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Criminal Harassment Networks Influence of the Mind 1. Suicides 2. Subjugation 3. Rage Shootings - (Blog)

"The criminal harassment network that I have been documenting in Canada uses influence of the mind for three different goals: 1. pushing victims to suicide, step by step using suicide factors, depression, psychological manipulation, and repetitive suggestions to kill yourself or hang yourself 2. for subjugation, step by step towards homelessness, ideation about organized crime and subjugation through organized crime 3. pushing targeted citizens to commit terrible crimes, through psychological manipulation, abuse, repetitive suggestions of retaliation, and symbolism clues that a crime has been committed through influence of the mind."

see the Suicide Factors, Rage Shooting Factors, pages, and the Influence of the Mind and Suicides, Organized Crime Targeting Children, U.S. Gun Debate, .. , articles for more.