Last updateSat, 04 Jul 2020 3pm

Weaponization of Space Test Results Are In: UK, US, EU Fail, Russia, China Pass

The UK and US are involved in using the weaponization of space on citizens, EU has failed to address this issue, Russia condemns its use, China destroys a satellite to the outrage of UK and US. The UK, US, EU all failed this serious human rights violations issue, its use for subjugation, hidden dictatorship, hidden occupation. Russia and China both passed this human rights test, and tyranny test.

The results indicate those who support hidden tyranny, human rights violations, while portraying themselves differently.


The origins are from the Ronald Reagan and Thatcher "Star Wars" program to "shoot down ballistic missiles in flight", instead it is used on citizens, UK and US are involved.

Issue Hidden Dictatorships and Occupation: The technology is used for hidden subjugation, hidden occupation, the suspect list of countries under hidden occupation includes German, Japan, Iraq, Libya, and all UK regimes. The US supports this UK model for hidden occupation.

The EU has failed to address this issue, and failed to respond to demands from human rights defenders. The EU, FR support the US in freedom and liberty, .. , the US supports the UK in hidden dictatorships and occupation.

The UN has failed to address this issue too or supports, collusion, its use. Note, OHCHR controlled by UK regimes since 2004-2008 Canada, 2008-2014 South Africa.


Russia has condemned the use of weaponization of space for years.

China destroyed a satellite in a demonstration of its "anti-satellite" response, creating space garbage that endangers all satellites, to the outrage of the UK and US.