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Journal Entry March 10, 2013 Court and Demand for Incarceration - (Blogs)

Journal Entry blogs about the abuse of mental illness, discrimination, the Canadian Criminal Code law 672.12 that the Police, Crown Prosecutors, Judicial Court System, "secret police" or mob are currently using to circumvent the right to a trial in Canada and ongoing harassment of a human rights defender.

"Journal Entry March 10, 2013 Court and Demand for Incarceration

In the last false allegations of uttering threats towards women in a Mobbing Research article the Police went to court demanding that I remain incarcerated for a psychological evaluation based on:

1. no criminal record (no history of violence)
2. disabled, mental illness
3. non-criminal responsible of criminal mischief in 2003

When asked why they made this demand of incarceration they said it was number 3, and then all of the points 1 to 3.

Demands of incarceration are usually for people who are violent, aggressive, and this is the vulnerability or threat that I see, attempts to build up a false file after failing one smear campaign, and demands of incarceration.

Journal Entry March 10, 2013 911

The most recent incident to make me appear deranged or violent ... was my father claiming he had called the Police to kick me out etc. He then said he hadn't called when I had called 911 to say that he was just trying to use a vulnerability as a threat, police psychiatric intervention, .. , so I end up being the one that called 911, they were still coming, and might do a police psychiatric intervention, which would counter my claims of abuse and harassment, threats of psychiatric intervention .. when the police arrived they stated that I was the one that called.

Now I'm having a problem obtaining the 911 call information and any police report, it has been more than a month.

Journal Entry March 10, 2013 Organized Crime

From what I have experienced the Police attack through false allegations in team work with organized crime, "secret police", or mob.

In court they used my father to escape a serious charter violation, the unlawful seizure of personal computers when it contradicts the police report, and seem to want to use my parents or threats of using them to circumvent other rights or actions."