Last updateSun, 21 Oct 2018 6pm

Greens reduced brain age 1-2 years, Alzheimer's risk reduced with nuts high in vitamin E 67%, DHA Omega-3 40%, curcumin shown to clear away proteins - Today (video)

Prevention magazine's Courtenay Smith has tips on how to feed your brain the right foods to help avoid age-related memory loss.
- Greens, cruciferous vegetables powerful brain protectors reduced bran age of women 1-2 years.
- Whole grains oats and brown rice keeps your blood sugar steady, brain relies on blood glucose.
- Dark chocolate 70% coco linked to better brain health.
- Nuts, foods high in vitamin E like nuts reduced Alzheimer's risk by 67%.
- Fish, Omega-3, people with higher levels of DHA in their blood reduced risk of Alzheimer's by 40%.
- Curcumin, turmeric curcuma and curry, is anti-inflammatory and has been shown to clear away Alzheimer's disease causing proteins.

Help age-proof your brain



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