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Did anyone ever tell you that only people with a good memory get good grades, and not necessarily the most intelligent ones? This memory champion use to have a bad memory. Memorizing like learning is a skill needed for good grades. MEMORIZING SKILLS VS. DEDUCTIVE ABSTRACT REASONING, in the video a test, Ravens Matrices, is used to determine a person pure reasoning talent, which can be hidden. See the playlist and The Brain page for more.


Costs $ High school drop outs, total cost to the economy?


1.ANTI-CANCER: Dr. David Servan-Schreiber's Remarkable Story







INOPERABLE BRAIN TUMOR DEATHS: Dr. David-Schreiber, Ted Kennedy, Seve Ballesteros malignant brain tumor, Martine Villiard (relative of site creator),,, Olivia Wise "When she was healthy, Olivia Wise used to sit in front of her locker at school and sing for her friends. -- She loved learning new things, and she wanted to be a pediatrician. -- Olivia is just 16, and she is dying of an inoperable brain tumor."

Epigenetic, Targeted, and Immune System Therapies,, Proton Beam, Focused Ultrasound, see Cancer page.


See our cancer page and YouTube Channel for videos and playlists about new treatments, cures, news,.

Suicide Factors


2.HATE AND REJECTION (gay teens)














Suicide Factors like the Rage Shooting Factors are aimed at knowing the cause or risks factor, and prevention.


Suicide Factors: hate, rejection, and anti-gay rhetoric are linked to cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides.

Mobbing in Modern Society

1.RANDY QUAID CLAIMS TO BE A VICTIM of "Holly Wood Star Whackers"
The reporter who tells Randy Quaid "do you know how paranoid and delusional you sound" looks like a younger version of the NDP and Liberal party leader Bob Ray. The secret police in some British regimes are involved in manipulation and coordinating attacks on citizens to exhaust them financially and cause them "problems", to use homelessness for coercion and for subjugation.


2.22-YEAR-OLD KENTUCKY BEAUTY QUEEN has been arrested after going berserk
The British regimes have extended workplace psychological harassment networks to criminal harassment networks out in the public. Store clerks and staff are often linked to these and participate in harassment, threats, and provocation, which leads to violence. This could be an example.


As mentioned, homelessness is used as a weapon, for coercion, to corner targeted citizens, destroy their functionality in society, isolate them, make them vulnerable to organized crime and participants. These attacks on the homeless may be linked to attempts to subjugate them.

see the MOBBING IN MODERN SOCIETY page for more videos

Mobbing Technology

The Mobbing Technologies being used on citizens by secret police participants in Canada are 1. Weaponization of Space related technologies, types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly long term cancers or brain tumors 2. Focused Ultrasound, HSS, LRAD, for sleep deprivation, communicating threats aka criminal harassment 3. Thermal Imaging to view people in homes, through windows, etc, legal according to SCC ruling in Canada.



The weaponization of space was said to be to shoot down nuclear missiles, 30 years later the weaponization of space and technology is used to target citizens for domestic control and subjugation. The strategy is regime and police denial, and threats of police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration. One area of focus is the brain, damage, deadly tumors, and another is the testicles, the fertility of Quebec males linked to ethnic cleansing. The solution is simple, victims need microwave spectrum detection equipment or RF Police to detect radar microwave assaults from neighboring homes, underground emitters, and weaponization of space or the assaults stop to avoid detection


It is used as a sleep deprivation weapon and to communicate threats, instructions, etc, from neighboring homes.


It is used to view the location of targeted citizens in their own homes from neighboring participants.

see the TECHNOLOGY page for more videos

Rage Shooting Factors










[*] hidden dictatorships


We believe that the freedom of expression, speech, and the U.S. 2nd Amendment are vital in protecting civil rights and freedoms, and should not be infringed.


[*] Gun rights deter subjugation and tyranny. Today some regimes function through their secret police, Loki, corruption and organized crime to subjugate the population. They use abuse and provocation strategy, any resulting violence is used to incarcerate targeted citizens, any resulting gun violence is used to advocate gun control, a defenseless population to subjugation and tyranny.


In Canada, the British regime has deployed a criminal harassment network of participants in public locations and stores, combined with the use of modern technology assault weapons aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain tumors, long term homicides. They systematically isolate targeted victims through threats to their means of subsistence or other threats, participation, and surround targeted citizens with participants to assault them from neighboring homes in their own homes. Victims have to "run away or die of cancer" or "turn or die of cancer" aka be subjugated by this secret police network.


see the TECHNOLOGY and RAGE SHOOTING FACTORS page which aims to reduce gun violence.


Another related page is the INFLUENCE OF THE MIND page.


Imaging no waiting list for people and children who need a body part.


According to a TEDTalk aging has to be recognized as a disease like cancer or obesity to allow more research funding. Aging is not normal and longevity, immortality, are a question of research and time.






Is Protein the Key to Fountain of Youth?
Mice with age-related heart failure but preserved systolic function regained a youthful heart when given a protein extracted from the blood of young mice, researchers found. -- they identified GDF (growth differentiation factor)-11 as the protein that relatively quickly gave old hearts new life and injected it into the older animals, they reported in the journal Cell. -- GDF-11, which belongs to the TGF (transformational growth factor)-beta superfamily, declines with age. As it does, ventricular "stiffening" slowly takes place, eventually leading to heart failure with preserved systolic function. But "emerging evidence indicates that systemic factors profoundly influence tissue aging," researchers wrote. Some of this evidence has come from experiments using a process called parabiosis -- where two mice are surgically joined so that they share blood circulation. Co-author Amy Wagers, PhD, a professor in Harvard's department of stem cell and regenerative biology, had previously shown that factors in the blood of young animals, which until now were unidentified, have a rejuvenating effect upon various tissues in older animals, particularly in the spinal cord and musculature.


More videos on the Longevity page.

Obesity Epidemic

"There's no doubt that sugar clearly affects the brain like cocaine, morphine, and nicotine."


2.COST $
2010: "$147 billion a year, $14 billion for child obesity, $344 billion projected in 8 years, 21% of total medical costs" -- "Diabetes Association shows the total cost of diabetes was $245 billion in 2012" (see Obesity Epidemic and Sugar page)



4.HEART DISEASE NUMBR ONE KILLER OF WOMEN, more than all cancers combined.




Obese Children Linked To Sugary Beverages
Researchers are now saying kids as young as 2 years old are at risk of becoming obese by drinking sugary drinks.


"Study author Agnes Floel of Charite University Medicine in Berlin says there may be a couple of things at play. It's possible that blood vessel effects can damage memory. "Elevated blood sugar levels damage small and large vessels in the brain, leading to decreased blood and nutrient flow to brain cells," -- "may impair the functioning of brain areas like the hippocampus, a structure particularly relevant for memory,""


"Monetary value of the minerals - It has been estimated that the monetary value of the minerals held in the asteroid belt lying between Mars and Jupiter would be equivalent to about [100] billion for every person on Earth."






Scientist are trying to create magnetic chambers for Fusion Reactors and Plasma Rockets to get to Mars.


Like many medieval kings and queens of the past that did not see the importance and value in colonizing North America many today do not see the importance or value in colonizing the moon and other planets like mars. A great ocean and distance separated these kingdoms with North America. The U.S. later became the country with the largest economy in the world. Space is like an ocean of energy, gravity, and subatomic particles. The distance seems great to the moon and mars, it will seem great to other solar systems, it will seem great to other galaxies, and it will seem great to another universe.


There's a lot of real-estate and resources in our solar system, the planets and their many moons. Today we build sky scrappers a mile high in the desert when not so long ago this was thought impossible. Tomorrow these sky scrappers will be on mars along with their underground infrastructures like in today's many cities.


see Technology page for more.

Help Obama Combat Climate Change




COST $ : Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Floods, Droughts, Wild Fires, one science journal estimates the cost of methane gas release from melting ice "increase climate impacts such as flooding, sea level rise, damage to agriculture and human health to the tune of $60 trillion."



The green house gas, methane, that is released from the melting northern ice may not be the only problem. You may have heard that the white ice reflects energy and heat back into space, the green house gas reflects it back, trapping it. What you may not have heard is that this energy that is not reflected back into space by the white ice may increase the planetary core temperature, and this may be linked to volcanoes. Super volcanoes may be the cause of several of the past five planetary mass extinctions.. As volcanic activity increases the risk of a Super Volcano eruption may also increase. -- Trees, vegetation, phytoplankton, all eat energy from the sun, ice reflects it back, what reaches earth heats its core, volcanic activity. -- Volcanic activity and CO2 are linked to the acidification of the oceans and mass extinction.


YouTube Channel

NRA (blog) Retaliation Ideation

Tweets to NRA

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@NRA 1. I've written about the US UK using minorities, Italians and Jews, in hidden subjugation, linked NYC and MTL, subjugation of Quebec,

@NRA 2. This method goes back to before WWII, the MTL Bronfman family, prohibition, .. secret police participants in subjugation, control,,,

@NRA 3. In the US that are currently two Jewish mayor's advocating gun control, I understand why, but strange give the subjugation method ->

@NRA 4. And, "Italians and Jews", this morning I thought why don't they have Mr Gambino advocate gun control ... ?

@NRA 5. The way they legislated gun control in Canada was through secret police participants, abuse, "corruption", using homelessness, ->

@NRA 6. I suspect influence of the mind, different ideation, aiming these at schools, .. same attempts in the US,

@NRA 7. Lanza seems to have symbolic clues, linked to retaliation ideation, Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Driving license, .. lack of action?


Tweets to NRA part 2 Retaliation Ideation


@NRA I'm a civil rights, human rights, climate change activist, in 2011 the Canadian secret police combined false allegations, corruption,->

@NRA They combined police false allegations, corruption, court, judges, police, crown prosecutor with ongoing radar type assaults,

@NRA While I defend myself in court "run away or die of cancer" several police psychiatric intervention attempts, my own parents,, ..

@NRA 8. The ideation the secret police were trying to use on me through technology and focused ultrasound from neighbouring homes ->

@NRA 9. It's the police, "they are trying to clean the police wrong doing",

@NRA 10. It's the Labor party, Obama, "they want to take your balls", leadership in civil rights, play of words radar assaults to testicles,

@NRA 11. Threats of more regime corruption, costly court proceedings combined with the ongoing radar type assaults, to prevent exposure,

@NRA 12. Retaliation ideation, it's the Greeks, Italian mafia, biker gangs, attempts to guide towards biker gangs for "protection", and war,


(*PHIA supports the U.S. Constitution, 2nd Amendment, and believe the 2nd Amendment and Freedom of Speech, Expression, should not be infringed.*)

Civil Rights Leader (blog) In Canada

"Since 2010-2011, false allegations of 2011, ongoing radar type assaults, x-ray too, attempts by the regime public harassment network, participants through focused ultrasound, technology, .. , to guide me towards biker gangs for "protection"  ..  I believe that the hope and change in Canada is coming, tyranny assigned to Conservatives, and more visible biker gang war, drugs, homicides, will soon fill the news, .. they want me to be part of this, not civil rights , human rights, climate change activism.


I should probably get critical health insurance too, for deadly brain tumors, bone, lung, .. , cancers." - DH


3rd Hidden Homicide Method in Canada


1st, influence of the mind, repealed in 1999, psychological manipulation, suicide factors, .. , hate and rejection, no purpose, depression, repetitive suggestions "hang yourself", psychological manipulation: "make a suicide plan", .. . (Suicide Factors, Depression and Suicide Prevention)


2nd, radar type assaults, from neighboring homes, satellites "StarWars Program", aimed at the center of the brain from satellites, neighboring homes at night during sleep, to inflict long term deadly brain tumors, repetitive assaults to degrade the brain, destroy the fertility of trgeted males,. (Microwave Spectrum Detection Equip, Spectroscopy)


3rd, x-ray type assaults from neighboring homes, combined with radar type assaults, aimed at inflicting deadly bone, lung, cancers to set examples for other secret police subjugated participants, and future victims,. (Spectroscopy, Geiger Counter for Background Radiation)


Faraday Cage, thick metal with copper wire, grounded, attenuates microwaves. X-ray shielding, limestone, travertine, .. calcium tiles or bags, the industry uses Lead to shield from x-rays, in some cases Barium, and Calcium (lime). Note lead is toxic to the brain and bones, limestone dust carcinogenic to lungs.

Malaysia Airlines (blog) MH17

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets
@UN @UNGeneva In the US UK empire, civil rights leaders have to be in the "mob", biker gangs, .. , for their own protection, #MH17

@UN @UNGeneva 1. Who was responsible for this flight over the Ukraine, assigning flight number, .. in US UK empire? #MH17

@UN @UNGeneva 2. Netherlands had recent rulings in the IntlCrimesCourt,Genocide, who was responsible for making sure they were in the mob?


@UN @UNGeneva Today is the 21st, I'll always remember the 21st as the day the Canadian regime, US UK empire, attacked me,

Feb 21, 2011 - acquitted on June 4, 2012 Queens Diamond Jubilee


@UN @UNGeneva "joined @IntlCrimCourt #JusticeMatters campaign. You can, too! Info:" Joining, today I'm on the case, calling Vladimir Putin,

@UN @UNGeneva Vladimir Putin, I know you're assaulting my brain with radar "trying to take my brain, and my balls" kill the Abenaki ..

@UN @UNGeneva I feel like I have a sense of purpose, new person, someone important, I'm in pursuit, a bit unstable, .. it's the decepticons,


UPDATE, Progress on Case

@UN @UNGeneva According to the US's mob, Canada, the blame is put on Putin Jul 20, I don't know if South Africa said the same, Australia did



@UN @UNGeneva Tonight I was thinking I've seen this before, DejaVu, but back then I just believed everything that was said,



@UN @UNGeneva On news more pictures of the victims, a beautiful girl, left out in the fields for 4 days in the sun, grieving father,



@UN @UNGeneva Case Note: Ukraine PM, side between terrorists and civilization, true, also side between Yuk (new war) and Beauty (asset),


BEAUTY ASSET, Rome and colonies

@UN @UNGeneva Beauty, intelligence, .. , these are threats to hidden subjugation, the US UK degrade these on long term,

@UN @UNGeneva The US is like Rome, the beauty, intelligence, the light, freedom and liberty, .. not subjugated colonies like Canada, Ukraine

@UN @UNGeneva This is what the US UK empire secret police participants didn't tell the Ukraine, .. and they were heading towards Yuk,

@UN @UNGeneva The beauty asset is controlled, subjugated, and gradually degraded too, same with high deductive reasoning, intelligence,

@UN @UNGeneva Where are the civil unrest promoters US, UK, Canada that supported PM ...Yuk? Do they now want Russian military to crush them?



@UN @UNGeneva Case Note: US UK empire are using gradual ethnic cleansing methods on FR, Natives, will Netherlands be in IntlCrimesCourt?

@UN @UNGeneva Case Note: US UK empire are using their 1984 Star Wars Program satellites on citizens, will Netherlands be in IntlCrimesCourt?

@UN @UNGeneva Case Note: US UK empire secret police three homicide methods are documented, will Netherlands be in IntlCrimesCourt?

@UN @UNGeneva Case Note: #MH17 Act of Terror looks planned, like QC Canada train derailment, South Korean ferry, ..



@UN @UNGeneva Tonight, playing with old computer without Geiger Counter, I get GC, reading 19-20 assault level, around 12 is norm,(Merkels)

@UN @UNGeneva Tonight, radar type assaults that are coming from back neighbor direction, no equip to detect, monitor, see assaults,

@UN @UNGeneva Tonight I see Mi'kmaq First Nations Chief Jeannote, does not look "pure blood", I have Abenaki background, .. , drilling QC ..



@UN @UNGeneva I have Climate Change leadership, QC train derailment seems to have been used to promote, justify, pipeline on Canadian News,

@UN @UNGeneva PM Steven Harper was "very sorry", I felt as if it was retaliation for advocacy against Keystone pipeline, leadership,

@UN @UNGeneva The South Korean ferry sinking seems to be a similar staged accident, murder of teens, around 300, UN Chief from South Korea,

@UN @UNGeneva The Netherlands played a role in IntlCrimesCourt, same day as 17, #JusticeMatters, Genocide, link Genocide of Natives "in way"

@UN @UNGeneva Climate Change Deniers, one of my movie scene illustrations with Marlon Brando, denial "worse, it's Genocide!"



@UN @UNGeneva Abenaki as violent--conveniently forgetting to mention the broken treaties and boundary violations of English settlers...

@UN @UNGeneva Abenaki--started moving northward in response to the increasing incursions of English settlers from the Massachusetts colonies

@UN @UNGeneva Abenaki people living at Odanak -- are, closely related to the Abenaki at Wolinak (“a bay”), further north

@UN @UNGeneva "Malian’s home village of “Odanak” -- situated on the east bank of the St. Francis River, -- 40 miles north of Montreal"

@UN @UNGeneva Odanak -- site of the -- (Abenaki Museum), dedicated to the history, culture and art of the Western Abenaki people.

@UN @UNGeneva Location within Nicolet-Yamaska RCM. -- near the mouth of the Saint-François River -- partly within the limits of Pierreville

@UN @UNGeneva I suspect my cousin in Yamaska born same year was targeted at 17, her boyfriend shot, "stress" resulted in deadly brain tumor

@UN @UNGeneva The US UK empire using two methods, radar stream assaults to inflict deadly tumors,other is focused ultrasound "burst vessels"

@UN @UNGeneva I believe I was attacked indirectly too at around 16-17, attacked by regime secret police throughout my life, no reproduction,

@UN @UNGeneva From symbolism, hints, the regime secret police seem to know our ancestry is Abenaki, ... Boston, ..

@UN @UNGeneva Our year of birth is 1968, lucky numbers according to Chinese and year of the Monkey, symbolism "12 Monkeys" ?, SPox, Aids,..



@UN @UNGeneva "In 1617, the Rolfes set sail for Virginia, but Pocahontas died at Gravesend of unknown causes."

@UN @UNGeneva "She was taken ashore and died in John Rolfe's arms at the age of twenty-two."

@UN @UNGeneva It is not known what caused her death, but theories range from smallpox, pneumonia, tuberculosis, to her having been poisoned.

@UN @UNGeneva The US UK empire uses disease for hidden repression, tyranny, smallpox, .. , poison, cancers, deadly brain tumors, .. , Aids?



@UN @UNGeneva I have written about use of minorities, "Italians and Jews" to subjugate large FR ethnic, link MTL and NYC, bars, restaurants,

@UN @UNGeneva The use of minorities symbolism, Italians Rome empire, Jews concentrate wealth "own the world", mafia, .. harmful stereotypes,

@UN @UNGeneva Over the last 3 years, parents have been participants, "pleasing US UK secret police" and believe my father tried poisoning me

@UN @UNGeneva "When Pocahontas arrived in England with her husband and infant son, John Smith called her The Lady Rebecca" see Dune (1984)



@UN @UNGeneva Abenaki homelands - New Hampshire, all but southwestern corner of Vermont, parts of northern Massachusetts, northeastern NY...



@UN @UNGeneva I go to US Supreme Court, land claim, old treaty, it says after moving from Massachusetts, ->

@UN @UNGeneva Abenaki own Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, I win, dissenting Judges say "Abenaki have been exterminated, can't prove heritage"



@UN @UNGeneva JCarter, GBush, Obama, PMartin, JChretien, SHarper, plead guilty to Genocide at Hague Netherlands, cause racism, right? liars

@UN @UNGeneva According to US UK empire secret police, it's the "Italians and Jews", or Conservatives and Republicans that did this,



@UN @UNGeneva OBSERVATION, some chiefs have different colored eyes, of the 3 born in 1968, 2 girls 1 male, all had dark chocolate brown eyes




@UN @UNGeneva The UN, Netherlands lie about the cause of ethnic cleansing "racism", it's to take wealth, land and resources, colonization,

@UN @UNGeneva The Netherlands did a terrible job persecuting the NEO-NAZI, they are still here, MERKELS, involved in ethnic cleansing,

@UN @UNGeneva The NEO-NAZI target minors, 16-17, in ethnic cleansing, Natives, like Pocahontas 1617, South Korean ferry, #MH17,

@UN @UNGeneva The Netherlands are related to the US UK imperialist Monarchy,

@UN @UNGeneva So, Russia, The Peoples country, retaliated, planned the Act of Terror, saw oppertunity to blame Ukraine, Pro-Russian rebels,

@UN @UNGeneva THE END "never again"

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) Abenaki MH17

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets
@IntlCrimCourt I go and see genetic marker experts for Abenaki land claims in US, "what do you think of my ear loops" "nice", ->

@IntlCrimCourt "what do you think of my hairy fingers" "nice, you're good looking, now let us see your teeth, eyes,.." - Ethnic Cleansing JK

@IntlCrimCourt Vermont recognizes Abenaki Native reserve in 2012, US a few land claims here and there "it's not us" - Pattern

@IntlCrimCourt I recently saw a Native chief in Quebec, Abenaki chief picture too, one has gray eyes, the other Abenaki chief greenish,

@IntlCrimCourt Martine Villaird (17) born Yamaska, Danny Hunt, cousins born 1968, brown eyes, hair, Irish Women (Villyaird) and Native,#MH17

@IntlCrimCourt Martine Villaird is attacked indirectly at 17, boyfriend shot, "stress" results in deadly brain tumor, I suspect assassinatn,

@IntlCrimCourt Danny Hunt, attacked indirectly 16-17, repressed to poverty, no reproduction,1st assassinatn method, 2nd assassinatn method..


@IntlCrimCourt Case Note: at the beginning of false allegations participants were saying "those that don't turn are killed" aka subjugated

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) Censorship MH17

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets

@IntlCrimCourt The current strategy by US UK is to commit crimes in attempts to justify censorship, similar to derailing trains for pipeline

@IntlCrimCourt The UN justification for censorship is "inflammatory" comments, the EU seems to fluctuate from none to any pretext, #MH17

@IntlCrimCourt The US used a smear campaign "pedophilia", on Michael Jackson, a climate change activist, combined with focused ultrasound,

@IntlCrimCourt After, Canada used a smear campaign "uttering threats towards women" against civil rights leader,HR, climate change activist,

@IntlCrimCourt The long, delayed, costly proceedings are combined with focused ultrasound (sleep deprivation), radar, and xray type assaults

@IntlCrimCourt Canada (US UK empire ) Using Xrays on Civil Rights Leaders

@IntlCrimCourt The recent activism has been about these videos, xray type assaults in CA it seems #MH17 tag, used as pretext for censorship,

@IntlCrimCourt Canada Using Xrays on Civil Rights Leaders, like Acts of Terror by secret police, inflict long term deadly cancers #MH17

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) MICHAEL JACKSON MH17

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets
@CNN I'm on the case for #MH17 #justicematters #July17 , Ukraine, -> John Walsh, what do you think of these two smear campaigns?

@CNN Michael Jackson "pedophilia", world's most popular star brought down by these allegations, sleep deprivation, climate change activist,

@CNN Danny Hunt, false allegations of 2011 "uttering threats towards women", world leading .. discrimination, and climate change activist

@CNN In my case, Danny Hunt, focused ultrasound, HSS, LRAD, is used for sleep deprivation, threats, a strategy in the smear campaign

@CNN Also, radar type assaults, "run away or die of cancer", I would look guilty, incarcerated, $$, prosecutor would force unlawful ...

@CNN I was acquitted June 4, 2012, Queens Diamond Jubilee, defended myself, .. several charter violations, freedom of expression,,dismissed,

@CNN It seems to be a smear campaign attack strategy, false allegations combined with technology, sleep deprivation, "run away",

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) NELSON MANDELA MH17

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets
@MyANC_ On National Women's Day, I'm still targeted in Canada, ..  here are some tweets,

@MyANC_ Regime Homicide Method, what I understand network using radar type assaults in public, stores, shin bone, testicles, lungs, head ,

@MyANC_ From neighboring homes, radar type assaults,xray types,lung,bone cancer,shin bone,leukemia,,during cycles of tyranny, taking wealth,

@MyANC_ The regime has only one strategy, to corner citizens, denial, police psychiatric intervention, no assistance with detection measures

@MyANC_ The network repeats it's interpretation,not cycles,"mob",network and assaults one mob,mafia and biker gangs another mob, protection,



@MyANC_ So this Repetitive Ideation, is IMPORTANT, they used this method in first assassination attempt, see Suicide Factors



@MyANC_ I just called the UN,Geneva,they said they have a network,assault civil rights leaders,tell them to join mafia,gangs,for protection



@MyANC_ Apparently, the US UK empire network "turned" Nelson Mandela,and other UN activists are in biker gangs,mafia too,not just in Canada,



@MyANC_ I'm on the case for #MH17 , this claim of turning of civil rights leaders is now part of the case too,



@MyANC_ "They" are trying to shutdown my case but have no authority over me The People want the truth of what happened #MH17 #JusticeMatters

@MyANC_ I find this "turning" of civil rights leaders, and this claim of "turning" Nelson Mandela very upsetting, #MH17 #JusticeMatters



@MyANC_ The Connection, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, I believe Michael was targeted in the same pattern that I was, climate change #MH17


@MyANC_ Suicide Factors: hate and rejection, anti-gay rhetoric,are linked cyberbullying,gay teen suicides



@MyANC_ Case Note: South Africa on suspect list for #MH17, no, case has been closed it's RU, attack on Danny Hunt, leukemia, cancers, .. ?

@MyANC_ Case Note: Climate Change Activists, Al Gore, disliked in US, UK Carbon Market supporter, other activists targeted, UK suspect?

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) EAT BANANAS MH17

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets

Russians mock Obama with laser show (eat bananas ?) #MH17 … #cnn


I remember a story during world cup, fans throwing bananas at players "eat bananas" to irritate them, labeled racism by some,


My experience, secret police participants inject bananas with degrading substances to "please the US mob", degrade targeted citizens,


Symbolism: 1968, 3 teens, Natives, hidden homicides, disease, ethnic cleansing, year of the monkey, SmallPox, Ebola, RU bans food imports,


ALERT! planet has reached 4th Stage Mass Extinction Pattern: "vast methane plumes" were rising from the ocean floor"


ALERT TO CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVISTS: US UK empire secret police using radar, xray, cancer homicide method, recommend safety measures,..

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) SUICIDE FACTORS MH17

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets

@IntlCrimCourt "Robert Campbell allegedly smeared the reputations of 38 victims across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K." (for the kids?)

@IntlCrimCourt Canada's cyberbullying not convinced it's under false pretenses? What about it's real criminal harassment network? Documented


@IntlCrimCourt When arrested in 2011 while I defended myself in court, Canada's Supreme Court legislated this law, .. false pretense,

@IntlCrimCourt During long proceedings, corruption, CA's harassment network were actually using this new law in attempts to prevent exposure

@IntlCrimCourt If I wrote about my ongoing experience in court, corruption, police,crown, judges could use this new law for isp surveillance

@IntlCrimCourt The threat they were using with new law, threats of defamation lawsuits by police, crown, superior court judge, #MH17


@IntlCrimCourt This while I'm actually the world leader on Suicide Factors, cyberbullying and gay teen suicides, .. Megan Meiers' case,,,

@IntlCrimCourt I related my own experience, Canada's network participants, with Megan Meiers' case, homicide through influence of the mind

@IntlCrimCourt I find it strange, with documented Suicide Factors, Canada's network,, defending myself in court, under assault, long .. ->

@IntlCrimCourt That this Amanda Todd October 2012 case was used to help legislate new law, and suicide blame assigned to the Dutch by RCMP,

@IntlCrimCourt Amanda Todd case: RCMP detail 5 charges against Dutch citizen   #MH17 (Apr 17, 2014) Suicide Factors.


@IntlCrimCourt I could not address laws that violate Canada's charter, human rights, and recover the financial loss due to ongoing assaults

@IntlCrimCourt This would by the same case if the police used this new cyberbullying law under a false pretext, or charter violation,

@IntlCrimCourt After cycle of tyranny, taking wealth, it's the return of biker drug wars, sex trade, #humantrafficking,more visible violence

@IntlCrimCourt Recently prostitution legislation by conservatives came under fire, already possible violations, $$ and 7+ years to address,


@IntlCrimCourt For ex, cyberbullying law threat, I can't say this was another regime (police, crown, judges, secret police) homicide attempt

@IntlCrimCourt Police false allegations, participating def lawyers, crown prosecutor, judges, secret police participant threats, assaults,,

@IntlCrimCourt Long, delayed, costly, distracting criminal proceedings through obvious false allegations combined with assaults aimed at ..


@IntlCrimCourt It's the US UK Empire, Canada and the Dutch #MH17 #HumanTrafficking #SuicideFactors #cyberbullying #JusticeMatters #17July

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) ASSANGE CASE, WHD2014

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets

@IntlCrimCourt Assange Case what do you think of Sweden fabricating allegations through secret police participants,to extradite him to US?

@IntlCrimCourt I was also a victim, of a failed setup, naked woman on beach, Myrtle Beach USA, police where waiting for indecent exposure,

@IntlCrimCourt More recently, Suicide Factors leadership, "uttering threats towards women" in #ireport article,combined with assaults, #MH17

@IntlCrimCourt In CA,I'm convinced secret police participants were used to fabricate false allegation, others for arrest, ongoing assaults,,

@IntlCrimCourt The US have committed crimes against humanity, Gitmo, macromineral depletion (eat bananas), involved in my own case,,,


@IntlCrimCourt The documented network used high levels of sleep deprivation, stress, cortisol, provocation, adrenaline, to deplete potassium

@IntlCrimCourt This depletes the bodies buffer system, and calcium, bone loss, and can result in several different health issues, pain,,

@IntlCrimCourt Following several years of this, it was the false allegations combined with radar, xray, type assaults that hit the bones,,

@IntlCrimCourt This macromineral depletion strategy was also used at Gitmo, high levels of stress, water boarding, liquid diets, diapers,,

@IntlCrimCourt A victim of this macromineral depletion strategy in Canada, it's network of participants, I wrote several site pages on issue


@IntlCrimCourt "The right to be forgotten and the EU data protection reform" what do you think tyranny, "organized crime", "corruption",?

@IntlCrimCourt "The right to be forgotten and the EU" same pattern,secret police coercion,demand to be forgotten, granted by "corruption"


@EU_Commission If Sweden, secret police, setup, fabricated allegations against Assange, simply to extradite him to US, corruption, EU? #MH17

@EU_Commission I think the EU should look into this possible setup, to please USA, for extradition, "corruption", UK Appeal dismissed #MH17

@EU_Commission EU, transparency, "reducing corruption", civil, human rights affected by "corruption", collusion, yes? #MH17


@eu_echo What do you think of secret police participants committing crimes to create justification, #EUChat #MH17 #JusticeMatters #17July

@eu_echo What do you think of secret police participants committing crimes to create justification, for censorship, pipelines, retaliation,,

@EU_Commission What do you think of secret police participants committing crimes to create justification, for censorship,.., extradition,

Int'l Crimes Court (blog) MERKEL, UKRAINE MH17

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets  Aug 5
@IntlCrimCourt Took measures to block hole on left, (Daren Quinn) The Queen, now Greeks side, kitchen window, focused xray assault to lungs,

@IntlCrimCourt The other side of home, bathroom close proximity, radar, xray assaults while bathing, is the Merkels side,


@IntlCrimCourt The Merkels, are the ones who called when the police surrounded my home in 2011, I looked outside, they saw me looking, ...

@IntlCrimCourt Throughout the 3+ years of assaults, satellites, neighboring homes, underground emitters, I always assumed they were radar tp

@IntlCrimCourt Still fearful of close proximity xray assaults from portal devices, I got a Quantum geiger counter, .. , realized assaults,

@IntlCrimCourt They use neighboring homes, kitchen window, while doing dishes, to assault the lungs, results in lung cancer on long term,..

@IntlCrimCourt I link to Dune 1984, and Star Wars program, for hidden subjugation, hidden homicides, and recently on Prophets of Sci-Fi,

@IntlCrimCourt On Prophets of Science Fiction they mentioned xray lasers to shoot incoming missiles, I first thought disinformation,

@IntlCrimCourt In the US there was also big debate on TSA, xray body scanners, I thought regime network participants would use intimidation,

@IntlCrimCourt Network participants would use intimidation, and mislead victims of secret police homicides, not TSA, neighboring homes, ..

@IntlCrimCourt More recently, with TSA, xray scanners to scan containers, .. , the assaults lead to leukemias, bone, lung, .. , cancers,

@IntlCrimCourt Theory, these different methods, are actually what US UK do in their subjugated colonies, and some victims in US, deception.

@IntlCrimCourt I have taken many samples with my Quantum Geiger counter, in public places, consistent, 9-12, the assaults range from 15-21

@IntlCrimCourt What is happening, a direct assault to lungs seems to range between 19-21, I get smart phone, camera, assaults decreases, ..

@IntlCrimCourt I'm wearing a lead vest, to protect against these radar, xray, type assaults, shine pads, and testicle guard, .. sterilizatn,


@IntlCrimCourt Network Routine: participants come into stores, try to smell victims of assaults from neighboring homes, ->

@IntlCrimCourt The personal hygiene of victims without protection measures degrades as they try to avoid the assaults, like when bathing,

@IntlCrimCourt Personal hygiene like claims of "microwave" assaults is used for police psychiatric intervention justification, threats, ..

@IntlCrimCourt and to degrade targeted citizens.

@IntlCrimCourt The similar and linked routine, participants using threats, and then trying to stand behind, out of view of victims,.


@IntlCrimCourt The US UK are repressing targeted citizens through radar, xray type assaults, brain tumors, cancer, cycles of tyranny #MH17

@IntlCrimCourt It's The Queen, and Merkels, .. #MH17


Germany's Merkel to visit Kiev on Saturday … via @YahooNews (Alert! xray assaults from buildings, neighboring homes!)


ALERT! Chancellor Merkel, xray assaults from neighboring buildings, homes, US UK Dutch Star Wars program, recommend Geiger counter, 17-21 uM