of the United States claims that it is "time to question laws" but has not yet fixed Guantanamo base used to circumvent them.

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama The United States is still circumventing International Law and U.S. Law through the use of Guantanamo base. Now I see the current focus of wanting to address another law, stand your ground, claims it was never needed, and talk of civil rights. As the Attorney General that claims to value and uphold the laws, not circumventing them, and as the President of the United States who promised to "fix" Guantanamo, ongoing delays, when are you going to fix this?.

NSA Spying and Weaponization of Space

The listening agreement that no one is mentioning is the one between the US, CA, UK. As mentioned in other articles, Canada is a hidden occupation/dictatorship model that the US and UK use, a partnership in a UK hidden occupation model applied to a list of suspected countries. In other words, the US loves the UK for its hidden occupation model that they use in partnership. The partnership is linked to the (hidden) weapons component, the US and UK Star Wars program, the weaponization of space to "shoot down missiles", actually used to assault citizens combined with regime and police denial. While advocating gun control, creating the justification for gun control through abuse, the regime secret police are using these types of energy assaults on citizens, related technology and types of radar from neighboring homes, and in public places. These repetitive assaults are linked to homicides through cancer, brain tumors, destroying fertility, and sterilization. This partnership has also been identified and linked to "2nd Amendment Amnesia" in US gun debates.

One of the main possibilities to circumvent US law, is the use of the UK regimes, the weaponization of space assaults on US, and foreign, citizens, and through the listening agreement with these UK regimes, CA, and UK.

The EU and UN

The UN OHCHR position has been control by UK regimes since 2004 and failed to respond to basic human rights violations in Canada. South Korea has not been mentioned on the list of suspected countries under hidden occupation like German, Japan, Iraq, Libya, , but this is a possibility too.

The EU, FR, has also been non-responsive to demand of temperary refuge while assaulted over years since 2011. The strategy by the regime Crown and Judges seemed to be to make the delays as long as possible, while the citizen is assaulted in attempts to justify police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration, and that inflict deadly long term cancers, a hidden homicide. This seems to be the case with the UN and EU, FR, too.

It seems that the US supports the UK for their hidden occupation model, that they use in partnership, FR supports the US in freedom and liberty. Some of the main members of the EU are France, Germany a suspected hidden occupation, and the UK. Do they plan on applying this hidden occupation/dictatorship model to the rest of the EU, under different pretenses, "law, justice, economic prosperity, protection, terrorism, to shoot down missiles in flight", which is usually the case.

Note: Hidden Evil Identified, Targeting Intelligence

The UK regimes portray themselves as law abiding and human rights supporting, while trying to keep the reality (hidden). The note is that in terms of human rights and PR they will support equality, and other related issues, their (hidden) evil is not linked to this, it is linked to intelligence, deductive ability, repressing intelligence and knowledge to protect themselves and their hidden dictatorships.

Similar to gradual ethnic cleansing, it is believed that they target individuals high in deductive reasoning. They exhibit the same pattern in Canada and Pakistan, degrade these "human assets" when attempting to subjugate targeted citizens. In Pakistan it consists of acid violence to degrade beauty, in Canada it consists of degrading the brain through repetitive radar type assaults to the head. In terms of reproduction, beauty and intelligence traits like a hidden breading program, degrading the beauty of a women Pakistan and destroying the fertility of males Canada.


The hidden dictatorship model consists of secret police participants always watching, high surveillance, on the internet too, government public relations and false appearances, claims of democracy, freedom, but attacking citizens, leadership positions, human rights defenders,, through secret police participants, technology, weaponization of space, types of radar, focused ultrasound, focused x-rays, to inflict deadly cancers combined with regime and police denial.

Even over years and when obvious, I documented the first homicide attempt linked to cyberbullying suicides, and the long ongoing second homicide through cancer. It seems to involve the US and UK in partnership, the Star Wars program, for hidden occupation of countries, UKs like Canada and linked to war, German, Japan,,,Iraq, Libya,. UN, EU, and FR non responsive to basic human rights violations and demands for temporary refuge


Acid-violence is used to degrade the beauty of women, their asset, in Bangladesh, Pakistan. In Canada this British regime uses the weaponization of space, types of radar assaults, to damage and degrade the brain through repetitive assaults. They target and destroy the fertility of Quebec males, sterilization, and linked to gradual ethnic cleansing like sterilizing the Natives. These are linked to British cycles of tyranny, they use these to concentrate wealth and land for control and subjugation. They target people in leadership position to subjugate them or murder them to replace them with those that they have subjugated, subjugated participants. In this strategy of targeting the beauty and brain asset of citizens is hidden another evil linked to control and subjugation, reproduction, the traits of those targeted, intelligence, high deductive reasoning, to gradually dumb down the general population, to prevent exposure of hidden dictatorship, control, and subjugation. A dumb down population is more easily fooled and deceived, Loki


The hidden dictatorship/occupation model regimes are linked to gradual ethnic cleansing and degrading a populations human assets, beauty and intelligence.


We were told by the US UK partnership that the Star Wars program was to shoot down 100s of missiles in flight, instead these satellites and radar types are aimed at citizens for subjugation, the head and brain to gradually degrade the brain, inflict deadly tumors, cancers. The subjugation technology includes focused ultrasound to burst blood vessels in the brain, sleep deprivation,, and used to target children. This partnership is made more obvious in both UK US using denial, ridicule, misinformation, and US 2nd amendment amnesia in TV gun debates.


911 in a British Cycle of Tyranny Nut Shell

I still don't know why British regimes target citizens high in deductive ability, try to subjugate them or murder them, but here is what 911 is all about.

The British have been using cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth for centuries, for control and subjugation. The US and UK have a partnership in hidden dictatorship/occupation of countries that they go to war with. The suspect list are all UK regimes, like Canada, and Japan, Germany, Iraq, Libya, etc. The weaponization of space is their "hidden" weapon to target citizens combined with regime and police denial. They surround targeted citizens homes with secret police participants and assault them with cancer causing energy assaults, types of radar, from neighboring homes, public places, etc. Ronald Reagan and Thatcher said it was for missiles, it is used on citizens, for subjugation.

911 is an example of a cycle of tyranny, the President Bush years, and Cons in Canada and the UK. It starts off with the Bush tax cuts of 2001 that results in 500 billion dollar deficits, followed by a close UK US ally citizens attack, 17 Saudis, out of Afghanistan. The US goes to war, invades Afghanistan, and invades Iraq "weapons of mass destruction". Osama Bin laden is later found in Canada's nuclear missile buddy, a UK regime where many speak British, Pakistan.

The results creates a 4 trillion dollar added deficit, tax cuts to the wealthy, and about 1 trillion to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. War is used to hide cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth but the US deficit numbers, their dates, are all available to the public. It looks like a British cycle of tyranny with the British secret police behind the 911 attack.

It seems to me that many seemed on edge when I started writing about British cycles of tyranny and if 911 may be an example, so, here is the theory of a US UK partnership in a cycle of tyranny to concentrate wealth and subjugate more countries for their hidden occupation UK regime subjugation method.

One thing they do in these hidden dictatorship/occupation subjugated regimes like Canada is target people high in deductive ability, to prevent exposure of dictatorship, leadership positions, and gradually degrade the beauty and intelligence of the population to make subjugation, deception, easier.

UN and Subjugation US UK Partnership Routine?

The UN OHCHR position is occupied by Canada 2004-2008, followed by South Africa 2008-2014, UN Spokesman South Korea. They don't respond to basic human rights violations in Canada in 2011, freedom of expression, discrimination Equality The Right to Trial, Privacy personal computer data, , . The EU, FR, do not respond to temporary refuge demands. The US responds from the beginning of the assaults. I was then trapped through false allegations and what seems to be part of a strategy routine used by the secret police participants in Quebec Canada. Citizens with a secure means of subsistence are assaulted, told to run to the US, where they have no means of subsistence and cornered for subjugation. The British regimes use homelessness to subjugate targeted citizens and the energy assaults combined with denial to corner citizens, subjugate or murder them through cancer. The strategy of "run away or die of cancer" also involves looking guilty, incarnation once recaptured, costly participating defense lawyers, and the unlawful assessment order that can find the accused guilty without a trial but not guilty due to mental illness, circumvent trial, and the basic human rights violations.

"Journal Entry Nov 28, 2013 British Breading Programs

My mother was complaining that her dog barks when she hears someone at the door, like a guard dog. I told her that these dogs were bread for this, that she should start breading dogs, select the ones that do nothing.

This is what the British secret police are systematically doing to the population and people, they degrade the beauty and intelligence. People high in deductive ability can see strategy, and through hidden dictatorships. They are not easily fooled, deceived, or trapped by the secret police. They target leadership positions, beauty and intelligence are often factors in free society leadership.

They use cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, land, control money, who gets jobs, promotions, and use poverty and homelessness to repress others. With social programs and safety nets subjugation by secret police becomes harder. In Canada this British regime started using weaponization of space assaults and the related technology, types of radar assaults on citizens to corner them through regime and police denial, since there are safety nets to prevent homelessness in Quebec.

This hidden dictatorship/occupation regime has been concluded to be copied in other countries linked to war and hidden secret police occupation, Japan, Germany, Iraq, Libya,,. The partnership is linked through the US UK Star Wars program for 1000s of missiles, instead used to target citizens, linked to deadly cancers and brain tumors. Other clues involve the US love for the British monarchy and 2nd Amendment Amnesia during gun control debates, ridiculing victims, censorship, etc. Much here has been written already, the radar types aim to sterilize targeted Quebec males, gradual ethnic cleansing of the French in Quebec, leadership positions and traits. The subjugation involves technology, secret police, secret police participants, mafia, biker gangs,, and a defenseless population, gun control, linked to the U.S. 2nd Amendment.

New thought on U.S. Republican and UK Conservative rhetoric, which they already use to hide the use of poverty and homelessness, the cause for an ugly dumb population is not British secret police conspiracy,, it is safety nets for poverty and homelessness."

Massive Evidence UK US Partnership Controls UN

The UK and US have a partnership in hidden occupation of countries they go to war with, Canada being a good model of hidden dictatorship. Their partnership is linked to their weaponization of space program. the Star Wars program to shoot 1000s of nuclear missiles, instead used to target citizens combined with regime and police denial. During their cycle of tyranny to concentrate wealth, target citizens for subjugation or death through cancer, etc, the UN has been controled by UK regimes, Canada 2004-2008, and South Africa 2008-2014. South Korea, a country linked to war like Germany, Japan, Iraq, Libya,, is the high commissioner.

The strategy and deception is complicated to understand, they subjugate surrounding neighbors, friends, family members through threats to their means of subsistence. They then attack the targeted citizen through false allegations, long, delayed, costly court proceedings, while assault the targeted citizen in their own home through the weaponization of space, neighboring homes, and public places, the network secret police participants with these energy weapons, types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain tumors, and destroy fertility, sterilization. The participants use influence of the mind to aim blame at the police instead of regime secret police, "cleaning police wrong doing", and when targeted citizens have "run away or die of cancer" or "you have to turn or die of cancer" aka regime secret police subjugation or homicide of targeted citizens. Secret police hidden occupation and dictatorship regimes.

Their public harassment network participants use the inflicted damages, money loss, sterilization, serious illness, to provoke and enrage these targeted citizens.

The United Nation and High Commissioner for Human Rights didn't respond to basic human rights violations in Canada. First dismissed them, ongoing criminal proceedings, then the delay and runaround strategy, no response. I guess they figured the problem and complaints would eventually go away, another complicated British regime strategy.

Cycles of Tyranny and Holocaust

As mentioned, the cycles of tyranny are linked to ethnic cleansing too, and attempts to hide them, like the attempts to hide the holocaust and its cause.

Here are other notes about cycles of tyranny. When the economy collapses, like in 2008, those involved and supporting media are the first to blame Capitalism, not themselves or their policies. Here are some of the events linked to the US economic collapse of 2008. President Bush tax cuts that result in 500 billion dollar deficits, the 911 attack, which increases the deficit by several more billion dollars. After a few years, increased deficits, the US dollar value starts to fall on the currency markets because of the large deficits, this results in more costly imports, a slow down in the US economy, job loses, unpaid mortgages that the banks begin to accumulate, the banks begin to collapse, the banks banks begin to collapse, government back stop and bailout. The blame was aimed at Capitalism, and the cost of oil, which was linked to a dangerous confrontation in the Ukraine between the US and Russia protecting a pipeline in the Ukraine that was attacked. France and Europe pleading with Russia to back down, US secretary flying into surrounded Capital before Russian invasion of Capital. It is possible that this cycle of tyranny and attempts to hide the cause of the US collapse could have led to more serious consequences like a war that involves Russia and the US, World War III. This is linked to the belief that Hitler was also using a cycle of tyranny to persecute and take the wealth of the Jews, which led to World War II.

In the US during the Bush years there were also a few US Amendments, civil rights, under attack, or weakened, under the claim of wanting to protect the population from terrorism.

Ukraine, Remember

The Ukraine President was in the Capital, surrounded by the Russians, could not drive out, could not fly out, on CNN asking the US Air Force to clear a path out, tense news reporters, Condolisa Rice flew in on Air Force One, a line in the sand telling the Russians not to go in, France and Europe pleading the Russians to leave.

The US copying the British cycle of tyranny, like Hitler and World War II, almost started World War III.

Last Note

The US UK partnership are using the weaponization of space, types of radar, to degrade the brain and inflict deadly cancers, tumors, to repress targeted citizens combined with their use of poverty and homelessness, tyranny and oppression. In a tweet I mentioned Mayor Bloomberg wanting the best and the brightest, in NYC, but if those high in deductive reasoning are targeted, "brain degraded", inflicted with "brain tumors", the US is probably not the best place for them.


Today's Tweets to UN Holocaust Program

Britsh Cycles of Tyranny, links to Holocaust and Apartheid

@UNHOP I'm sad Olivia lost her battle to a deadly brain tumor: Olivia Wise's 'roar' remembered by family 2013/12/05/ac-intv-olivia-wise-mother-and-sister

@UNHOP I know that the US UK weaponization of space partnership are using these, types of radar to degrade the brain, inflict deadly tumors

@UNHOP Cycles of Tyranny to concentrate wealth linked to Ethnic Cleansing, WWII Hitler, almost to WWIII Bush USvsRU …

@UNHOP The links between Hitler, WWII, the Holocaust, and Apartheid are obvious, ethnic segregation, here are few more linked to the UK,,,

@UNHOP With technology the US UK hidden dictatorship partnership are better at hiding brutality, homicides, and gradual ethnic cleansing.

@UNHOP Apartheid came into existence after WWII, with increasingly oppressive laws, and inferior education system.

@UNHOP The Natives had to live in barren tribal lands or in polluted industrial areas, similar to North America, polluting drinking rivers,,

@UNHOP British cycles of tyranny to take wealth are linked to ethnic cleansing, gradual ethnic cleansing, Natives, Hitler, WWII, Apartheid,


@UNHOP I'm a HRD, in a faraday cage in Canada, assaulted with types of radar aimed at degrading brain, brain tumors,, destroying fertility.

@UNHOP The UN didn't respond to basic human rights violation, expression, discriminatn,,FR, EU, no response for demands of temporary refuge.

@UNHOP So for 3 years, like today, I'm assaulted with types of radar, energy type weapons, in attempts to inflict deadly cancers in Canada.

@UNHOP Like the Nazi, that burned books, attempted to hide the Holocaust, the US UK partnership seek to hide these, and erase knowledge.

@UNHOP Psychological Harassment Information Association

@UNHOP "Jewish Capitalism",,, it seems Hitler, Germans, wanted to take the wealth, power, of the Jews,,, blame aimed at ethnic.

@UNHOP Apartheid did the same thing, strategy, aim blame at ethnic for control, wealth, land, Africa, and similarities of North America.

@UNHOP Cycles of tyranny to concentrate, take wealth, persecutions, for control, blame aimed at other motives like war copy UK strategy.

@UNHOP The British target people high in deductive reasoning, I believe this is why I was targeted indirectly, and cousin Martine too 16-17.

@UNHOP UN Holocaust Program (UK US Hidden Dictatorship/Occupation Model)(Apartheid Update) … …

@UNHOP The CA secret police criminal harassment network documented: Psychological Manipulation … …

@UNHOP The 1st assassination attempt involved using Suicide Factors and manipulation

@UNHOP The 2nd, ongoing attempt for 3yrs involves Radar Assaults … Technology

@UNHOP Another strange link, the Nazi were about the Anglo Saxons, Aryan race, friends of the UK English,, deception to prevent war?

@UNHOP The cycles of tyranny to take, concentrate wealth, for control do not aim blame at wealth, they use other fabricated motives, persec.

Zuma sings controversial song at funeral

CNN|Added on December 15, 2013
Khehla Shubane explains the controversy surrounding the song sung by Pres. Jacob Zuma at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

My Message to South Africa (Subjugation, Gradual Ethnic Cleansing)

@PresidencyZA Hate and Rejection, Suicide Factors playlist, Jamey Rodemeyer, Anti-Gay Rhetoric … …

@PresidencyZA Anti-Gay Rhetoric Causes Psychological Harm and Suicides (Suicide Factors playlist): … …

@PresidencyZA It is similar to African Americans who face chronic exposure to racial discrimination … …

@PresidencyZA The CA secret police criminal harassment network documented: Psychological Manipulation … …

@PresidencyZA The 1st assassination attempt involved using Suicide Factors and manipulation

@PresidencyZA The 2nd, ongoing attempt for 3yrs involves Radar Assaults … Technology

@PresidencyZA Cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth through persecutions,, are linked to ethnic cleansing, holocaust, apartheid

@PresidencyZA UN Holocaust Program (UK US Hidden Dictatorship/Occupation Model)(Apartheid Update) … …

@PresidencyZA Religion and War Illustratn: religion to promote war,, instead of peace and good will

@PresidencyZA Suicide Factors: hate, rejection, Discrimination mentions negative health effects to women, gay teens,,


@PresidencyZA The UK regimes use cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, control money, jobs, and use poverty, homelessness for repression.

@PresidencyZA The French province of Quebec used social programs to counter poverty, homelessness, the French flourished under English rule.

@PresidencyZA The UKs, Canada QC, have now deployed radar types assault weapons, from satellites, neighboring homes,, for subjugation.

@PresidencyZA If it isn't already the case, this maybe South Africa's near future too, gun control while using energy type weapons on popul

@PresidencyZA They now use a combination of poverty, radar type weapons for repression, subjugation, Gradual Ethnic Cleansing,,, .

@PresidencyZA UN Holocaust Program (UK US Hidden Dictatorship/Occupation Model)(Apartheid Update) …

@PresidencyZA The point about concentrating wealth, jobs, those who support them or secret police participants get jobs, others poverty.

Jacob Zuma sings at Mandela funeral


UN Holocaust Program

@UNHOP The secret police subjugation system involves creating two conflicting sides for control and murder of targeted males, poverty, ..

@UNHOP This US UK partnership are currently using focused ultrasound to burst blood vessels in the brain, radar types linked to brain tumors

@UNHOP These technologies used for subjugation are used to immediately target the testicle of targeted males to destroy their fertility.

@UNHOP High deductive reasoning becomes visible in conversations, seeing strategy or through false pretenses, targeted for subjugation, ctrl

@UNHOP In my case my school results are diverse, from terrible to top of class, later in life with study memorize skills top of class.

@UNHOP High abstract deductive reasoning skills test, patterns, prediction,ravens matrices,100%, those with this hidden talent are targeted

@UNHOP The secret police prevents employment and under "attack", the system and strategies, poverty, to prevent reproduction or family life.

@UNHOP Under CA English rule, poverty for gradual ethnic cleansing, the french created safety nets, social programs, and flourished.

@UNHOP Rhetoric, propaganda for subjugation, it is possible the US UK wanted to use the these, social programs lead to ugly dumb population

@UNHOP Poverty homelessness part of subjugation system, rhetoric "Darwin" fabrication, socialism, welfare, safety nets, leads to ugly dumb..

@UNHOP "Homelessness a product of capitalism", "Darwin", in comparison leads to beauty and intelligence in the US ... rhetoric, propaganda.

@UNHOP To continue to live in Quebec Canada with a secure income I have to live in a faraday cage or seek refuge in a foreign country.

@UNHOP Part of the Canadian secret police strategy, using radar type assaults for subjugation, is to move you towards biker gangs.

@UNHOP 1. With cycles of tyranny to take and concentrate wealth, attempts to hide them could point blame at ethnic again.

@UNHOP 2. QC Canada example, threat of QC separation, territory, wealth, Stephen Harper could be used to aim blame at ethnic, "hate French"

@UNHOP 3. It seems to me that blame is aimed at Jewish ethnic, while hiding tyranny, or these cycles to take wealth for subjugation, ctrl,,.

@UNHOP 3.a) I think Hitler and Germans fabricated this motive: to hide taking wealth and attempt to prevent war with English "related race".

@UNHOP 4. I see a lot of deception, subjected to these too during this ongoing attack by the CA regime, UK US partnership in subjugation.

@UNHOP 5. As mention, these cycles of tyranny, persecutions, to take wealth while aiming blame at other motive was used by Kings and Queens.

@UNHOP As mentioned, the UK US partnership gradually degrade the beauty and intellegence of their colonies "allies" population.

World Trade Organization

@wto "Google antitrust case" Twitter … … #ireport Awareness Campaign (account suspended, censored)

@wto Twitter suspended and deleted posts about voicing concern human rights, equality, climate change and mass extinction.

@wto The posts involve the Sochi 2014 Winter Games to other climate change accounts, UN,, some forces focus on boycotting these.

@wto "Google antitrust case" Facebook … … … #ireport Facebook pages deleted twice with 100s of fans.

@wto Facebook deleted our PHIA page twice with hundreds of fans, now the page is stagnant, and creator PHIA locked out of his own since 2011

@wto The DHUNT "climate change and .. " account posts are being censored, not visible to other users … …

@wto The DHUNT account provides climate change and mass extinction information, video playlists related to these.

@wto Danny Hunt was a victim of false allegation 2011 combined with radar type assaults linked to brain tumors,, and subjugation

@wto His websites went offline, Facebook deleted his pages, , acquitted, ongoing assaults and censorship with US based corps.

@wto It has been tough years for human rights defenders, CC activists, in the royal kingdom, with radar type assaults, gov and police denial


US UK Hidden Occupation/Dictatorship 2 Links

1. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher Star Wars program to shoot down missiles, actually radar type assaults from satellites used on citizens for subjugation. They also, secret police participants, use radar type assaults from neighboring homes combined with regime and police denial, ridicule, etc.

2. The US UK partnership invade foreign countries during cycles of tyranny, in the US it helped hide the cause of their huge deficit caused by the Bush tax cuts. They claim to leave these new "allies" colonies but their secret police is still present, hidden occupation.

The suspected list includes Japan, German, .. , South Korea, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq,, all the UK regimes, Quebec Canada, South Africa, Australia, Ireland,,,

No Rest for Evil, not even on xmas

The UK leading the way on human rights like Stephan Harper standing up for victims of crime!

The UK US partnership gradually degrading the beauty and intelligence, high deductive ability, assets of population, their colonies "allies" for hidden dictatorship/occupation, preventing exposure.

Similar to targeting "Alphas", submitting them to poverty, "under attack by regime", no employment, manipulation, setups, false allegations, radar type of assaults combine with regime and police denial, degrading brain, destroying fertility, sterilization, deadly brain tumors, cancer, push towards crime, , no family life or reproduction, for a population of sheep.

The UK and US, my human rights heroes.


DEC 28, 2013

@UNHOP Using cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, persecutions to take wealth was used by medieval kings, for subjugation, ctrl.

@UNHOP Hitler persecuted the Jews and took their wealth, aimed blame at ethnic, instead of persecution to take wealth.

@UNHOP Apartheid was created after WWII and uses Hitlers strategy to aim blame at ethnic, instead of taking and controlling wealth.

@UNHOP Apartheid may have been used by UK South Africa as a pretext to control wealth, similar to holocaust, and persecutions used by kings

@UNHOP The UK regimes, North America, Australia, South Africa, strategy for gradual ethnic cleansing conditions seem to be same to.

@UNHOP In Canada the secret police have deployed a criminal harassment network in pubic locations, low wage jobs, like eyes in industry,,,

@UNHOP This network is combined with radar type satellite assaults "Star Wars" US UKs, from neighboring homes, public places, , brain tumors

@UNHOP This network is combined with another technology, HSS, focus ultrasound to communicate threats, etc, and burst brain blood vessels.

@UNHOP When Quebec males are targeted for subjugation by this network and radar type assaults, they focus on testicles, destroying fertility

@UNHOP This follows close referendums to separate French Quebec from English Canada, UK, land, wealth, gradual ethnic cleansing again.

@UNHOP I have documented this criminal harassment network, Psychological Manipulation page, and their technologies, the Technology page.

@UNHOP I also believe it is a hidden subjugation model used by the UK US for other countries, colonies "allies", CA, JP, DE,, South Africa,,

@UNHOP Another evil identified, they gradually degrade beauty and intelligence assets of population, "alphas", control, preventing exposure

@UNHOP Voting is nice but UK US subjugation means illusion of democracy, controlling those in leadership positions, repressing others.

@UNHOP In North America, when you hear different debates, when they mention tyrants, they mention Mao, Stalin, Hitler, but not themselves.

@UNHOP The US UK partnership in hidden dictatorship/occupation is one of the worst in history, but remains hidden.

@UNHOP The number of deaths are often used to compare or discuss tyranny, this partnership uses cancer and technology, hidden homicides,

@UNHOP It seems to me that Hitlers motive and these cycles of tyranny used for centuries are hidden, the deception, strategy not mentioned.

@UNHOP In subjugation, cycles of tyranny, taking wealth, gradual ethnic cleansing,, the UKs US use a lot of deception and strategy.

@UNHOP Here are a few examples experienced in QC Canada, to hide the sterilization attempts through radar type assaults aimed at testicles.

@UNHOP One British strategy involves attacking those in leadership position, repressing them or murdering and replacing them.

@UNHOP The attack comes in the form of police false allegations, the radar type assaults from satellites,, are to "clean the police".

@UNHOP Those targeted by the radar type assaults have to "turn" (be subjugated) "or die of cancer", "run away or die of cancer".

@UNHOP Those who expose through writing their ongoing experience,, media mob scares the police, "they have no balls", so they retaliate ..

@UNHOP Its the labor party, human right defenders in leading positions take their balls,so they retaliate, assaults to testicles of targeted

@UNHOP Here are a few more examples of deception and strategy used by the British for subjugation, UK US partnership.

@UNHOP The British secret police attack themselves through subjugated participants,terrorism, to justify cracking down on population, rights

@UNHOP This strategy may have been used by UK US partnership, the 911 attack, attacks on US civil rights, justify war, hide US deficit cause

@UNHOP Subjugation strategy in Canada through the mentioned technologies, focused ultrasound, radar type assault to head leading to tumors.

@UNHOP Participants claim that a high ranking Surete du Quebec police officer was subjugated by them, by targeting related children.

@UNHOP Jr. Racine (10) nephew of godmother a burst blood vessel in brain, godfather niece Martine Villiard (17) radar .. deadly brain tumor

@UNHOP I am the nephew of this godfather high ranking SQ officer, experience 1 form of assassination attempt, the 2nd ongoing .. both techs.

@UNHOP I have taken refuge in a faraday cage, 3yrs, and must leave Canada due to regime and police denial, no spectrum detection equipment.

@UNHOP I believe this need to leave was part of this partnership attempt to corner and eliminated my secure means of subsistence, collusion.

@UNHOP I want to mention the same pattern of degrading beauty in another "allie" colony, Pakistan, acid violence to degrade beauty asset.

@UNHOP Note: following writing about this issue, Malala was attacked, a women's rights activists, her beauty seems to have been degraded too

@UNHOP Malala, a leader, was treated in a British hospital following a failed attack by the "Taliban" in Pakistan, British colony.

@UNHOP Degrading the beauty asset of women in Pakistan interferes with their ability to find mates, reproduction, children, population asset

@UNHOP UK strategy, secret police subjugated participants in CA are in "biker gangs", in Pakistan they may be in the new split-"Taliban".