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Journal Entry March 13, 2013 Assaults - (Blog)

"This year the risk of serious illness and cancer are higher, as mentioned emitters have been placed under the home so radar radiation is coming up or shooting up from the basement when this was the best place for refuge from neighboring assaults or assaults from the weaponization of space.

The weaponization of space is used to target the brain, damage the brain, and inflict deadly cancers and tumors on a long term.

The emitters below ground shoot up at the feet, shin bone, testicles, colon, prostate, .. ,

In my faraday cage these underground emitters also targeted the brain, similar to assaults from neighboring homes.

The assaults from neighboring homes target the whole body, shin bone, testicles, back and lungs, throat, brain, .. ,

The neighbors that replaced Daren Quinn are still unfamiliar to me, they speak Italian and the criminal harassment participants in Canada are doing ideation about biker gangs and Italian mafia now too, .. "so its not the "secret police" or tyranny attacking human right defenders that they don't control .. its organized crime."

This just makes me suspicious, I believe this criminal harassment network is linked to the regime and Police, these new neighbors may be a trap on their part to claim that it was actually them next door and there were no assaults from them .. etc .. still no mention of the website Psychological Harassment Information Association or the obvious violation of charter of rights and freedoms, the freedom of expression, by the Canadian media."