The US CA Weaponization of Space Assault Subjugation Routine

The documented routine, notes, tweets to the NRA, Siskel and Ebert, Blog, see more documented routines of the secret police criminal harassment network in Canada on the Psychological Manipulation page.

US UK Hidden Occupation Model Routine

The partnership in technology, the UK US Star Wars program to shoot down missiles, is actually used on citizens, people .... I know you're surprised. It's part of the hidden subjugation model, weaponization of space assaults, secret police participant assaults from neighboring homes, public places, .. , etc. types of radar to inflict deadly cancers, brain tumors, destroy the fertility of Quebec males targeted.

They had a nice routine too, they would assault a person in Quebec Canada with a secure means of subsistence and tell them to run to the US, to be cornered there without a means of subsistence, and subjugated there by the US "mob".

In Canada the repetitive assaults "you have to turn or die of cancer" "you have to run away or die of cancer".

Note: In Canada the regime secret police are using the weaponization of space to assault the brain, damage, degrade the brain through repetitive assaults, assaults from neighboring homes, public places, underground emitters in combination to their subjugation attempts. It is similar to the strategy in Pakistan, another British regime, acid violence to degrade the beauty of women who refuse to be subjugated or coerced.

Siskel and Ebert

Siskel and Ebert give US and Canada thumbs down on this routine.

Siskel and Ebert say people are shocked that the Star Wars program is aimed at people, US UK said it was for missiles.

Siskel and Ebert give the US gun debate thumbs down "This partnership has also been identified and linked to "2nd Amendment Amnesia" in US gun debates."


@NRA The regime strategy is that those assaulted, cornered through regime and police denial, are supposed to be subjugated or die, cancer,,,

@NRA I've concluded as written, the US loves this UK model, it is used for hidden occupation, a partnership linked to StarWars program too.

@NRA The suspect list are the UK regimes, CA, AU, UK,,, Pakistan,, DE, JP, Iraq, Libya, ,, FR in EU supports the US, and UK. ..


Russian LGBT activists in U.S. to lobby against anti-gay law

Only two comments?

This is a good place to share a comparison between the older East Germany secret police dictatorship and the UK hidden occupation model with CA, AU, Pakistan, UK regimes and DE, JP, Iraq, Libya,, being part of these hidden dictatorship, hidden occupation model. The partnership between US UK Star Wars program, related technology, types of radar assaults, linked to deadly cancers, brain tumors, destroying fertility, sterilization, which is linked to gradual ethnic cleansing.

Basic secret police strategy of UK hidden occupation/dictatorship model, weaponization of space assaults, assaults from surrounding homes, underground emitters, regime and police denial, secret police participants and police threats of psychiatric intervention from any claims of assault, protection measures, targeted citizens have to "turn or die of cancer" or "run away or die of cancer".

The British (Hidden) Dictatorship Model, Canada (update 11.07.2013)

Living in a hidden dictatorship, Canada, I know that it can be copied in other countries, hidden occupation, no soldiers, no tanks, but technology weapons, weaponization of space, focused ultrasound, and hidden homicides, subjugation through secret police crime "organized crime". The pattern involves those involved war GR, JP, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, .. , and all UK British regimes suspected hidden dictatorships.

The British Hidden Dictatorship Model

The British (hidden) dictatorship model, Canada:

1. Leadership positions(hidden): Consists of the secret police targeting the heads of different organizations, people in leadership positions, media, and those high in deductive ability, to dumb down the general population, for control and subjugation.

2. Technology Weapons (hidden): It consists of technology, focused ultrasound, HSS, LRAD, weaponization of space assaults, related technology assaults from neighboring homes, public places, underground emitters,

3. Creating Justification for Gun Control(hidden): while advocating gun control and creating the justification for gun control through abuse, manipulation, and participants.

4. Loki, Dumb Down Population(hidden): It consists of deception and reinterpretations to their large participating members, Loki, a good motive for dumbing down the general population.

5. Psychological Manipulation and Harassment(hidden): It consists of psychological manipulation and criminal harassment networks, the secret police participants.

6. Illness, Cancer(hidden): It involves using these weapons to inflict damage, brain damage, degrade the brain, tumors, cancers, through these weapons and chemicals, regime homicides hidden through their medical community, while advocating gun control.

7. Cycles of Tyranny(hidden): The cycles of tyranny to concentrate wealth, land, to take these through tyranny, persecutions, .. , often hidden through conflict or war, are 100's of years old for control and subjugation, medieval, part of British history, and linked to ethnic cleansing too.

Circumventing US and Intl, Gitmo, NSA Spying, UK US Partnership



The Attorney General of the United States claims that it is "time to question laws" but has not yet fixed Guantanamo base used to circumvent them.

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama The United States is still circumventing International Law and U.S. Law through the use of Guantanamo base. Now I see the current focus of wanting to address another law, stand your ground, claims it was never needed, and talk of civil rights. As the Attorney General that claims to value and uphold the laws, not circumventing them, and as the President of the United States who promised to "fix" Guantanamo, ongoing delays, when are you going to fix this?.

NSA Spying and Weaponization of Space

The listening agreement that no one is mentioning is the one between the US, CA, UK. As mentioned in other articles, Canada is a hidden occupation/dictatorship model that the US and UK use, a partnership in a UK hidden occupation model applied to a list of suspected countries. In other words, the US loves the UK for its hidden occupation model that they use in partnership. The partnership is linked to the (hidden) weapons component, the US and UK Star Wars program, the weaponization of space to "shoot down missiles", actually used to assault citizens combined with regime and police denial. While advocating gun control, creating the justification for gun control through abuse, the regime secret police are using these types of energy assaults on citizens, related technology and types of radar from neighboring homes, and in public places. These repetitive assaults are linked to homicides through cancer, brain tumors, destroying fertility, and sterilization. This partnership has also been identified and linked to "2nd Amendment Amnesia" in US gun debates.

One of the main possibilities to circumvent US law, is the use of the UK regimes, the weaponization of space assaults on US, and foreign, citizens, and through the listening agreement with these UK regimes, CA, and UK.

The EU and UN

The UN OHCHR position has been control by UK regimes since 2004 and failed to respond to basic human rights violations in Canada. South Korea has not been mentioned on the list of suspected countries under hidden occupation like German, Japan, Iraq, Libya, , but this is a possibility too.

The EU, FR, has also been non-responsive to demand of temperary refuge while assaulted over years since 2011. The strategy by the regime Crown and Judges seemed to be to make the delays as long as possible, while the citizen is assaulted in attempts to justify police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration, and that inflict deadly long term cancers, a hidden homicide. This seems to be the case with the UN and EU, FR, too.

It seems that the US supports the UK for their hidden occupation model, that they use in partnership, FR supports the US in freedom and liberty. Some of the main members of the EU are France, Germany a suspected hidden occupation, and the UK. Do they plan on applying this hidden occupation/dictatorship model to the rest of the EU, under different pretenses, "law, justice, economic prosperity, protection, terrorism, to shoot down missiles in flight", which is usually the case.

Note: Hidden Evil Identified, Targeting Intelligence

The UK regimes portray themselves as law abiding and human rights supporting, while trying to keep the reality (hidden). The note is that in terms of human rights and PR they will support equality, and other related issues, their (hidden) evil is not linked to this, it is linked to intelligence, deductive ability, repressing intelligence and knowledge to protect themselves and their hidden dictatorships.

Similar to gradual ethnic cleansing, it is believed that they target individuals high in deductive reasoning. They exhibit the same pattern in Canada and Pakistan, degrade these "human assets" when attempting to subjugate targeted citizens. In Pakistan it consists of acid violence to degrade beauty, in Canada it consists of degrading the brain through repetitive radar type assaults to the head. In terms of reproduction, beauty and intelligence traits like a hidden breading program, degrading the beauty of a women Pakistan and destroying the fertility of males Canada.