The Evil of Hidden Dictatorships (UKs), Targeting The Brain, Intelligence

These portray themselves as law abiding and human rights supporting, so their evil is not racism, equality, it is targeting the brain, intelligence, to dumb down the population, more easily fooled, deceived (Loki), manipulated, and to prevent exposure of hidden dictatorships.

Similar to gradual ethnic cleansing, "smart people aren't having babies", intelligence is targeted, deductive ability.

When targeted by the secret police participants the brain is degraded through repetitive radar types assaults, and fertility destroyed, sterilization. (weaponization of space related technology, radar types)

Sterilization is linked to gradual ethnic cleansing of Natives, recently to the French population of Quebec Canada, and when targeting those high in deductive ability in this British regime.

The Raven Matrices test is one way of discovering those high in deductive ability, pure reasoning ability, even when they don't standout in their regime educational system. The other way is by listening on the phone, etc, what they deduce in general conversations with friends.

An obvious link to "dumbing down" the population is their secret police targeting human rights defenders to erase knowledge, their work, or their websites.